Hajj / Umrah

Hajj / Umrah
26th February 2023

السلام عليكم I hope all is well. Mufti I really need some advice, I have recently perfo

السلام عليكم
I hope all is well.

Mufti I really need some advice, I have recently performed 2 Umrahs during the same trip. After completing the first umrah I removed my hair very short (about 3-4 inches) down to a number 3 in length.

However, during my second umrah about 3 days later, I didn’t want to go bald and trimmed my hair to a number 2, so removed about 5mm from the entire head intentionally. Is this valid or am I still in the state of ihram. Is there any wrong doing and is there anything I need to do. This is really eating away at me so would really appreciate a response as soon as possible.

جزاك اللهُ خيراً
Hajj / Umrah
26th November 2022

Miqat rules from Jeddah


I will be travelling from UK to Saudi to perform Umrah Insha'Allah. However, we will be staying in Jeddah for four nights prior to travelling to Makkah for the Umrah.

What is the Islamic ruling on Miqaat in our case? Where can we wear the Ihram for Umrah? All guidance on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Jazakallahu khairan
Hajj / Umrah
10th July 2022

I have shaved my head before Sacrifce confirmation from my Hajj tour operator to whom I had already

I have shaved my head before Sacrifce confirmation from my Hajj tour operator to whom I had already paid the sacrifice amount in advance. Do I need to pay any Damn in this case as I opened my Ahram before his confirmation which is nearly 2 hours before his confirmation, how much Damn shall I pay.
Hajj / Umrah
3rd July 2022

How many Tawaf and Saee in Hajj e Qiran

Assalam Alaikum,
I am a resident of Saudi Arabia. I will perform Hajj (Hajj e Qiran) this year in a few days. Please can you guide me as to how many Tawaf and Saee are there in Hajj e Qiran?

kind regards,
Hajj / Umrah
25th June 2022


My question is in bakrid festival if we don't have place at home to sacrifice animal at home.
Is this possible to sacrifice goat at mutton shop instead of home. Please help me with answer
Hajj / Umrah
25th May 2022

Ruling on Damm after coming back to your place and some time has passed.

I went to perform Umrah in 2018 during which i entered the meeqat without ihram. Later i came to know that this necessitates damm. It's 2022 know and i am really embarrassed about it but want to make things right. Please help.
Hajj / Umrah
5th May 2022

My mother wants to perform hajj this year


I am salman from india..My father and mother wants to go for haj but due crona pandemic the saudi goverment set the rule, above 65 age is ineligible  for hajj..my father is over 65 and he is ineligible to perform the hajj and mother is eligible to perform.

My question is

Is my mother perform the hajj with his son 

The son can perform his hajj in the name of his father..

Please advise me in the light of quran and hadid
Hajj / Umrah
25th March 2022

Should I go hajj with my husband first or prioritise buying a home to live with eachother?


I have recently gotten married alhamdulillah but me and my husband live apart and see eachother twice a week. Initially we planned to save up for a home which would've took roughly a year. However, he has changed his mind and wants to now use our savings to go to hajj and then buy a home. Is this duty of going hajj priority since I thought it was okay to buy a home first and then save up for hajj and we have been having constant disputes because of this.
Hajj / Umrah
28th November 2021

Ihram Prohibitions

Salam, it is stated that we are prohibited to remove/shave/pluck/cut any hair while we are in the state of ihram during umrah. What is the ruling of removing/brushing away a STRAY eyelash from one’s eye that had already fallen from its root? Will one have to pay the penalty for this, even if we forgot about the rules momentarily?
Hajj / Umrah
20th November 2021

Hajj financed by parents

I am a women of age 23 years, Single. Can I perform hajj with my parents as my parents can afford it? Will it be counted as an obligatory hajj because my parents are financing it?
or Would I have to perform it again when I started earning myself?

JazakiAllah Khair.
Hajj / Umrah
21st July 2021

Queation about sacrifice for Eid ul Adha

When we sacrifice for Eid ul Adha, some people keep whole parts of thier animals i.e. Whole leg of goat, cow etc. And then roast it or gift it. Is it allowed in Islam? As I have heard that we need to cut the entire animal properly and equally. And then divide it in three parts instead of gifting the whole part to your relatives
Hajj / Umrah
18th July 2021

We are unable to perform Udhaya in overseas so is it permissible to send money to Islamic organisati

Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,
Since we are unable to perform Udhaya in overseas can you please advise me if it is permissible to send money to Islamic organisations who can perform Udhaya on my behalf?
JazakAllahu Khairan
Hajj / Umrah
14th July 2021

Cutting hair and nails if the sacrifice is done on my behalf by friends and i paid my share of it.

Dear Brother, I intended to sacrifice for Eid ul Adha and sent money back home. They are sacrificing a cow and I decided to be a part of it so I sent my share of money (1/7th) since seven people can sacrifice one cow. Is it permissible for me to cut hair during the dhul haj since i am not doing the sacrifice by myself. instead on my behalf it will be done since i sent money to a friend who will put it for a cow in which other six people also have a part?
Hajj / Umrah
14th June 2021

Sacrifice/qurbani on Eid ul Azha

My husband and I both earn. I believe that we can't join money to pay for one sacrificial animal. Either of us has to pay for our own share or animal separately. But he says we can chip in 50% etc money and afford one animal as it will be for one household. I need guidance on this before eid please.
Hajj / Umrah
8th June 2021


While performing umrah, can you do more than one tawaf? So, first I do a tawaf that's must for umrah, then I do 2 more tawaf before going into sahi to complete my umrah. Or should we do one tawaf and then go direct into sahi.
Hajj / Umrah
18th June 2020

How to ask forgiveness.

One of my friend has purposely pushed a man very hard out of anger during Tawaf of Kaaba. How can he repent from this sin.
Hajj / Umrah
11th April 2020

Multiple umrah, shaving head being in Ihram


In continuation with my previous question https://qa.muftisays.com/?4435, I received reply that second umrah hair cut was not fulfilled as per hanafi madhab. I want to tell that , i did umrah after one week and shaved all hair. After 3 umrah's , i did Haj.

1. Can you tell me if i need to sacrifice goat for second umrah. If yes , then will one will suffice?
2. As i did umrah again in a week i.e., before Haj, I came to know that once i shaved in 3rd umrah, i was out of previous ihrams as well , in case my hair cut was not proper. Is it correct?
Hajj / Umrah
8th April 2020

Qurbani on Hajj

Can I Slaughter my animal in my native country while performing Hajj or is it compulsory to perform Qurbani in Saudi Arabia.
Hajj / Umrah
12th March 2020

Shave or cut hair umrah


My question is regarding to extent of cutting/shaving hair as per 4 fiqh's.

I did my first Umrah and used zero trimmer to remove all hair. After 2-3 days i did second Umrah and used same zero trimmer and removed hair all over head whatever i can. Is this correct or do i have to pay dum?

I had checked with local imams and they said it is okay as trimming is also permissible and you removed whatever is possible but it is better to shave with blade. Later, i used to shave at barber shop for my next umrah's.
Hajj / Umrah
26th February 2020

Tawaf with 2 years old son. He wears diapers.

Can I perform umrah with baby. Some people say you can not enter masjid with young babies who wear diapers. How will I perform umrah then.there is no one to look after him
2. will 7 and 9 years old boys have to wear ahraam while leaving Islamabad airport or they can wear ahraam at jeddah airport. Please reply as early as possible