Halal and Haram

Halal and Haram
16th July 2024

Can I open a store for selling reptiles that colorful and harmless as pet

I have just converted to Islam and my job is selling reptiles. I would like to know if opening a store to sell beautiful, friendly, and harmless reptiles is halal or haram.
Halal and Haram
16th July 2024

Marketing review income

Assalamualikum, I recently learned of an American marketing company that requires me to provide product reviews, I have never purchased or utilized the product.

Is this money haram as basically I'm just submitting review for product which I never used? Also I intent to give this complete income in poor.
Halal and Haram
25th June 2024

Guidance to repent for a life of crime and stealing

Assalam waaleykum

Where to even begin... Growing up in the united states i fell into gang culture and a shameful lifestyle. During the course of my unfortunate ventures i have commited a mountain of sins most of which are stealing(scamming, fraud, etc...). Unfortunately for me i was good at it and managed to make a lot of money doing so astaghfirullah. I have since left this shameful life and have changed my ways especially making tremendous efforts to earn an honest and halal living.

The issues lies when i came to know that repentance to allah alone does not suffice and the stolen wealth must be returned to the rightful owners which brings up a series of problems for me. 1- The amount of money i stole was A LOT, 90% of which i no longer have (either spent or was stolen from me ironically). 2- Due to the elaborate nature of the schemes i do not personally know any of the victims considering everything was done online using stolen data from people i do not know.

I have since been working hard and making a halal income which i have managed to accumulate a bit of wealth(no where near the amount stolen but nonetheless), i intend to repay this money to charity and attempt to make ammends for my wrong doings if i even live long enough to be able to clear this gigantic burden

My questions are the following:

1. Must i now forfeit all of my wealth to repay what ever i can of this debt including my halal earned income (no one is supporting me and i do not have a stable income because i am a freelancer)?

2. Must i forfeit any hopes of accumulating any wealth or success in this dunya considering all of my money must potentially go towards paying these debts which i may never live to pay off due to the big amount?

3. will allah forgive me if i were to die prior to being able to repay these debts regardless of the sincerity of my intentions to do so?

4. if i may keep a portion of my halal earnings moving forward what split do i have to work out. should i give 99% of everything only leaving money for food and rent? May i keep accumulating halal wealth (while maintaining the intention of paying back) to be able to afford a car, get married, support a family, etc...?

A swift response would be tremendously appreciated as this matter is troubling like none of you can believe. I often cry about this matter and feel as if mercy is on the verge of being unaffordable for me due to these disgusting actions i committed being astray in a difficult time in my life. I fear punishment in this life, the grave and the next life...

someone help me

Thank you, jazakallah khair
Halal and Haram
10th June 2024

Artificial insemination

Salam 3aleykum,

I would need religious advice. I am taking a contraceptive neuroleptic that I cannot stop. On the other hand, my husband refuses procreation, depriving me of an essential right. I have to go through artificial insemination. Is there a sin if the donor is someone other than my husband and is there a sin in resorting to this insemination without my husband's consent?

Baraka Lahou fikum.
Halal and Haram
4th June 2024

Enquiry about studying issue.

At first I had written two separate questions but now I'm putting both of them in one, I hope you will understand them without difficulties. please guide me as fast as you can.

assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

I'm a from India, recently I got enrolled in B.ED. (Bachelor Of Education) course but since unemployment is at it's peak in my country and getting job is very hard these days, so along with B.ED. I also started preparing for competitive exams for government jobs. So in this B.ED. course there is one month internship program in which I have to go teach in some local government schools, but in reality it's just a formality and ceremonial thing and nobody takes it seriously, not even the authority in charge but one have to go for official record. So while I was enrolling in B.ED. I thought it will be easy and it won't affect my competitive exam preparation and I will get away with it but as it's turns out it can affect my competitive exam preparations, so one of my relatives, who is in charge of one of these local schools told me that he will put false attendance in my name and I won't have to go for internship and could focus on my competitive exam preparations instead. So should I take his offer? Would it be halal ? Please note that since unemployment is very high I had to prepare for two courses at same time. please clarify. Jaz?k All?hu Khayran.


assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh (another question related to B.ED. course)

I'm from India, recently I got enrolled in B.ED. (Bachelor Of Education) course, but since unemployment is at it's peak in my country and getting job is very hard these days, so like majority of the students I also started preparing for competitive exams along with this B.ED. Course. So in B.ED. Students have to appear in at least 75% of classes to be eligible to sit in final exams ( it's a rule created by University) I knew this even before enrolling in B.ED but I thought at that time that like other professional courses, the B.ED. colleges will also be liberal in nature and will submit 75% of attendance even if the student haven't appear for a single day, most of these colleges knew that students these days prepares for competitive exams besides their courses so they tend to be very liberal and friendly and submit false attendance. But as it turns out my college was not one of them and are demanding some money before submitting 75% of required attendance. They says it's a fair compensation although there is no such exemption given by the university . Should I give them this money/bribery ? because if I don't my whole year will be lost along with the fees. Would it be halal in my case ? Please note that since unemployment is very high and competition is huge in my country most of the students prepare for competitive exams along with their regular courses. Please guide me. Jaz?k All?hu Khayran.
Halal and Haram
1st June 2024


