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10th August 2020

Which prayer calendar should you use during your visit (Ramadan)?

As selamu aleykum wa rahmetullahi wa barakouh, If you are visiting, you should refer to your own prayer calendar for the Iftar or to the host ?.....
1st August 2020

Address of peer sab khalifa in karachi

address of khalifa of peer zulfiqar ahmed sab(db) in karachi. i am already baith with peer sab. But how to continue my islah. i can't reach peer sab. That way i want to find khalifa of peer sab for my islah. Please give me address of any peer sab kahlifa in karachi thanks.....
1st May 2020


Assalamu Alaykum. Ramadhan is coming soon and masjids this side are closed. Only adhan is given out no jamaat because of the situation here. My questions are the following: 1) Can we read taraweeh with a few brothers with jamaat ? 2) Im not a hafidh but i know surahs like surah yaseen,mulk,al kahf ad duha till naas. So can i lead salah? How will i read ? Read the surahs in order or ??.....
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25th April 2020

Treating Parents

Dear Mufti, Assalamu alaikum I have a query relating how to treat my father who is very partial with me. I live in Abu Dhabi - UAE, My father, and stepmother stays in India, My father is very unfair and partial to me always, He never helps me in any way, though by Allah's grace I have placed him our own house, provided him (vehicle) an auto-rickshaw to earn for daily sus.....
Marriage - General
13th April 2020

Can I nikah with her

I am 22 years graduated student,I love a 18 years old girl and she also loves me ,but her father is not agree due to intercaste, although we both are very religious person and I want a secret nikah with her to protect us from gunah ,can I do this nikah please answer me sir......
13th April 2020

Nocturnal emission

Assalamualaikum, If I have a nocturnal emission and I do not have enough time to take an obligatory bath before Fazr prayer, what should I do? Suppose, If I take an obligatory bath then the sun will rise......
Salaah - Performing
8th April 2020

Prayer in Congregation

I'm a Hanfi, can I and my husband pair up to offer farz prayer ? Will that be a prayer in congregation ?.....
Marriage - General
3rd April 2020

Is divorce effective

Salaam, I have a question. I follow the hanafi fiqh and therefore would request a response from this school of thought please. My husband and I married in 2016 and unfortunately we have had problems since then. I appreciate that every story has 2 sides and therefore will try to keep it brief. In summary I have reached the conclusion that my husband and I are just incompatible and sadly he is n.....
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3rd April 2020


Agar biwi ka shadi k baad kisi se talook ho or shohar ussey 1 talak de kya shohar ussey maaf kr k biwi se nikha kr sakta hai ?.....
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2nd April 2020

Is a global day of fasting and dua inititative permissible?

Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi, There is an initiative that is circulating on social media about a global day of fasting. It reads: Dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters, Let us UNITE in supplication and ASK ALLAH (Most Merciful) to grant us a cure to save us from the Coronavirus. We invite you to join in Global Unity and have a Day of Fasting. GLOBAL DAY OF FASTING Thursday 2nd April 2020 PLE.....
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1st April 2020

My mom posses credit cards? What to do?

my mom posses two credit cards both have debt of many thousands with interest, all the debt isn’t filled yet. although she was known that it’s haram but still... but she’s sorry from heart now. her this sin would be forgiven after she completes all her debts......
30th March 2020

Financial support scheme and Zakah

As-Salāmu ʿalaykum wa-Raḥmatu -llāhi wa-barakātuh. We are a joint family comprising of 2 unmarried sisters and me. One of my sisters, due to health reasons is not working and is provided Zakat by us to support her needs. She is approaching her fifties but is unable to understand and manage her financial matters on her own. We don’t have any other relatives who are or would be willing to su.....
30th March 2020

Zakat in Family Fund

Assalam u Alekum Shaik. Alhamdulliah we have a large family of over 500 members & We have a family fund where most of the members contribute some amount monthly. The intention of the fund is to be used for Medical Emergencies in family if some one needs it. Elders are suggesting that we should also include other needs like Marriages, Clearing Debts, Fees & Business lone to needy members. Qu.....
Salaah - Performing
29th March 2020

Fajr after sunrise

Assalamualaikum. My concern is let say fajr azaan is given at 5 a. m and zawal time start at 6 a. m, specifically for women is it sin if they do fajr salaah at 6.30 a. m everyday or on unusual day? is this supported by hadith?.....
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
28th March 2020

Accidently reading something about astrology

In Islam it is forbidden to learn magic and astrology but nowadays the knowledge of magic and astrology has become so common that it is extremely widespread to the point that it has become unavoidable. Eg: in newspapers (there is an entire section dedicated to it ) So should even reading newspaper reading be prohibited ? As it is written in the hadith Narrated Abdullah ibn Abbas: The Prophet (.....
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27th March 2020

Logo Designing for Alcohol (Sharaab) Business

Assalam O Alaikum We all know that as Muslim, Using alcohol or sharaab is strictly prohibited and Haraam in our religion. I've a question. I do graphic designing and most of my clients are non Muslims from USA and other countries. Some clients ask me to make a logo for their business and they sale alcohol (Sharaab). So is it also haram to design or make a logo for a business that sales alcohol?.....
26th March 2020

Profit on Deposit

Asslam u Alaikum My question is, my aunt is a widower, she has a son (about 18 years of age) who does not earn much, she has two daughters. She has some money, will it be permissible for her to deposit that money in a bank and take profit. She has no other source of income......
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24th March 2020

Clinical depression

I am really depressed I have only suicidal thoughts no one loves me neither my parents nor my friends no one cares about me it's not recent it is from the beginning I lost my all focus I can't do anything and I can't go to job I just want to end my life please save me from these griefs I am not beautiful no one wants to marry me what should I do.....
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23rd March 2020

What is permissible to do when free during office time

asalamoalaikum, i want to ask a very important question which most people don't know, if a person is working in office and has new job and no responsibility has been given to him yet only he is given some work sometimes and he does it perfectly. what can he do with most of spare time , if he stays in office 8 hours . can he read book or news when free and no work or responsibility is given to him .....
Health & Medicine
22nd March 2020

Removing part beard for health reason

I have gotten some sort of infection on my chin that my doctors are not able to recognise properly because of my beard. I live in a lower class country and don't have enough money to travel to see better doctors. Am I allowed to remove some of the beard so that my doctors can treat me?.....