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are there any alternatives to tv?

Last updated: 4th November 2005
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4th November 2005

assalamualaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

i need some help, there are some mothers today who continue to let their young children watch tv because that is the only thing that they feel will calm the children down and in this way the mothers will be able to continue doing housework etc undisturbed. frankly the situation is that they dont have the energy to control the kids and do ibadah and housework, i was wondering are ther any solutions to tv that the mother can use to preoccupy her child? whilst she is busy cooking etc?

is it permissible in islam to show children programmes like adams world etc because that is the only alternative that i can think of


Bismihi Ta'ala

There are many alternatives to TV. A deep look must be taken into the lives of the Sahaabah, whom also raised their children on correct Islamic ideals and morals without the aid of TV.

We cannot seek a solution for our problems in Haraam.

There are artefacts and games that maybe purchased that do not entail an element of Haraam, to entertain the children.

And Allah knows best.

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7th November 2005
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