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Food Related
22nd August 2006

Aladdin sweets

Aladdin's Sweets Ltd. - are they halal??? here are there details could you please find out for us... this is bcus they r now sold in everyshop as in local market, newsagents etc. - so muslims buy them bcus they have a big halal written on them but r they halal??? Jazakallah

Address: Unit 6a
Heath Street Industrial Estate
West Midlands
B66 2QL

Companies House
Registration Number: 5856912
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21st August 2006

Permissibility of drinking apple juice made from concentrate

Is it permissable to drink apple juice made from concentrate as i have heard the process through which apple juice is made involves it being filtered through beef gelatine.
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20th August 2006

Halaal or not?

i just wanted to know whether we are allowed to eat tuna and mayonnaise
and other sandwiches from asda and tesco.


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20th August 2006

Is nutmeg haraam

Assalaamu alaykum mufti saab
InshaAllah this reaches you in good imaan and health

I have been reading different articles and also the BAHISHTI ZEWAR book which states that Apart from alcohol, it is permissible to consume all other intoxicants on the condition that they are consumed only for medication. Furthermore, only that amount will be permissible which does not intoxicate the person. If a person consumes an amount that intoxicates him, it will become haraam upon him. It is also permissible to apply medicines that contain such intoxicants. Such intoxicants are: opium, nutmeg, saffron, etc

This is from the chapter :Halaal and Haraam,and category:intoxicants

and other sources say that it is haraam completly could u please give me clarification and if possible evidence from quraan and sunnah either way

could u please advise me if the BAHISHTI ZEWAR book is a good source of information for me

jazakAllahum khairun
May Allah swt prolong your life and may He fill it with His blessings,,,ameen

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20th August 2006

Low fat ice cream halal


i would like to know wheather skinny cow ice crraem is halal or not it is a new ice cream with low fat i searched for it in the food guide but because it's new i don't think it's there

Jazzakumulaah kher

Follow up:

Sent: 21 August 2006 14:34
To: Admin MS
Subject: Re: Question ID 2212 low fat ice cream halal

dear mufti i dont have the barcode for the skinny cow ice cream but i have found out from the eat halal website that the ice cream is halal.the website for the low fat ice cream was

thank you for your time
may Allah SWT reward you for your good efforts

sorry for any inconvienence
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20th August 2006

Express cuisine sandwiches

Lately i went to a halal take-away shop & they had express cuisine
sandwiches which said suitable 4 vegetarians, but did not have a halal logo, so i just wanted
to know if express cuisine r reliable & halal or not?

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20th August 2006

Rennie tablets

Assalaamu 'alaikum

Is Rennie considered to be halal to take?

Each tablet contains: Calcium carbonate Ph Eur 680mg and heavy magnesium carbonate Ph. Eur 80mg.

Each tablet also contains: Sucrose, glucose (250mg), spearmint flavour, talc, providone, saccharin sodium, magnesium stearate.

Each adult dose (2 tablets) contains 500mg of glucose.

The tablet is to gain relief from heartburn etc.

JazakAllahu khairan.

Wassalaamu 'alaikum
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19th August 2006


If a company uses glycerin in its product, e.g. in toothpaste or mouthwash, can we use it if according to the company any animal by-product used is chemically altered during manufacturing and no longer resembles the original substance by the time it's added to the product? The company says that they have no way to telling what their source of glycerin is. It could be vegetable based or animal based, in which case it could be either pork or beef. So am I allowed to use such toothpaste or mouthwash which contain glycerin?

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12th August 2006

Haraam food

Are muslims allowed to give haraam food to their non muslim friends?
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12th August 2006

Some ingrediants

is beta carotene, aspartame, diphosphates and disodium phosphate haraam
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11th August 2006

Coke meaning

assalam mualaikum

I had an email sent which said that if you turn the coka cola name upside down in arabic it says no muhammed and no madina vise versa. i would like to know if it is permissable to be able to drink it.

jazakallah for reading my mail
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8th August 2006

Non HMC meat

assalaamu alaikum,

In a recent edition of the HMC newsletter it stated (something like) that it is not permissable to take anothers word for it that the meat is halal and that one needs to make sure either individually or through an organisation. I understand how one does this by an organisation e.g we now have hmc, but how do we do this individually? with non hmc outlets, we ask them (muslim owners) if their meat is halal, obviously they will reply it is halal, what more can we do? we cannot individually be there at every slaughter and follow it through to the counter obviously, so what are we expected to do in this matter?
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8th August 2006

Meat that Invalidates wudhu

Assalamu Alaykum

Which type of meat invalidates the Wudu?

Wa Alaykumussalam
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8th August 2006


Assalaamu aly kum wa rahmatallahe wa barakatu

someone told me that the use of nutmeg in cooking is haram, because nutmeg if consumed in large quantities could be intoxicating, what is the truth in it? Insha'Allah you can clarify this doubt for me.
May Allah bless all of you and your families.

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8th August 2006


is coca cola harram because i have heard that it has alchohol
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16th July 2006


Assalamu Alaikum,
There is a sweet called Skittles (Original). I wanted to know if it was halal because it doesn't say "suitable for vegetarians" and it's got E471. I tried to send a message to them but my computer doesn't allow it for some reason. The website is ""

Jazzakallah for your help.
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4th July 2006

Raw liver tablets

i want to know if consuming raw liver tablets are halal. the tablets are made from dessicated liver and are prescribed by doctors for iron deficiency aneamia. i have tried a whole range of medicines and nothing has really worked so i have been advised to take these from a doctor.
the tablets are made by a non-muslim company and the tablets are made from beef liver, which is most probably not slaughtered in the halal way.

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4th July 2006

Question of Gelatin

According to the article below, gelatin is halaal and hence settling the long running argument about the validity of gelatin


article on gelatine is taken from national independent halaal trust web site: http:///
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1st July 2006

Meat and blood

is it ok to eat the meat which when cooking blood comes out of it even though it has been washed several times before it was put to cook?
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29th June 2006

Is gelatine halaal?

Assalam alaikum, dear schalor.
I've been using cod liver oil capsules(company:Sevenseas) that are made up of gelatine.I would like to know is it permissible to consume this form of gelatine.