16th July 2006

Prophet samuel (AS) and goliath?

assalamualaykum waRahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

i read a few ayats in surah baqarah around ayat 90-100, and i came across a few ayats regarding Prophet samuel and goliath, but i did not understand what the ayats meant, and i did not understand what was going on, can mufti/moulana sahib please give me some explanation of the verses,
walaykumassalam wrwb
30th June 2006


salam plz tell me the reason why we called imam abuhanifah as abuhanifah.how many children they have,how many daughters they have.any athentic book regarding his life. thanks may Allah reward you.
11th June 2006

Demise of the prophet

Assalamu alaykum warahmatullaah
Dear respected ulamaa e kiraam, I am currently studying seerah. Whilst I was reading I found that after the demise of the prophet all the men, women, and children all took turns to view the holy prophet's face (even his wife). For us it is not permissable to view our wive's face and it is not permissable for every male and female to view the face of the deceased so why did this take place regarding the prophet's face?

Secondly, it is said that the prophet's janaza salaah was performed without an imaam but is was performed with jamaat. So in the jamaat, who was leading it? If there was no leader then how did everyone know when to do the next action at the same time, e.g. when to say allahu akbar?

Jazakumullaah khair for your time and effort

20th April 2006

Were Any Prophets Killed


All the Prophets (peace be upon them) had 2 face alot of hardship 2 convey the true message, lots were tortured & faced hate many times, but did any known Prophets actually get killed?

7th August 2005

Is the World 5800 Years Old


I read that Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) came 2 this Earth 5800 years ago. Is this True?

10th November 2004

ANSWERED: Dinosaur bones

Please could you tell me:

(i)What is the Islamic explanation for Dinosaur bones?

(ii)I've heard people say that humans were much bigger/taller in the past, is this true, as no skeletons have been found?

(iii)What would be the Islamic definition of life? Would we consider bacteria that lives and grows to be 'alive'(as science does)?

(iiii)Does Islam dismiss Scientific evidence?