Living in the West

Living in the West
5th July 2006

Marks & spencer

Can you please tell me if we're allowed to shop in marks & spencer as people say were not alowed to cause they are a
jewish company and they support israel with weapons?

Living in the West
3rd June 2006

Working in a bank


a respected muslim has got an interview for a job in a Bank. before
attending this interview i wanted to know whether it is permissable for a
muslim to work in a non islamic bank?

jazaakallah hu khayr.

Living in the West
15th May 2006

Replenishing Alcohol

Assalamu alaikum. I work for a retail supermarket and some time i have to replenish Alcohol on to shelves, also haram packaged meat. Is this permissable.
Living in the West
7th May 2006



I have checked the following website, called . it states music is not haraam, will youplese give clarity. the link is as follows i look forward in hearing from you


Living in the West
25th April 2006

British Army

Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullah

Are you allowed to join the british army?

Living in the West
2nd April 2006

Shares in Inherited property.

Respected Sir,


We are Sunni Muslims staying in Pune, India. We are 4 brothers and 3 sisters. The following are my questions:

1) Whether the share in the ratio of 3/16th for each brother and 1/12th for each sister is correct?

2) Whether the loan and liabilities of the deceased father is to be deducted before sharing.

3) Whether one brother and his family who practice Hindu religion should also be given the share, though he claims to be Muslim.

Kindly do reply as urgent, matter in court.

Thanking you.


Living in the West
14th December 2005

Christmas sales

assalamu alaikum

1) seeing as we are not allowed to participate in christmas activities, are we allowed to buy christmas chocs? such as cadburys chocs which have the seasons greetings or any other chocs which promote christmas (or easter, such as their easter eggs). bear in mind, that we obviously do not buy for religous reasons, but only for its taste!!!

2) christmas sales - in big stores, clothes obviously go down half price and over. for example, i have, mashallah 3 kids and of course, my husband. and its easier and cheaper if i buy a whole lot to last me through out the year. ive been doing it every year. we dont generally go shopping for clothes, so we do it in one go. or over a few goes through out the year when their are other sales. (children clothing are very expensive in normal price as it adds up!!)

is it ok? pls hurry, as the sales are coming up.

Living in the West
8th December 2005

Participating in Xmas activities

Assalamualaikum Mufti Saheb,

Is it permissible to attend nativity plays/Xmas celebrations in our children's schools in order to display mutual tolerance and respect towards the staff and non-Muslims parents?

Living in the West
7th November 2005


My questions are:

1) I am a student living in the UK who was thinking of going on to
university and study medicine. I wanted to study medicine to help the
ummah, especially the Muslims abroad who are in need of dire help.
However, reading up on the issue of free-mixing and universities I had
second thoughts. But my parents are insisting that I go on to study
medicine. What do you suggest I should do? Please could you reply with

2) I want to study the Arabic language so that I can deepen my Islaamic knowledge bidhnillaah.
However, to study Arabic I would be attending university. I am in
contact with some sisters who are doing the same course at the
university (Arabic) and they have told me that in the class there are
very few males (just one male in their class) and also the muslimaat
that be in the Arabic class are generally more practising. Looking at
this, would it be permissible for me to attend?

JazaakAllaahu khaira yaa shaykh/shuyookh and I hope you will answer my questions as soon as possible,

I apologise for taking your time,

Wassalaamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh,

Living in the West
7th November 2005

Car Insurance claims

Assalaamu 'Alaykum Warahmatullaah,

I know that in the UK it is permissable to have car insurance due to the fact the the law of the land makes it obligatory. However, what happens in the situation where you have insurance and you become involved in a car accident. Is it permissable to claim the money for damages for your car?

References would be appreciated, Jazakallaah.

Living in the West
7th November 2005

Are there any alternatives to tv?

assalamualaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

i need some help, there are some mothers today who continue to let
their young children watch tv because that is the only thing that they
feel will calm the children down and in this way the mothers will be
able to continue doing housework etc undisturbed. frankly the situation
is that they dont have the energy to control the kids and do ibadah and
housework, i was wondering are ther any solutions to tv that the mother
can use to preoccupy her child? whilst she is busy cooking etc?

is it permissible in islam to show children programmes like adams world
etc because that is the only alternative that i can think of

Living in the West
20th October 2005


can u use aftershaves

Living in the West
19th October 2005

Halal mortgages


I would like to know how do halal mortgages work?

Currently there are new banking systems that state that they follow sharia law in finanace, for example HSBC has a halal finance section and there are Islamic banks in Britian. I would like to know if anyone knows how they work. And would it be exceptable to take out a so called halal mortgage.


Living in the West
8th October 2005

Is it Halal?

Dear Muft sb

I have done MCS. and i am related to networking line. I want to do some buisness related to my studies. the most suitable line comes to my mind is Communication buisness as it is higly related to my line of studies. I want to start an " Internet club & PCO" . I want to ask is it Hallal buisness or it is against Islam's teaching?????
Living in the West
25th September 2005

TV and islam


is it good for a muslim family to have a tv in their house?


Living in the West
21st September 2005

Buying products


I just wanted to know whether it is permissable to buy used items from a non- muslim e.g. food processer?


Living in the West
21st September 2005

Xmas cards


are we allowed to give xmas cards & giftrs to non- muslim friends?


Living in the West
13th September 2005

Premium Bonds


Are premium bonds and the money got from these bonds halaal? If not what should be done with the money received from these premium bonds?
Living in the West
29th July 2005

Student loan

asalaam walaikum
i asked a brother about taking the student loan (uk) and he told me that if the amount added is exactly at the rate of inflation then it is not interest. i am aware of the ruling given by mufti ibn adam howver, the brother i questioned follows the shaafi school of fiqh and so i was wondering whether there is a diffenece of opinion on this issue.
Living in the West
21st July 2005

Raising teenagers

As-Salaamu-Alaikum! my daughter is 15 yrs old now and tells me no longer wants to be muslim and wants to be christian and her attitude has changed dramaticly, she stoped making salah, I allow her to go to church on sunday but I do not help her in any way to get their or return from their, I can't force her to be muslim, I explained to her that no christian music will be played in this house without ear phone, she can not give dawa to christianity in this house,no church programs on my tv, and no boys comming to or calling my house, I have a wife & daughter who are practicing muslims, and protecting their islam & keeping peace in the home is of paramount importnce, my oldist girls was calling the younger kafir ,I had to put a stop to it, and lastly the 15 yr old told me she was a traditional christian wedding and could I give he away, I told her I'm sorry but I can't do that. so muslims what do I do in this situation?As-Salaamu-Alaikum!