Food Related

Food Related
8th February 2005

ANSWERED: 'HMC' - food


iam pretty sure that 'hmc' is known to all by now. (a company that closely monitors shops/restaurants etc for their chicken. if according to their satisfaction, they then provide a certificate. i have heard that mufti taqi usmani is behind this). there are a few companies that sell hmc approved meat such as waris, dial a chicken and another 2 shops.
my local butchers whom i buy from, time to time, gets their meat from 'freemans'. some say that you cant trust them due to contamination of the halal & haram meat being in the same fridge or 'how is any1 to know whether haram is sent in place of halal by mistake'.

i could make my life easy & only get my meat from waris. but what of it when i go to my inlaws to eat which i do quiet frequently, or what of it when iam invited for a meal to a family members house? i cant possibily question where they get their meat from & inconvenience the host & other guest. neither is it possible to avoid eating & stick to the vegetables @ in-laws or other peoples houses.
should i go strict & stick to hmc approved meat? if so, what about my kids? how do i stop them? (they r very young)

pls advise asap

jazakallah hu khair
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5th February 2005

Chicken Spot

Salaam Mufti Saab,

Whats the score with Chicken Spot on Manor Rd. Heard they had doggy suppliers but could not confirm with other brothers.

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5th February 2005

Kings Chicken Take Away


I Just want to know if Kings Chicken take away (round the corner from Cazenove Road) halal or not?
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5th February 2005

Stunned or un-stunned

Asalaamu alaikum

After reading about information from

can you please comment on the current supply of halaal meat supplied by butchers and resturants and what we as the general public should do?

Jazakallah khair
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5th February 2005

JJ Fast Food Ltd


Can you please tell me if JJ Fast Food company is Halal or not. They say they are, but has there ever been any further investigation to be certain as a lot of meat companies stunn their chicken?
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5th February 2005

ANSWERED: is hotkey makrooh

is hotkey (dried fish) makrooh
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4th February 2005

ANSWERED: alcohol in bread

Recently i heard there is a percentage of alcohol in bread, with the knowledge it does not intoxicate you i assume it is halal.
Though alcohol is in drinks such as coke, would TAQWA advice us to refrain from it?

Please do advise me through the shariate and the teachings of OUR beloved prophet Muhammad SAW.
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3rd February 2005

ANSWERED: about halal when doubtful

aslam u alaquam
respected mutfti shahib
well i studying in europe ,and here we get a chicken writen hallal,but we dont know weather its halal or not,should we avoid to eat this or we can eat that want to know that when i was in istyear i start eating haram chicken but then the very next year i stooped it coz i realize tat its sinful act,plz tell me wt i have to do should i ask for repetence or its now ok
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24th January 2005

ANSWERED: Ferrero rocher

Is it halal or haram?
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20th January 2005


can we eat tuna?
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13th December 2004

ANSWERED: Fish (Seafood)

What is the hadeeth regarding the consumption of seafood? Why does the Hanafi Mathab only take fish to be halaal whilst the others consider all inhabitants of the seas to be permissable?
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15th October 2004

ANSWERED: Lucozade & Ribena

can you please clarify if we are able to drink Ribena and Lucozade? I have heard from some people that you can and some people say you cant as they say it contains alcohol
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29th September 2004

ANSWERED: advice regarding halal income

Assalamoalaikum wa rehmatullah respected mufti's hazraat.

I wanted some advice regarding halal income. Sir, I reside in England (U.K.) I am a full-time university student and I work part-time and so do my siblings. Sir, my siblings work at ASDA a supermarket chain which sells all sorts of merchandise ranging from clothes to alcohol etc.

Sir, my brother is bait {took allegiance} in a Sufi silsala {naqshabandi} and his friend also a Sufi holds a Friday night mehfil at our house and he said to my brother that, your income is not halal because you work at a organisation {asda} which sells sharab {alcohol}.

My brother?s job role is this, he works as a delivery driver for asda he stocks crates full of a customer order and delivers it at the required destination.

Sir the problem is this, as students we can?t find office type jobs in this country as one is then asked to do job during the weekday whilst we go to university during the weekdays and work at weekends???? so it?s really difficult.

Although I?m not saying that, what our brother in Islam told us was wrong, what I mean is sir it?s majbori for us as we have to somehow earn a living, pay bills etc. Allah knows our niyat {intention} sir even we don?t like touching alcohol but as I said, we are compelled due to our conditions {halaat} at home.

I just wanted your advice on this matter because what my brother?s friend said to us has put us in two minds. Whenever you find time then please reply to my query ASAP.

Jazakallah kheir

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14th September 2004

ANSWERED: Zabiha of Shi'a

Is Zabiha of Shia or meat from a Shia Store Halal?
Food Related
14th September 2004

ANSWERED: Walkers cheese & onion

I would Just Like to Know if walkers cheese and oninon is halal
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14th September 2004


Assalamualaykum! Please could you tell me if you are allowed to eat pizza from Pizza-Hut because a few pwople told me they put wine inside it (Originally asked before 24/01/04)
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14th September 2004

ANSWERED: Mcdonalds doubtful?

Why is mcdonalds doubtful?
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14th September 2004

ANSWERED: Nando's Halal or Haram

Assalaamu alaykum, Dear respected Muftis, could you please with detail tell us for sure whether Nando's is Halal or Haraam. wa alaykum salam