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Food Related
16th May 2024

Cat Food process

Re: Applaws: Question about
Applaws Food Form Response [Case
ID#: 211621

Good afternoon Bushra

Thank you for contacting us and for choosing Applaws.

I can confirm that only the ingredients listed are included in the recipe. I can also confirm that none of our products contain pork unless it is stated so in the ingredients, however, please be advised that they may be produced in factories that handle pork for other products.
I hope that helps Bushra, please feel free to contact us any time you have questions or require our assistance.
Thank you again for your email and your interest in Applaws.
Kind regards,
Andrew Leggott
Facilities, Account and Customer Care Coordinator

Can I proceed to buy this product in light of the response above?
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7th October 2022

Vinegar from alcohol

Assalamu alaikum,

I would to know if vinegar from alcohol, brandy or whisky or regardless the source is Halal or no even if contains traces of alcohol.

And also if it is accepted for Maliki Fiqh or no.

What is the answer of the following Hadith according to Fiqh Abu Hanifah:

According to what is reported from Hz. Anas b. Malik, when Abu Talha asked what he should do with the wine that was left to orphans as inheritance, the Prophet (pbuh) said, "Pour it out." Abu Talha asked, "Shall I not make vinegar out of it?" The Prophet (pbuh) said, "No!" (Tirmidhi, Buyu 58)
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12th March 2022

Eaten haram mistakenly

As salamalikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu, I moved to UK in 2017 from Saudi Arabia and because it was my first time for studies. I had no clue what to look for in food to deem it haram accept for pork and alcohol.

On my first week I brought frozen pizza, that had pork pepperoni on it when I saw that I removed the pork and ate the pizza because I wasn't aware of the contamination issue just like that I have made few mistakes here and there where I had no idea at all that the thing could even contain haram ingredients.

I am just very guilty and don't know how to overcome this guilt. Will this be recorded as a sin for me and is there a way I can undo the effect in my body?

Jazak Allah
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9th December 2021

Fresh chips

What makes fresh chips Haraam
Food Related
19th November 2021

Washing food in the bathroom basin

Due to refurbishment in the kitchen we have no sink.
I have been told that is haram to wash food items in the bathroom basin.
Is this correct?
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4th September 2021

Vegetables or egg /chicken we consume should be only organic or in-organic or both??

Assalaamu alaikum..i live in tamil nadu ,india..
my question is can we eat eggs sold from a non muslim shop??is eggs(white color) halal or it should be organic or in organic or both??
same applies for the chicken and vegetables we eat only organic food halal or non organic also?
pls answer my question to best of your knowledge..i do not want to consume haram things..pls help asap

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6th December 2020

When is it permissible to use rennet

When is it permissible to use rennet

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20th January 2013

Is Sensodyne ToothPaste Halal?


Can you confirm if the following Sensodyne Toothpastes are halal:

-Sensodyne Repair & Protect
-Sensodyne Pro-Namel

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6th December 2012

Food left open over night

As salaamualaykum
If food or water etc is left uncovered overnight, what thoughts and beliefs are there regarding it; is it ok to consume it next morning?
Food Related
11th September 2012

Vanilla extract


I am aware that we are allowed vanillin and vanilla essence however are we allowed vanilla extract and natural vanilla extract?

Jk for time
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15th May 2012

Sea food

Dear respected Mufti, Assalam-u-alaikum.

As a follower of the Hanfi Madhab we are told that sea food such as lobsters and crabs are Halal. I travel alot and particularly to countries which have a bigger majority of followers of the Shafi Madhab. In this environment sometimes we may inadvertently eat lobster, crab etc which the Shafis consider Halal particularly when you are a guest at someones house that serves you many dishes and youy may not be aware of the ingredients. What is the ruling on this scenario and is it permissible in a Shafi environment to eat as the Shafis do?

Jazakallah kheir,

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15th May 2012

Question: Is Shellac halal

Salaam, I wanted to know if the ingredient shellac is halal or not, because they use in some of tesco brand sweets, for example: Milk covered peanuts.


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1st September 2011

Hunted meat.


I am aware of hadith which have stated that it is halal to eat an animal which has been hunted using an arrow and died before the hunter was able to get to it to slaughter it by cutting the neck.

I would like to know if it is permissible to eat a hunted animal, like a deer, if it has been shot by a rifle bullet but dies before the hunter can get to it.

