Living in the West

Living in the West
3rd November 2007

Medical insurance

please can you tell me if medical insurance from an employer is permissible


Living in the West
29th September 2007

Celebrating birthdays and anniverseries

Dear Scholar, Assalam alaikum.
My question is, what is the Islamic ruling on celebrating birthdays and anniverseries? As far as I know it's not accepted.What should i do if a friend feels bad if not wished on birthday/anniversery?
Jazak Allah
Living in the West
28th September 2007

Travel Insurance

Is Travel Insurance Haram? Is selling travel insurance as secondary revenue without PROMOTING it (i.e. only providing policy if a client asks for it) ok? or can we send the proceeds to a charity?

Living in the West
18th September 2007


My name is [name removed], I live in new york usa for last 8 years originally I am from Pakistan My question is that Im going to marry next month Ive know this girl for last 2 years and we love each other alot my question is that we commit zina I know I commit and a great sin but we are both very sorry about it and always in prayers we ask allah subhano talla for forgiveness in this non muslim country we went to far from islam and commit mistakes my question is that I saw a Pakistani tv progrram aalim online somebody ask them a same question as mine and the both ulma Shia and Sunni said that a person cant get marry to a girl who he had sex with I did not know that before but there is a web site called "ASKIMAM.ORG" I saw a same question as mine and "Mufti Ebrahim Dasai" alim from south africa he said that I can marry a girl. Im so confuse I dont know what to do I know I commit the great sin but now we both realise that we did the very wrong thing I said toba and not to commit this sin again and ask allah to forgive me then I can marry a girl if not why not people commit sins and said toba as allah sobhano tala said the doors are always open for one who said toba come back to me please give me the answer as soon as posible in quran o sunnat light one more thing that Im a sunni and hanafi muslim please dowa for me that allah forgive me I will be very thanks full please give me the answer as soon as possible .
alsalam o aliukum warahmatullah
Living in the West
16th September 2007

Regarding the one who works in bank

asalam ,

yesterday only i came to know your site .mashaalh its very nice and i have made my account also .well my father used to work for many years in bank .....saudi british bank in riyadh ,SA .almost 12 yrs .and then he was wihtout job for 9 yrs where he spent this money for expenses .then he worked in ministry of education for 5 yrs and now recently he is investment bank .in ruyadh only all these years .

well from my point of view and islam , the money which he gets is haram and he spend this money on us .

i have asked few scholars ...some said i should not use the money and i should work and get money ..some says as it is the duty of a parent to see his family still i can use money as i have no other means .

i am a student of graduation form india (hyderabad )and my family is muslim but they do not strictly follow some rules like pardah,bank money .but mashallah pray namaz,fast,....etc.

since ALLAH swt showered his blessings onto me from past 4 yrs i am trying my best to becme good muslim .i have started pardah ,stopped seein tv serials ,films.......became punctual to namaz,fast,reciting quran ..

as there are some issues where a small issues takes place in between us so on this isuues he dosent tell me n listens .

soo seing my situation plz tell me wat to do .

Living in the West
13th June 2007

Men jewellery

is a man allowed to wear a silver chain. please answer my question

Living in the West
12th June 2007

Problematic Sins

I have a feet fetish. I mascurbate by myself. I am only 16. I am a Muslim
and also I pray 5 times a day. I do not know if Allah will forgive me or
not. I need help.

[edit: personal details removed]
Living in the West
2nd January 2007


I would like to know if we are allowed to work in supermarkets such as asda,saisburys and tesco .Will the earning be hallal.
Living in the West
1st January 2007

Muslim agrees to have his baby baptized. Consequences?

A muslim man married a Christian woman and they have a baby. The woman wants to raise the child in a Christian/Catholic way. The husband agrees to baptize the child. What are the consequences / punishment for him as a muslim according to the Shari'ah?? THank you for your advice.
Living in the West
18th November 2006

Men wearing earings

are men allowed to get their ears peirced?
is it true that if a new born baby is dying then do you have to get the ears pierced
Living in the West
26th October 2006

Is it true

first of all, i just wanted to know that is it true that marks & spencer help israel with weapons or not?

Living in the West
26th October 2006


I live in Canada and as soon as I am 19 years of age inshallaah the bank takes interest from our account. Even though i don't take a loan the bank still takes interest from the pay cheques I make. Also regarding credit cards buying home or cars I know these are worldy desires and interest is Haram but is there forgiven for people who live in a society of interest?
Living in the West
24th October 2006

Premuim bonds and shares

i want to know buying premium bonds or shares is allowed?
Living in the West
7th October 2006

Student loan haraam - money itself haraam?


i just have a quick question,
student loans are haraam and sin... but is the money itself haraam aswel for sum1 thta takes it out..
i havnt taken one out but i kno ppl in my class who have and say if they take us out or treat us to food.. wud that be considered bought with haraam money since its from the student loan money?
what do i do if i have eaten from food bought with their money? is my salah accepted?
Living in the West
7th October 2006

Adminstration of medicines containing haraam excipients

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

This question arises from my day to day practice as a pre-reg Pharmacist.
It is well known that many medicines are made up of non-halaal excipeints e.g. most capsules have an outer shell made of gelatine from either bovine or porcine sources, or e.g Insulins that come from a procine/bovine source. My question is :

a) If these medications are necessary for the health of a patient e.g. Insulin, and a suitable alternative is not available i.e. if a capsule had a gelatine outer coating and an alternative made of methylcellulose was not available but the medication was tantamount to the health of the patient, then should this medication be adminsitered?

b) What position am I in as a health care professional with regards to supplying such medicines especiallly since the aim is to ultimately improve the patients health and since many manufacturers do not take into consideration what people want but what is cheap?

Jazakallahu khair

Duas requested

Wassalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah
Living in the West
5th October 2006

Union jack flag

Is it haram for muslims to keep an item like key ring,tshirt,football etc with the union jack flag on it because of the cross?
Living in the West
17th September 2006

Bank shares

respected muft saab


i have recieved money from bank shares, what i can i spend this money on? can i spend on someone who is entitiled to zakat? or on relatives who need health treatment?
or any other suggestions?
Living in the West
3rd September 2006

Why is 3rd party insurance allowed?

Assalamu alaykum.

When the hijab ban in france came about muslims, righfully, threw a big fuss.

Then we had certain scholars like Shaikh tantawi been heavily criticised by other ulema (and righfully so) for his verdict that due to the non muslim law of the land the rules of hijab could be relaxed.

However, many of these very same other ulema state that although insurance is haraam due to elements of gambling and interest, due to the law of the land, 3rd party (i.e minimum) insurance for things such as cars (where 1 is not allowed to drive without insurance) is allowed due to the law of the land.

this is a clear contradiction in principle as far as i can see. Why can the hijab not be relaxed due to law of the land but when it comes to insurance many ulema relax it? (please note i am not saying hijab should be relaxed, i am totally aginst it and totally against Shaik tantawis fatawa, im simply saying how come insurance has been relaxed)?

May Allah reward you.

was salaam.
Living in the West
12th August 2006

Working in Western defence companies

Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh.

I am to start studying Aerospace systems engineering in the UK in september Inshallah and am currently on a foundation programme there leading directly to it.I would like to know your view on working with defence companies such as Lockheed Marting and BAE systems so as to gain knowledge that would be useful for the defence needs of the Ummah.


Living in the West
13th July 2006

Sex education for kids

Respectable schollars,
I want to ask should the children provided sex education? What is the opinion of Islam about the matter?