Selam Alejkum

I am working for a company called Axis Communications a Company whiz sells Video surveillance cameras and now as well audio recording and audio speaker technology The only purpose and main reason is for security safety issues . Soo to give an example the cameras record the Surveillance Video and can be connected to our audio speakers or horns to give an alarm sound for a specific safety issue so people may also use that in a other form that they use the speaker also for Music and I know music is Haram and I will not advocate them to use it for that but the company itself presented that music can also be played from the audio solution we provide so I don't know if the people or costumers will use it for such porpoise but I don't know now is that kind of a sales job haram so the audio system are not like normal speakers where people buy to play music the are safety equipment that connect to the camera but can also be used for music

so is working in such company that provides such solutions Haram or is my Inccome Halal
Halal and Haram
1st June 2024

Whether the income of the one working in a finance company halal

I have got a proposal of the daughter of someone who works in the finance company. I want to confirm whether his income and past savings are halal.

He is the VP in the recoveries and receivable department of vehicles. The department responsibilities are:
- contacting people who have not paid their instalment for the vehicle.
- If they donít respond after contacting few times, filing a legal case and police report against them.
- Bringing the vehicles back when people fail to pay their instalment.

He doesnít directly collect the instalment money as he is in senior position. He has around 400 people under him. His role is more around giving advice and distributing work to people. He has worked most of his career in this department of the company. Many other practising muslims work in his company. He will be retiring from the company in couple of months.

Is his income halal? Are his savings halal? Is it okay to have food in his income or accept gifts from him? If his daughter is pious and deeni, will it be alright to accept their proposal?

JazakAllah khair
Halal and Haram
19th May 2024

Fintech Issuer Payment Processor Job Halal or haram

I am working in card payment Fintech that provides software for transaction processing. The company has Clients who provide prepaid, debit and credit card to their end users. Prepaid card client constitute majority of clients; but organization is trying to expand on credit client and also going into Digital Banking as well. The clients of the organization include fintechs (like payoneer, square) and banks. I work as Manager Business Intelligence that deals with designing reporting and analytics solutions for all types of clients; and company makes earning from these as well. But majority earning is from transaction processing. Is my job halal or haram?
Halal and Haram
11th May 2024

Providing Consulting Services to Bank

Assalamualikum Warahamatullahi Wabarakatuh

My question is related to providing consulting services to a bank. I work for a consulting firm and one of our clients is a bank. I am supposed to build and optimise personalised marketing campaigns for different banking products such as home loan, credit cards, personal loans e.t.c for that bank. My role will be to clean, prepare and present their data for marketing related purposes. Will my income be halal if I work on that project?
Halal and Haram
2nd May 2024

Sports competition with entry fees

Assalamu alaikum,
Is it allowed to join sports competitions with entry fees, even if I donít accept the prize when I win? The organizer uses part of the entry fee for the monetary prizes.
Halal and Haram
2nd May 2024


As-salamu alaikum, For example: if somebody does a halal job, but (because of ocd) he thinks it is a haram job which involves kufr (blasphemy) , but he is still doing it. Later he found out that the job was totally halal and nothing about that job was haram let alone kufr/blasphemy. Was he sinful and is the salary that he earned during that time haram for him ?
Halal and Haram
11th February 2024

Name and logo for my comany


My self Munauwar Ali Ansari, i just want to start my firm where i want to keep name as Garuda Finvest, Garuda (English: Eagle) is a bird in indian language whom Hindu people worship to this bird.
its English name is Eagle. and i have seen many firm name as eagle so i decided to keep in indian language. please advice as if it ok to keep name Garuda. and also advice if i can keep eagle head in logo design.
Halal and Haram
9th February 2024

Should I take my Job Promotion or not?