As these animals are wild, the shots are often take at quite a long range, and then the animal may also run a few more yards after it has been shot so often it is difficult to get to it before it dies.
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24th October 2009

Follow-up on your answer regarding rennet

Assalamu alaikum,

In an earlier answer, you stated that cow rennet is permissible to use based on a Hadith in which the Prophet (sall Allahu alayhi wa sallum) ate cheese made by the Magians.

Would this answer still apply if the process used to make the rennet is as described in the following Wikipedia article under the heading "Modern method" and involves not just extracting the rennet from a (Non-zabeeha) animal's stomach, but actually freezing the stomach and cutting it up and then treating the stomach chemically to get the rennet from it?

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9th October 2009

Krispy Kreme

Assalam Alakum,

I wrote to Krispy Kreme regarding their doughnuts. They have replied as follows. Please advise if it is permissible for us to eat them.


Krispy Kreme doughnuts do not contain alcohol products manufactured to be consumed as a beverage, such as liquors, wine and beer.

The glaze on Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Doughnuts contains a specially produced flavouring that is made and approved for use according to strict FDA guidelines. This flavouring contains a small amount of ethyl alcohol, a common ingredient that, incidentally, is also naturally present in just about all fresh fruits and vegetables. The flavouring for Krispy Kreme’s glaze contains less than 2 percent ethyl alcohol, an essential ingredient for many flavourings commonly used in commercial food production. By contrast, vanilla flavouring, an ingredient widely used in many foods, such as ice cream, cakes, cookies, even animal crackers for children, contains 35 percent ethyl alcohol.

It is important to note, however, that when the flavouring is mixed into the glaze recipe, it becomes less than 1 percent of the total composition, and, therefore, the ethyl alcohol content drops to less than 0.02 percent. During the cooking of the glaze, virtually all , if not all, of the ethyl alcohol is lost through evaporation.

We hope you find this information helpful and appreciate the opportunity to provide assistance and we look forward to serving you in the future.

Kind Regards


Kirsty Moore

Krispy Kreme UK Ltd

Tel: 01276 601170

Fax: 01276 601180

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8th June 2009

Query regarding whale question

In a recent question regarding the consumption of whale, the answer given was that it is impermissible and that the Companions ate of it due to dire necessity. However, why did the Prophet Sallallahu alayhi wasallam also partake of it and furthermore, it is mentioned that the Companions ate until they gained a great deal of weight?

Furthermore, Bukhari narrates that the Prophet said “Eat, for it is food Allah has brought out for you, and feed us if you have some of it.” So some of them gave him (of that fish) and he ate it.” (Sahih al-Bukhari, no: 4104)

In Muslim, the narration of Jabir says that "We lived on it for a month - and there were three hundred of us - eating until we were full"

Please clarify this issue.

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22nd January 2009

Chinese restaurant in america

I had a question about eating in a chinese restaurant in America. Pork is served in the restaurant. I like to order vegeterian fried rice. Is it halaal or haraam
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29th November 2008

Alcohol in restaurants

Respected Elders,

Assalmu-alaykum Warahmatullah.

here in the U.K. Restaurants selling Indian food along with alcohol is rampant, the sad thing is, is that they are mostly run by so called muslims. by question is, is that there are mainly three types of people in this employment namely the owner, the waiter and those in the kitchen. The owner by its very nature consumes the profit made from the food as well as the alcoholic drinks. The waiters role, as you know is to take customers orders and to serve be it food or alcoholic drinks and lastly the people in the kitchens role is only to prepare food and to deliver, having nothing to do with the alcoholic drinks but at the same time both the waiter, explicitly, and the kitchen staff implicitly aiding the restaurant owner in running the business. My question is, how would you class the three types of peoples earning e.g. (Halal, Haraam, Makrooh etc, etc)

May Allah elevate the Ummah.

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29th August 2008

Shia's Zabiha

You have submitted the following answer.

It is not permissible to eat the Zabiha of a Shi'a nor is it permissible to purchase meat from them.

Answered by Mufti Yaseen Shaikh - Answer Approved by Shaikhul Hadeeth Mufti Farooq

Please give me the references from Quran and Hadith. Why you consider shia's Zabiha haram, if they slaughter in the name of Allah as well?

Food Related
28th August 2008


Respected Elders,

Assalmu-alaykum Warahmatullah.

I heard that if alcohol is found in any item, be it food, medication or toiletry items such as body sprays face creams etc, etc and is extracted from dates or grapes then this is Haram. If so, why is it only dates and grapes?

May Allah elevate the Ummah.