11th February 2023

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I have a friend who is an Israelite. She is looking in to Islam and cant seem to understand a few things about the history of Islam. I am not sure what information to give her and for this reason I am hoping you are able to shed some light on the following topics and Insha Allah I can forward the information to her as she continues her journey towards finding Islam.

1) Who does Allah's covenant lie with, Ismaeel a.s or Ishaaq a.s? Can you please give some information regarding the proof of this?

2) As an Israelite, they claim to be the children of Israel, also referred to as Bani Israel in the Quraan. My friend has mentioned to me that in the Quraan Allah has mentioned that the the Israelites were amongst His most loved people, her question is, why did Allah abandon them?

3) I understand Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) was commanded by Allah to marry Hadhrat Aisha ra at the age of 6 and their marriage was consummated when she was aged 9, There is hadith in sahih bukhari that mentioned that Aisha ra was still at a stage in her life where she would play with dolls, just like a child, whilst being married to our beloved Nabi. How do I explain this to her? As in this day and age a 9 year old is a small child and it is difficult to comprehend why Allah would order the Nabi to do this.

4) In Surah An nisa there is a verse regarding ones wife where it is advised 'But if they still persist, then discipline them gently' Is Allah giving the husband permission to physically harm his wife? I understand the term 'Gently' is used, however, this can be taken out of context as men in this day and age will pick and choose which words from the Quraan suit them. Why would Allah allow a man to put his hands on his wife, even if it is gently?
3rd September 2022

The First Fitnah


I would like to have a thorough, scholarly understanding of what occured between Sayyiduna Mu'awiyyah RA and Imam Ali RA. Is it possible to get in contact with a scholar to discuss this topic or to purchase a course, or pay a scholar by the hour that deals with this topic? I have read Dr. Muhammad Ali As-Sallabis book on The First Fitnah but would like to discuss with (Hanafi) scholars or experts in islamic history concerning the topic.
Hope you can bring me in contact with someone.

BarakAllahu feekum wasalamualejkum
23rd March 2022

Date of night of isra

Is 27 rajab the night of is isra , miraj???
19th December 2021

If Adam(a.s) and Eve had a belly button or not!

as we all know we all were conceived by our parents, due to which we have a belly button because of the umbilical cord being attached to our tummy from the placenta of our mother.
but Adam and Eve did not have any parents, and so were born differently from the help of Allah(swt).
does that mean they do not have a belly button?
1st August 2021

Previous nations and their punishments

Allah SWT mentions in the Quran about the previous nations and their punishments, and that we can travel the land and find these punishments, like how the people of Lut AS were punished through the evidence of Dead Sea. Can you give me more examples like for ad and Thamud or other nations.
11th April 2020


Good morning, please can somebody assist me in identifying this person. I believe he is a saint from Pakistan. https://ibb.co/Y2BN6f7
25th October 2012

How did Hadhrat Ali (rd) pass away?

assalamu alaikum,
recently i've started to do research on the life of the 4 main khalifas of islam adn i've found all information i've wanted except information on the death of hadrat ali r.a and so i was wondering whether u can help me out as to how he died.
jazakallah 4 ur time
12th February 2011

Hanafi fiqh books

As salamu aleykum,

A Salafi (Wahhabi) claimed on a website that the Hanafis have no isnads in their fiqh books to Imam Abu Hanifa. He claimed that the Hanafi Fiqh books are written 4 or 5 centuries after the deaths of Imam Abu Hanifa and his 2 students Imam Abu Yusuf and Imam Muhammad.

IS this true? If not, can you give me a list of Fiqh books that are written right after the deaths of Imam Abu Hanifa(death 150 AH/767) and Abu Yusuf(death 183AH/798) And Imam Muhammad (death 189AH/805)?

Let say a list of Fiqh books that are written between 189 AH (805) and 500 AH (1117)

Please mention the date of each book.

Was salaam
20th April 2008

Prophet's names

Can you please confirm the MEANINGS of the names of the 25 Prophets mentioned in the Quran, as my sister wants to name her baby, if it is a boy, after a Prophet. All the books about babies names merely state that Musa, Dawud, Zakariyyal etc are 'name of a Prophet', which doesn't help.
5th March 2008

How many children did the prophet muhammad salallahu alahie wasalaam have and to which or our belove

Assalaamu alaykum mufti saab

InshaAllah this reaches you in high imaan and good health

I have been reading the information from this site for sometime mashaAllah and alhamdulilah when anyone have asked questions alhamdulilah i refer to this site first ahamdulilah
as the answers are always good and precise mashaAllah,,,i was reading this morning about the children of our beloved nabi salallahu alahie wasalaam and saw this queston and answer :

Question submited on: 15/12/2005 13:25pm
From: habib

Question #1225


How many children did Muhammed (Sallal Laahu alaihi Wasallam) had and from which wives were they born?



