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Ramadhan and Fasting
16th April 2021

Usage of insulin and checking blood sugar during fast

my son who is 13 years old is diabetic. he takes insulin before breakfast, lunch and dinner and another insulin at bedtime before he sleeps. and after two hours of his every meal we check is blood sugar level and fasting too and maintain his chart for his consultant. my question is can he check his blood sugar level through glucometer while he is fasting? please advice a.s.a.p. thanking your,.....
Ramadhan and Fasting
29th March 2021

Fasting on the white days

Assalamu'alaykum, I wanted to ask about fasting on the white days (13th, 14th and 15th), if you commence the fasting do you have to complete all three or can you just do one/two? Hope to hear from you soon, Jazakallahu Khairan......
Imaan / 'Aqaaid
8th April 2021

Soul in the grave who did not receive proper message

Assalamu Alaikum, I wanted to know what happens to a non-muslim in the grave if they are of the ones who did not receive the message of Islam properly. Are they blessed or tormented in the grave? Do they have a garden in paradise or a ditch from the hellfire?.....
Naseeha - Advice
8th April 2021

Suffering from severe acne issues

Yaaa shaykhhhh!!!! I am in unimaginable pain, and I have been in this condition for 5 years now, in which I have been suffering from acne on my face which is genetic and makes me look very ugly, and ppl's judgements and rude remarks and staring confirm that, it has ruined my entire life, my mental health has severely hit an all time low, and I have been bullied in school ever since I turned 13, ca.....
Oaths and Vows
10th March 2021

Qasam on The Holy Quran

Assalam o Alikum I have a question if you please answer : If someone put hand on The Holy Quran and take a qasam/promise to do something or not todo something without any pressure and in full senses then can that person later if want to do that thing can that person do a kafara ? Or there is no way to change this and it’s locked ? A lady has took a kasam on The Holy Quran not to marry .....
Imaan / 'Aqaaid
4th April 2021

I need to make tauba and i have awful waswasa

Assalamu alaykum I dont know how to repent. Everytime i try i lose the guilt soon after and i think my repentance is not sincere so i repeat it. And i have a big problem with waswas. Can you commit shirk in your heart. And do you know how i can get rid of these evil thoughts forever?.....
Imaan / 'Aqaaid
29th March 2021

Is it kufr to not believe in Shab e Barat

I believe in Shab e Barat but my family and relatives don't. Is it kufr to not have faith over this night? Will Allah punish them for not believing in that night?.....
Todays Issues
2nd February 2021

Bank profit

Salam. My question is that if a widow opens an account in national savings bank and takes profit from behbood savings certificate. It is pure halal?.....
4th February 2021

This question is about ghusl

Should a women clean inside her vigina after sexual intercourse.....
Salaah - Wudhu
8th March 2021


I want to know that, while washing yourself at the back, if you put your finger inside too much do you have to perform fardh ghusl......
Salaah - Wudhu
5th March 2021

Writing ball pen prevents water from reaching out the skin?

Assalamu A'laikum Sayekh, Will I Have to repeat my salah if there is a small amount of ink of handwriting ball pen ink in my hand what I found after Completion of salah??? In such case, my salah is valid? Or Will I have to repeat my salah? I want answer according to the Hanafi Fiqh please......
Oaths and Vows
15th February 2021

Oath not to get married

Asalamalykum, Few days ago I have made an oath to my parents that I will never marry as it hurts my mothers feelings that if I get married nobody will take care of her. So I swore an oath to Allah that I will never get married. Dose this mean that I will never get married and will permanently remain single in this dunya. Or is it a exception in Allahs view. Also I do not intended to break my Oath.....
Health & Medicine
1st February 2021

Possible madhiy secreted after exam of back passage

Assalamualeykum wrwb, I recently had a rectal exam, where the doctor put his finger in my back passage, and might have felt my prostate. I was not aroused, but when I later checked my pants, there was madhiy. I naturally produce madhiy randomly, and I do not know if this was because of the exam or from before. Do i need to do fard ghsul? (1) Doing fard ghusl is very difficult for me as I have OC.....
Ramadhan and Fasting
28th January 2021

Repentance about missing fast

In my past days after reaching puberty,I didn’t fast for about five years.Now,I realized my mistake and want to repent. Will my repentance be accepted until I make up the missing fast? I want to repent now and want to make up those missing fast in future In Sha Allah as It will be difficult for me to start right now......
25th January 2021

I want to name my son as MUAWIZ

ASSLAM ALIKUM, I have a son whose name is MUAAZ, In Sha Allah i am expecting another son and i want to name him MUAWIZ, Kindly guide me the goodness of name MUAWIZ......
Salaah - Performing
26th January 2021

Raise Index finger

• Forgot to raise index finger in tashahhud?.....
Marriage - Over 13
22nd January 2021


A boy at the age of 13 did a heinous act.He penetrated penis into a girl's anus when she was 8 or 9..He told her that it was just a game...After that,he realized his mistake,told his mother and few of his friends in deep remorse and repent to Allah and ask forgiveness from that girl..Now he is 20 and recently knew about the punishment of rape and it’s compensation as a dowry..So,he is shcoked no.....
Todays Issues
21st January 2021


Assalamualaikum, I am speaking from Sutrapur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. My question to you. Plays. In the evening, fireworks explode and lanterns fly. I and many others dislike these. The imam of the mosque forbade these celebrations. In India, Nepal and Sindh in Pakistan this day is also celebrated as Makar Sankranti. What does Islam say about this ?? Is This Bidah??.....
Naseeha - Advice
21st January 2021

I experience severe waswas

Assalam o Alikum. I suffer from different problems regarding the waswas. Last night i was reciting Holy Quran. Suddenly a shirk thought came in my head. I just closed my eyes. But then I again got a thought that people usually close their eyes to show agreement or permission to something. So now i feel that I've intentionally committed shirk. I am not sure whether i have committed shirk or Shaytan.....
20th January 2021

Removing barriers during Ghusal

After about 3 hours of performing my ghusl for janabah. I found a spot on my chest. This spot had been there before my ghusl. It is the type that is initially pink filled with pus and then later becomes hard like a seed that can be peeled and removed. I had not been aware whether it has been the case that it could’ve been removed during ghusl because I didn’t remove it, only after did I rea.....