Assalamu alaikum. I am Washim from India. I am currently serving as
an Assistant Teacher at a Government Primary School. I have been
offered a promotion to the position of Head Teacher at another
government school. If I accept this promotion, I will be responsible for
managing the MID-DAY-MEAL scheme, wherein the government
provides meals to each present student in the school. The issue at hand
is that the government allocates only 5.45 Indian Rupees
(approximately 0.066 USD or 0.25 Saudi Riyal) per student, which is
insufficient to cover the cost of a meal in the current market.
Consequently, many Head Teachers inflate the number of students
present in order to receive additional funds from the government to
cover the expenses of serving mid-day meals. While our higher
authorities are aware of this practice, they do not penalize the teachers
for inflating student numbers, as they understand the impracticality of
serving meals at such a low cost. However, I find myself feeling
uncomfortable about accepting the position of Head Teacher. I fear that
I will be held accountable on the Day of Judgment if I engage in
falsifying student numbers to the government. Nonetheless, I am also
inclined to accept the promotion as it would lead to an increase in
salary and grant me greater authority to effectively manage the school.
What should I do in this situation? Please advise. Jazakallahu Khair.
Halal and Haram
8th February 2024

Student loan repayment

Salam Allaikum,

Around 7-8 years ago, I applied for a student loan which I used to finance my studies while in the UK. Unfortunately when I applied for the loan, I was under the understanding that it was not prohibited. Now I am certain that it was haram and that interest will be added which is a continuous haram as I am repaying it. My question is, I should I start by paying a large amount every month, which at this moment is already a dilemma as I recently got married and I need to support her. The other option would be to avoid paying any substantial amount, and avoid paying later one as I already do not live in the UK, and plan on not moving there again, and will most likely be under a smaller income in the future which will not cross the threshold that required me to repay. Would this be considered a debt which is haram to not repay. A key point is that the debt will be cancelled after 30 years.
Halal and Haram
26th January 2024

Does watching a Haram Video on Youtube promote the sin

I purchased a game that features a drawing of the prophet , ‚Äúdeitys", and many kufr. In the game known as Mudae, you have to use a command to get random characters and the main goal of the game is to keep rolling until you gather specific characters. These characters originate from shows that feature magic and other haram subjects. I submitted the game to an online group so that we could play together in real time but I regret it, I want to tell them to remove the games they're playing but I'm afraid of telling others I'm Muslim in fear they'll mock me or shun me. Whenever a online friend says something kufr towards me, I'm hesitant to inform them I'm Muslim since I fear they'll dislike me. Whenever an online Muslim says something that's haram like ‚Äúholy S--t‚ÄĚ I want to inform them that's haram but I'm scared to inform them I'm muslim in fear they'll tell my other online friends I'm muslim. I feel like im a kafir and it has affected my will to pray.
Halal and Haram
27th December 2023

Does watching Kufr Video on Youtube promote the sin

Does watching someone who says kufr statements or blasphemous statements, such as holy [curse word] and oh my [curse word] God, or other blasphemous statements, that takes someone out of the fold of Islam? I know that YouTube promotes videos that receive more views, so every time I watch a video that have kufr statement but those statements aren't related to the topic of the video, the platform's algorithm promotes the video to others because I viewed it, does this mean that just by watching a video or even using a platform that allows kufr at all makes someone a kafir? Do you think I support Kafir for making it more visible to others on YouTube because YouTube promotes it because my viewing encourages YouTube to promote the video because I viewed it?
Halal and Haram
24th December 2023

Building Entertainment Hub in Makkah

is it permissible to be a part of Entertainment hub project in Makkah, near mount Arafat, which also consists of Cinema theatres ? i am assigned as a Planning/ Reporting Manager, to check the progress works.
Halal and Haram
5th November 2023

Business agreement between a doctor and a reputed drug company is halal or haram?

Hope you are all well by the grace of almighty Allah. I need a suggestion from you based on the following scenario:
"Suppose, Dr.X is working in a private hospital. He makes a business agreement with one of the best companies of a country which exports drugs to the developed country. According to agreement, Dr.X will write a specific drug for a specific disease which is produced by the aforementioned renowned company. The price of the drug is similar to the price of other companies and quality is superior or similar to other companies. As an agreement the doctor will get a monthly salary from that company. Dr.X will write the drug in his prescription according to disease condition/according to need'. Is it permissible to make such a business agreement with the company and earn money?
Halal and Haram
8th October 2023

Is it permissible to use incense made from temple flowers?

I recently purchased an incense, and it is clearly written on the product that it is made from flowers collected from temples. I even used it a few times. But today when I was reading Quran, I came across Aayat 173 of Surah Bakarah that says, "He has only forbidden to you dead animals, blood, the flesh of swine, and that which has been dedicated to other than Allah. But whoever is forced, neither desiring nor transgressing, there is no sin upon him. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and merciful." So is this incense also forbidden, as it is made from temple flowers used as offerings.
Halal and Haram
17th September 2023

Working in Retail

As-Salamu alaykum Sheikh, I was wondering if it is permissable to work in supermarkes such as Asda, Tesco etc due to the fact that they sell some haram products such as Alcohol. Would the income earned from working in these places be halal or haram?