Ulamaa ID 02

Answer last updated on: 05/01/2006 19:01pm
Answered by: Ulamaa ID 02

The prophet (peace be upon him) had seven children, three sons and four daughters. Qasim, Zainab, Ruqayyah, Umm Qulsum and Fatimah (ridhwanullahi alaihim ajma’in) were born before hijrah from the prophet’s first wife Ummul Mumineen Khadija radhiyallahu anha. His last child Abdullah was born in the 8th year of hijrah to Mariyya Qibtiyya radhiyallhu tala anhuma. (Zadul Ma’ad)

Thursday 4th Zul Hijjah 1426 h.

Mufti Saifur Rahman Sahib
London, UK

Alhamdulilah the sister who asked me is a revert (as i am myself alhamdulilah )
and on reading many different books on this topic i always believed tha our nabi salallahu alahie wasalaam had seven children Qasim,abdullah,zainab,ruqayyah,umm kulsum and fatima,were all born to our mother khadija radiyAllahu anha,,and ibraheem was born to Mariyya Qibtiyya radhiyallhu tala anhuma...

can u please clear this up as the answer above says differently and i dont want to give wrong information to my sister

May Allah swt prolong your life and may He fill it with His blessings,,,ameen


14th January 2008

Rehana Bint Zaid

Some people say that a woman names Rehana Bint Zaid was married to the prophet SAW. Is this tru? If so is there a website link about her life?
15th December 2007

Asma bint Marwan

Dear scholar, Assalam alaikum!
I've read this on some website and would like to know whether it's true or not.
Is it true that Muhammad(pbuh) had a poet, ASMA BINT MARWAN, killed after she criticized him?

11th December 2007



who was yazid and what should our opinion be of him. was he responsible for the death of hazrat hussain (ra) or it is all shia lies

4th October 2007

Battle of Badr

The Holy Prophet(PBUH) wanted to intercept the caravan of
Abu Sufiyan that ultimately lead to battle of Badr.
Was it legal in islam at that time to take the belongings of a caravan or the Prophet knew that he is going for Badr and not for Abu Sufyan.
Pl explain.
12th July 2007

Al Najashi (Ethiopian King)

Assalam Alekum Respected Scholors,

Is it true that Al-Najashi bacame a Muslim during the life of the Prophet (as)? If yes, can you please quote me which book states that?


Mohammad Inamullah
Atlanta, USA
27th June 2007

Death of Abi-Talib

Dear brother,
I understand Abi-Talib, the uncle of the Prophet (pbuh), and Khdija, the wife of the Prophet (pbuh), passed away within a week. Who passed away first? Thanks and regards. Azam
5th October 2006

Black stone

how did the black stone come in the world
14th September 2006

Sylhet shaha-jahal


i was told that in Bangladesh sperfically in sylhet shaha-jahal, it is known for a saint of some sort to have sailed the sea of bangal via prayer mats and that there is a famous foot print there.. and that they had married hindus thus making them to revert into Islam

theres a whole story but i thought it was a bit strange, as i had not heard this story mentioned in the Quran

i have though come across alot of Bengali`s who have this story fixcated in their mindset

please tell me wiether it is true or wiether it is a bidah so i may me able to claify the misconceptions

Jazarkhallahu Khayran

May ALLAH the most compassionate reward you abundantly
14th September 2006

Who was Hazrat Sa'ad Al Ibn Abi Waqas

slam alaikum,
My Question is who was Hazrat Sa'ad Al Ibn Abi Waqas and what was he famous for.
12th August 2006

About the Snake that bit Abu Bakr Siddique (R.A)

The snake that bit the sahabi was a disciple of a previous Nabi. When that nabi was telling his disciples about the greatness of our Nabi (S.A.W) and his ummat (us), then one of the disciples requested the nabi to intercede to Allah so that Allah gives him the ability to see Rasulullah SAW. So the Nabi interceded and Allah said that he would have to be changed in to a snake as only a snake can live that many years. The disciple agreed and was told that Rasulullah SAW was going to visited that cave in which he bit the sahabi. So the snake went there anticipating the arrival of Rasulullah SAW. When Rasulullah SAW went there to hide with Abu Bakr, the snake got desperate and bit the sahabi as he was blocking the hole with which he would be able to see our Nabi. So when Rasulullah SAW woke up due to the tear of the sahabi, Rasulullah SAW Asked the snake why he had bitten his (Rasulullah?s) Sahabi, the snake replied that I have waited so long to see you therefore I couldn?t resist but do this in order to see you. Hearing this Rasulullah SAW told him that ?ok, I forgive you but to compensate you must never leave this hole in you life.? Is this episode true?? Or made up?? Or is the story different? If true is this the story, Please give details of where this is from as I will use this when giving dawah to people sometimes.