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Ulamaa ID 04
Who is more eligible for leading prayers of the following?
1. An unmarried Hafiz with beard
2. An ummarried Hafiz who shaves beard
3. A Hafiz who is not adult
4. A person who has beard but not Tajweed
5. A person who has not beard but has Tajweed
6. A person who is Hafiz but wants to lead in trousers with shirt tucked in
7. A married person who has all sunnah but no Tajweed
8. An Alim or Hafiz
9. A person who shaves but is very good Qari.
Ulamaa ID 04
salaams. i would like to know the rule of praying basmala jahran (loudly) in the last few surahs when the quraan is being finished!!
Is it permissible or what??
it would be helpful if you could answer by tonight!!
Ulamaa ID 03

respected mufti saheb,

It has come to my knowledge that a number of hanafi ulama in this country give permission for a person to make jama bayna salaatein, there decision is due to the recent attacks 9/11 e.t.c this makes it very difficult for a person to read salaat on the plane and it causes people to become suspcious. is this a valid reason for permissibility as it is not part of our madhab. they are also lineant due to the fact that it is part of the three remaining madhabs. please shed some light


Ulamaa ID 04

Recently a cousin of mine has been in touch with me and said that her nikah wasnt valid and that she was going to do it again as she had talked to some molvi local to her, who had said that the nikah is not valid if it is done in ramadaan and also between 2 eids. I myself didnt understand this, so was just requesting if you could clarify what this means.

i await your reply, jazakallahu khair
Seeking Knowledge
Ulamaa ID 01
My question is regarding seeking knowledge in relation to the position of the awam. Taleed is agreed upon as wajib for the aammi. ijtihad is haram for him because he does not have the requisite tools. If he studies the dalil for interpreting he is in danger of harming himself and others. So where does that leave him in terms of seeking knowledge? What I mean is? I have friends in my locality who go to regular fiqh classes. Currently they are studying Hanbali fiqh then they will proceed to Shafi. They are studying the evidence for each masalah. They choose which one they feel is the strongest. As a follower of the haniafi school, what should I do, as they ask me to join. I am under the impression that those who wish to seek knowledge should do it in the proper structure i.e. learn the rules of jurisprudence (nasikh/mansuk, balagah, learning the Arabic language etc,) before learning the dalil. I heard ibn wahbin a muhaditteen, he memorized so many hadiths that he became really confused, because of they many indications of the hadiths. So where does it leave the lay person in this country who wishes just to practice Islam. It is obligatory for everyone to seek knowledge but what knowledge? Please comment?
Raza khan
Ulamaa ID 01


what should our opinion be of ahmed raza khan. he declared the great deobandi ulema as kaafirs. the hadith states to call a muslim a kaafir results the accusser of becomming a murtad so can be apply this ruling to raza khan. also if someone has already called raza khan a kaafir because of his takfir making is he sinful

Ulamaa ID 03
if your periods come in the month of ramadhan some people say that if your not married you do not need to make up for them is that true
Ulamaa ID 04
Assalam o alaikum

I m working with wagamamma Sydney as a Chef.U know how busy is friday lunch and my Head chef want me to work on friday.....i requested him to allow me for a short break to perform salaah at nearby mosque...he said if restaurant is quiet, u can has been 3 months and no friday was quiet....i need your help....
Ulamaa ID 03

So far twice divorce has taken place in our marriage .

Today i wanted to have sex with my wife and she was not in mood i tried to convince her but she was not ready for it , then without any intention or will i uttered words to such effect as a question " Harram hai Tu Mere par" with meaning that are you haraam on me (since she was refusing sex) no way it was in my mind any thing else

Please let me know does it have any effect on my marriage my intention was not to make her harram on me rather i was trying to tell her that its halal to do why you are stoping only thing is that words were not in proper order of question but i intended to make comments as a question to her. Secondly i am also not 100% sure that such words were uttered as they happened to come out of my mouth without my control but looks like more likely i uttered as such

Ulamaa ID 01
Is oral sex acceptable in Islam or is it stritctly forbidden. I've heard different view points on this but the answers seem to vary from scholar to scholar. From what I understand, it is actually permissable only to the extent that it causes arousal between the partners. Can you advise, shukran.
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