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Ulamaa ID 01

Assalaamu 'Alaykum Warahmatullaah,

I know that in the UK it is permissable to have car insurance due to the fact the the law of the land makes it obligatory. However, what happens in the situation where you have insurance and you become involved in a car accident. Is it permissable to claim the money for damages for your car?

References would be appreciated, Jazakallaah.

Ulamaa ID 04
Respected Elders,

Assalmu-alaykum Warahmatullah.

I heard that if alcohol is found in any item, be it food, medication or toiletry items such as body sprays face creams etc, etc and is extracted from dates or grapes then this is Haram. If so, why is it only dates and grapes?

May Allah elevate the Ummah.

Ulamaa ID 05
assalamualaikum, are the following herbs allowed: oregano, basil parsley marjoram, sage thyme. jazakallah
Seeking Knowledge
Ulamaa ID 01
My question is regarding seeking knowledge in relation to the position of the awam. Taleed is agreed upon as wajib for the aammi. ijtihad is haram for him because he does not have the requisite tools. If he studies the dalil for interpreting he is in danger of harming himself and others. So where does that leave him in terms of seeking knowledge? What I mean is? I have friends in my locality who go to regular fiqh classes. Currently they are studying Hanbali fiqh then they will proceed to Shafi. They are studying the evidence for each masalah. They choose which one they feel is the strongest. As a follower of the haniafi school, what should I do, as they ask me to join. I am under the impression that those who wish to seek knowledge should do it in the proper structure i.e. learn the rules of jurisprudence (nasikh/mansuk, balagah, learning the Arabic language etc,) before learning the dalil. I heard ibn wahbin a muhaditteen, he memorized so many hadiths that he became really confused, because of they many indications of the hadiths. So where does it leave the lay person in this country who wishes just to practice Islam. It is obligatory for everyone to seek knowledge but what knowledge? Please comment?
Ulamaa ID 04
can a wife perform oral sex for the husband if he is wearing a condom?
Ulamaa ID 03
assalaamu alaikum,

In wudhu one needs to wash the inner portion of the beard but one does not need to wash the hair of the head. My question is what is the definition of where the hair of the head ends and where the beard starts e.g top of ear/middle of ear/bottom of ear etc.

Ulamaa ID 01
What if 5 to 10 minutes are left in Asr Salah. Can I still pray my 4 Faraz of Asr or do I have to wait & make it Qaza (delay and pray it later)? was salaam
Ulamaa ID 01
Someone has bought a building in which a bank is leasing already. The Bank has a long term lease and cannot be removed. Is the rental income that the bank pays halal or is it advisable for them to sell the building? Also Zaid is eligable for zakaat (as does not have a source of income/fuqaraa). He lives with his parents, but his wife and parents don't get along. Can he ask for more Zakaat money to buy a house of his own (even if money reaches more than nisaab?), will accepting more money (for house) be permissable for him? can Salim give Zaid zakaat enough to buy a home, and have his fardh (of distributing zakaat) completed? Will Zaid be counted as a Fuqaraa, if he lives with his parents and his parents are quite rich, even though he himself has no income?

Assalmu 'alaykum,

Is it allowed to eat from MacDonald or Burger king? I had an argument with one of our brother in my work, who is Mashallah a good Muslim. The reason of argument was eating from MacDonald (in the time of breaking the Fast) and I was disagree with him. His sayings are they are People of Book and according to Quran & Sunnah we are allowed to eat from them. He asked me to give the avoidance why we can't eat from MacDonald. Could you clarify the matter and give us the verdicts please.
Ulamaa ID 01
Assalamu alaykum wot does one do if he forgets that he is chewing gum and starts his salaah? does it break his salaah? if not, should he finish his salaah? or Break it himself and dispose of the chewing gum Also if one has to break salaah for a valid reason , how does one break the salaah? should he do salaam to both sides in whichever posture he is and break his salaah? If not, how do you do it. Jazakallah
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