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Food Related
29th January 2007

Stunned chicken

assalamoalaykum, please clarify. the actual stunning process is Makrooh-e-Tahrimi, is the actual stunned meet Makrooh-e-Tahrimi also?
jazakallah khair
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24th January 2007

Resinous Glaze

Assalaamu aleikum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu,

I recently bought a large batch of Reese's Pieces from America prior to checking the ingredients list (may Allah forgive me). Since checking the ingredients after initial consumption, the ingredients are as follows:

Sugar, partially defatted peanuts, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils (palm kernel, oil and soybean oil), reduced minerals dehydrated whey, dextrose, artificial flavour, carnauba wax, resinous glaze: artificial colour E102, E110, E129.

I am uncertain about the resinous wax. Having researched into the ingredient, I believe the resin to be Shellac. But to make resinous glaze, Shellac is used in an alcohol-based solution. During processing, apparently the alcohol in the shellac solution is evaporated. However, I'm uncertain as to whether this is in fact true and if any trace of alcohol is left in the final product which may render it haram.

I would be most grateful if you could clarify to me whether these sweets are halal or haram in regard to it's alcohol content (if any).

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23rd January 2007

Milk Products

Respected Mufti Saheb,
Ńssalaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu!
Milk Products
Cheese and village cheese and the waste product of their processing, namely of whey.
Natural rennet ferment is used at present as a milk-coagulating agent as well as natural pepsin (from chicks and swine) and also microbiological ferments produced by microbes while manufacturing rennet cheeses.
Melted cheeses are practically always obtained from rennet cheeses; besides they often contain whey of the same origin as rennet cheeses.
What is halal status of these cheeses?

Rennet cheeses are used while manufacturing cheese pastes, cheese butter, Danish pastry, cheese sauces, chips with cheese (but not with cheese taste) cheese creams and tarts, cheese cookies (with cheese but not with cheese taste), cheese sticks, etc.
What is halal status of these products?

Village cheese serves at present as the basis for making village cheese masses with various additives (dried apricots, raisins, prunes, jams of strawberries, raspberries, huckleberries etc.), packed village cheeses, mousses, and other village cheese dainties and the village cheese contained in them was made while using rennet ferments of animal origin. Besides such products often contain gelatin as stabilizer and red village cheese dainties (of strawberries or cherries) are often coloured with carmine E120.
What is halal status of these products?


If the manufacturing of milk products, regenerated milk, yogurt, ice-cream, village cheese) provides the use of dry fat-free milk, the manufacturers of milk produce almost everywhere replace it partly with dry whey to decrease the first cost. The whey as well as rennet cheeses might have had contacts with rennet ferments of unknown origin; microbe or swine pepsin might have been used.
The fact is that the manufacturer of milk produce seldom places the information of having used the whey at the label whereas he himself might be unaware of its being used; a mixture of milk and whey might have been sold to him already instead of dry fat-free milk.

If the cheese is haram, is the whey obtained during its manufacturing haram because it also had contacts with the rennet ferment, and some residual amounts of it might remain in the whey?
In other words, is the whey’s status the same as that of cheese or village cheese?

A substance named lactose (milk sugar) is derived from whey, and it is rather often used while producing confection. cheese or village cheese.
Dose lactose have the same status as the whey it is obtained from, i.e. that of cheese or village cheese?

Sincerely yours, brothers from Saratov
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21st January 2007



Dear brother/sister i would like to ask you if it is permissable to hunt and consume rabbits, as i was told it is halal to do so when i went to pakistan, the type of rabbit is better known as khirghosh in pakistan.

Thank you for your comments in advance.

kind regards, imran.
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14th January 2007

Artificial color E110

Is E-110(Sunset Yellow) color Halal?

I read in some newspaper that artificial food color E110, which is contained in some items, is made of fat of the pig. It further says that if capital E is written in the ingridents of something then it means that it is haram. A product, an orange juice powder named TANG, also contains food color E110
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4th January 2007

Sea creatures

1) wot is the ruling on prawns
2)i herd that sea creatures which hav web feet is not ja-iz (e.g. duck) is this true
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3rd January 2007

Food on which the name of others than Allah has been mentioned

Is it allowed to eat prayed food which are not meat, but are sweets or biscuits or coconut usually shared during hindu festival divali?
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3rd January 2007

Beverly Hills Formula toothpaste

In the Name of Allah, the Inspirer of Truth.
Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Dear Respected (Mufti) Abdullah Patel,

Would you please kindly confirm if the Beverly Hills Formula toothpaste range is permissible?


(1000 ppm F)

Company and contact details can be found under the following link:

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1st January 2007

Answer refering question 3360..

Assalamu Alaykum..

Refering question 3360
I was browsing the net and i had come across

(copy and paste the following)

it showed...

A brother contacted :- Mars (01753 550055) & Nestle (020 8686 3333) and found out these are haram!!!:-

Celebrations Chocolates - all of them

Maltesers (Mini versions)

Mars (Mini and Fun Size versions)

M&M Peanuts

Snickers Fun Size & Mini

Bounty - All sizes

Lion Bar - All sizes

Those chocolates are haram (but you can contact them yourself to be sure)

this may help to answer the question 3360...
also below there is a link to show some of the halal chocolates

i hope this helps..

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1st January 2007

Fish egg

I would like to know if Fish Eggs are Halal?

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27th December 2006

Ben & Jerry's ice cream

Could you please tell me if it is permissible to eat Ben & Jerry's ice cream?


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16th December 2006

General - People saying this is halal and haram

Assalamu Alaykum,

At school, it is a habit of some people to say this is haram and this is not a haram etc. e.g the other day someone mentioned that a chocolate is haram.

These people aren't people of knowledge and may just have heard it or looked up an ingredient and found that it is something to do with an animal.

In this case, it may not be haram because e.g. shellac is involved with animals but is is still halal.

In these cases, should you listen to the person and not eat the food or not?

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16th December 2006

Lion Bar - Chocolate

Assalamu Alaykum,

Is Lion Bar Halal?

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16th December 2006


Is lion haraam?

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15th December 2006



dear mufti sahibs
i would just like to know if squids are halaal?

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9th December 2006

Prawns, mussels, calamari, etc,

I undestand that according to the Hanafi Mazhab prawns, mussels and calamari are not permissible. All the other Mazhabs allow all food from the sea.
Why and what is the logic behind the Hanafi (some) ruling?
Jazakallah and Wassallaam.
Brother Mohammed Saeed.
South Africa

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9th December 2006


To the respected theologians:

The national Government Animal welfare agency states that 33% of stunned chickens die before actual slaughter. Firstly, is it permissible to stun the animals prior to slaughter? Secondly, according to the mentioned statistics would it be permissible in the Holy Islamic Law to consume stunned chickens? Can you please confirm with evidence that in the Islamic Law if a person has doubt over one Chicken from a hundred it becomes prohibited for him to consume any of the chickens. I would be grateful if this answer could be given as soon as possible with the attestation by the respected Scholars.

JazaakAllaahu khairaa

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9th December 2006


Assalaamu 'alaikum

I was wondering whether alchahol denat or betaine is halaal?

Wa'alaikum ussalaam
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7th December 2006


Mufti Saheb
My question is abt the WHEY .How many types of whey are Halal and wht enzymes standsfor .becz i search lots of place but i couldn't get the the explanation.
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7th December 2006

Shellac coated food

mufti sahib
i recently bought a drink from co-op supermarket, it was there own brand grape apple & raspberry juice drink.
in the ingredients it says (not suitable for vegans -may be made with shellac coated fruit)
please can you let us know if the shellac coating is halal and also are we allowed this drink