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Last updated: 7th June 2005
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7th June 2005

Assalamualakum Dear Brother, I have a question regarding Hajj, can i perform Hajj with my family, although i have a mortgage?

Bismihi Ta'ala

Being free of debt is a condition for Hajj being obligatory on an individual. However, this condition doesn't apply in the case of mortgage. The reason for this is, that mortgage isn't due immediately, but rather paid off in instalments. If a person has enough wealth besides his annual mortgage repayments then Hajj will become obligatory upon him.

Please note that this ruling in no way means that mortgage is permissible. Mortgage is always going to be Haraam, and Allah has challenged people who are involved in usury to war. This is the most stern punishment I can think of in the Qur'an. No where for any other action has Allah challenged a person to take arms up against him other than this action. After all, how brave on ones behalf if they are prepared to challenge Allah?

And Allah knows best.

Answer last updated on:
7th June 2005
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