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I go Uni in the UK and i have applied for a maintenance loan which i have to pay back with interest. i applied for 7k and already had 600 pound saved in my bank, after 2 years i spent the 7600 and 300 left is this considered the loaned money or the money i had saved?
Assalamu alaykum, i have took out a interest based loan from uni (7k) and i have 500 saved in my bank, after 2 years of uni i spent the money i had and now have 200 left, i spent this money with no intention of using the saved money or the loan money, and now after 2 years i want to not spend this loan money , as i cannot choose what money i can spend or what which money i have spent over the 2 years, is the money left (200) the interest based or saved money,
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Assalamu Aleykum, I want to have insight on a dream I had last night. I can't forget the dream and it's very clear in my mind until now. I even remember how the images i saw looked in detail. So in the dream, I looked up at the sky in amazement and they were beautiful blue skies with strong white clouds in the middle, I was pointing at them telling someone next to me to look at how beautiful they appeared. On these clouds there was written "Allahu Akbar, la illaaha illa Allah la ilaaha illa Allah? and there was also something I couldn't read very well and in the dream I struggled to read it and tried until the dream stopped and i woke up straight away. In a few minutes the Azaan for Fajr prayer went off. The sentence I couldn't read was along the lines of "Allah divides provision to people" that's what I understood from it. At 4 am I wrote it on my notes because of how strongly real the dream felt. Jazaakum Allah khair.
Nikah on phone
Sir i have a question... what is the process of nikah on call?? my friend did aijab o qubool on a call just for fun at that time no one was on her side listening to her... but now she is saying that she was standing near the main door so it is possible thaf someone listened her from outside so i wanted to ask that in this condition is she married to that guy now? and tell me that what are the conditions for nikah on call... is it necessary to listen the aijab o qubool by witnesses by both sides on speaker??? or if witnesses hear only one sided talk from each side.... will nikah be done???
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Assalamu alaikum, I have a question about salah, I would appreciate it if you could please answer this question as soon as possible since it's been causing one of my close relatives a lot of frustration. I have a family member who has an issue with forgetting what he has done while he is in salah. The situation goes something as follows: after finishing a rak'ah, and after finishing Surah Fatiha of the next one, he finds that he can't remember if he did one or two sajdahs from the previous rak'ah. Or, upon reaching sajdah, he realizes he can't remember if he said Surah Fatiha in the beginning of that rak'ah. So my question is: what should be done in this case? Could you please answer what he should do if, while praying, 1) he forgets if he completed a fard action or 2) he forgets if he completed a wajib action? Also, what should happen if he experiences such doubts about what happened after the salah is over? In almost all such cases, he cannot reach a conclusion on what was likelier to have happened. A very important side note: in the side of my family which this relative is part of, there is a history of dementia/Alzheimer's (although he has not been diagnosed as such alhamdulillah), and this family member tends to forget other things beside matters related to salah throughout the day. Jazakumullahu khairan.
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Assalamu Alaikum, One of my colleagues told me that you can do tayammum by touching the back of the chair of the car or the top/floor of the running car while traveling if you don't have any water for Wudu. Is this correct?
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Is it permissible to collect and sell rare or bullion coins that have images on them such as the Krugerrand. What about the American gold eagle which has an image of Liberty which is based on Libertas, the Roman "goddess". Many coins also have an image of the queen Elizabeth?
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Salaam We want to read multiple translation of Quran. From internet among others below translation are available. Is it ok to read them or not. If not please possibly give reason and alternate translation. In English 1) Sahih International 2) Ahmed Raza 3) Hilali In Urdu 1) Kanzul Iman 2) Jalandhri 3) Moududi 4) Muhammad Shafi In Indonesian 1) Bahasa Indonesia 2) Tafsir Jalalayn In Russian 1) Muntahab from Egypt 2) Elmir Kuliev In French 1) Hamidullah Jazak Allah
Shirk and waswas
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ASALAMU ALAIKUM My question is that after I were dine with my homework. I were going to pack my stuff and i said (inside my self) " I must pack this pen this is my Lucky pen*. So I'm I a nonmuslim because is shirk to be live luck and unluck. I also sanna said i skuffer much from waswas.
Meaning of Ahnaf
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