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Ulamaa ID 10
my haiz goes over 10 days therefore it lasts 15days. Do I count my clean days from the 11th day when I still see blood or do I count my clean days from the day I see no blood which would be the 15th day.
Ulamaa ID 02
as-salaam mu alaikum, i have done istikhaara for a marraige proposal and in my dream i saw that my marraige ceremony and everything was arranged and that my mum was telling me that the guy is very good and of good character but in my dream i did'nt see the person i will marry it was someone different, please kindly explain if this is good or bad..... jazakallah salaam, may allah bless you!
Ulamaa ID 03
is it aloud if I pray my nammaz with short sleeves?

Assalamu Alaikum, i wanted to ask what is the required maximum Hijab that we have to wear in front of a brother in law who is Baaligh [mature] but is young in age [12 years old]? normally, outside i wear Hijab and Niqab but in the house i do not observe Niqab with this brother in law. Is what i am doing wrong?? Was Salaam
LINK: Halal Meat
Ulamaa ID 06
Assalam-O-Alaikum, This article will insha-Allah help you understand the definition of Halal meat: Allah Hafiz.
Ulamaa ID 06
Assalamu alaikum dear repect Ulema, I would like to know if career development loans are halal. I have given a link to a site explaining the loans. JazakAllah
Ulamaa ID 04
salaam, evytime i do my wudhu n go to the mosque i hear swears in my head which devil is whispering, this only happens wen i ave wudhu, ive tryd ways n means to over come it bt will my namaz count n will my wudhu be intact if these swears happen in my head?? id be gratful for ur advice.
Ulamaa ID 03

My friend does her driving alone with a male tutor is that allowed in islam .

Ulamaa ID 04
assalamu alikeum,
dear shiek
is it permissible to remove facial hair (but not the eyebrows)?
on the issue on marriage, would it matter if a women who is salafi marries a hanifi?
jazakallah khir
Ulamaa ID 04
It is neccessary for shoulders to be touching in Salaah, when praying in Jamaat?
What if there is a small gap (around 3-4 fingers) between 2 muqtadis' shoulders, would it be neccessary to fill it in?
If yes, can one move in their salaah in order to fill in such a gap?
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