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  1. Please keep the question to the point ensuring important details are not missed.
  2. Please use good English, proper paragraphs and maintain respect in choice of words.
  3. We do not interpret dreams. Question asking for an interpretation of dreams as removed by administrators and will not be answered.
  4. Do not provide any personal information or names and locations of anyone else.
  5. Questions are not always answered in the order they are received. However, our quota method ensures that the earlier questions are answered before the more recent ones.
  6. Please check the Q&A database if the question has already been answered before
  7. The Fiqh answers will be provided according to the Hanafi school of thought. If you require otherwise then please state it in your question.
  8. Answers are posted publicly to benefit everyone. If a question is too personal then we will modify it to make it a little more general. This will only be done if it does not effect the answer you would have received without the edit.

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