Living in the West

Living in the West
1st September 2011

Working for an Islamic Banking Section on Commercial Bank

Assalamu Alaikum,

I am aware that as Muslims we are not allowed to work in a bank due to dealing/comsuming/writing/giving Riba.

My question is that I have an oppurtunity to work for HSBC Amanah ... which is the Islamic Banking Business belonging to the HSBC Bank.

My doubt is that even though I may be dealing in transactions that are within Sharia Law at HSBC Amanah (according to the related Sharia boards) ... I don't think my salary will be paid by HSBC Amanah but rather it would probably be paid by the Global HSBC Bank, whose earnings are involved in Riba.

I'm confused as to whether I can then work for HSBC Amanah if even though I'm dealing in legal transactions ... my salary may not be from illegal means

My intention was to get this career so that I could soon move on to the Arab world to set up my own business or work for an Islamic Bank there.

Can you please advise ?
Living in the West
12th February 2011

Renting property to bank


I would like to know if it is permissible in Islam to rent once property to bank ?

Living in the West
24th October 2009

Breakdown Insurance

Is Breakdown Insurance Cover permissable. ie Veh Breakdown Cover (AA, Green Flag, RAC)
Living in the West
22nd July 2009

Modern ways


we are caught up in these modern ways how can we avoid this and keep to islam

Living in the West
1st July 2009

Working for a bank


my question was regarding the answer u had for working in the bank u said its not permitted to work in bank becuase any company u work now has some kind of connection to a bank ...

thanks for ur help
Living in the West
25th April 2009

Financial analyst

Assalam Alykum,
Is it permissable for a muslim to work as a financial analyst, determining the intrinsic values of company's shares on the stock exchange and giving recommendations for investment in an investment advisory company
Living in the West
23rd January 2009


I know the riba (usury) is haram to take it ,but if i want to get a laon that has interest and i am the one who is gonna paying the interest. is that haram too paying usury(riba).
Living in the West
11th January 2009

Bank Interest

I have deposited a sum of money in a Bank with the intention to pay our house rent & treatment of my elderly parents. The bank in in return will give me a sum of money monthly basis. My question is the deposit money in Bank haram ?
Living in the West
10th January 2009

Insurance company

i was wondering is working in an insurance firm or even working as an independent actuary(one who calculates the amount of insurance premium) halal in islam?
Living in the West
29th August 2008


Salams Mufti Saab!

I know mortgage is haraam but if someone has fixed there mortgage for a number of years so a fixed same amount is going out every month is it still haraam? as I have heard if the interest rate is fixed then its OK?
Living in the West
14th August 2008

Need to open resturant

I got some money to invest and I would like to open brand name franchise that sells chicken.It doesn't sell any prok product but my question about the chicken.Can I sell it is it Halal or Haram to sell the chicken.I live in the USA.Probably the franchise company won't let me get my own products.
Jazakum Allah
Living in the West
25th June 2008

Intrest from bank for home to live in

I am renting and i dont have home. I like to buy house to borrow money money from bank to live in house. Is this haram if i want because i dont have cash to buy
Living in the West
2nd May 2008

Accepting interest on savings

Assalamu alaikum,
Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed me with wealth. I have setup cuurent accounts to refrain from interest. My question is this: is it better for me to take the interest and distribute it to the poor without any intention for reward or is it better to leave the interest with the bank?

Living in the West
26th April 2008

Selling Insurance

Assalamu'alaikum... I have been offered a job selling insurance for Alliance & Leicester. I will not be selling the loans or mortgages but just the required insurance. Is this Permissable?

Living in the West
13th April 2008



One of my family members is extremely addicted to gambling, we've tried so many ways to help stop him..I was wonderin' if there are any duas that can be read to help someone stop gambling?

What are the hadiths on gambling?

What should be done with the haraam money?
Living in the West
13th April 2008

Halal or haram ?

If we lend some money from non-muslim banks for purchase of property on intrest bases in a non muslim country is it halal or haram ?
Living in the West
20th March 2008

Question 482

Assalam o alaikum,

I saw question 482 and saw that the brother may be in need of some support.
I know this was a long time ago but inshaAllah it is not too late.
I understand that you will not be able to send his email address to me, but if you could send on mine onto him then I think we could benefit from one another..
I make dua that my intentions are sincere.

Living in the West
5th March 2008

Star signs/ horoscopes

Me and my friends buy weekly teenage magazines. It's what we've been doing all our teen years. The bit that interests us most it the horoscope page, which we all hurry to as soon as we buy the magazine.

Is it ok to believe in horoscopes? As some of my friends say thay its wrong and others say that our destiny is already written and thats all horoscopes are?
Living in the West
29th December 2007

Date by Islamic calendar

I want to send a letter to a senior Muslim so it is courteous to put an Islamic date at the top (rather than 22 Nov 2006.) Is there a website I can look up the Islamic date that corresponds to any date of the western/Christian calendar?
Living in the West
7th December 2007

Hydrogen peroxide


Could you please tell me if it is permissible to use products containing Hydrogen peroxide.