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Recite extra surah
Ulamaa ID 03
1)in the 3rd or 4th rakat of farz salah, if a person recites a surah after surah fatiha. does sajda sahw bcome waajib
2) according to shariat what is the difference between farz and waajib
Ulamaa ID 01


Firstly i want 2 congratulate u on an excellent website. May Allah reward u 4 ur efforts. I am a newly registered long time viewer and have recently read ur answer 2 da question regarding adoption where it is stated that an adopted child does not become a mehram. Does that mean we are not permitted to adopt?

Salat tawbah
Ulamaa ID 04
can you please tell us the exact way n which duas to pray during n after the namaz plz, with what intension shud we amke, n is it 2 rakats ?
Ulamaa ID 03
I am unsure about the Cadbury milk tray in regards to whether it is halal or haram?
I am hoping for an indication that would help me to classify it as halal or haram.
Jazakallah Hukhair
If a person looks at another persons private parts during salah what is the hukm (ruling� of the person who looked at the private parts by mistake or by accident ساهيا أو ناسيا?
Hajj e Badal
Ulamaa ID 04
Assalam u alaikum. I wish to perform hajje badal for a deceased relative. I've performed my own fard hajj but dont have the money to finance this second hajj. I have therefore asked family members to help finance the trip but those that I have asked have not been to hajj themselves. They are all alhamdulillah wealthy enough to be able to finance my trip and still have enough savings to go on hajj themselves but choose not to/aren't in a position to go themselves yet-can they still give money for my trip? will my hajj still be valid? Also although their income is from halal sources, they don't all pay zakat, and some still receive interest (ri'ba) in their bank accounts. Would it be allowed to accept money from them in this circumstance? even if the amount i'm receiving could easily have been earned from their halal incomes and not necessarily be taken from the interest (ri'ba)? Jazakallah Khair. Wasalam

i was praying namaz behind the imam. i was in Sajdah and my left knee lifted off the ground a little bit.
is my nazmaz counted?
RE: alcohol
Ulamaa ID 03

Dear respected Ulamaa,

My question is with regards to the question that was posted on here about the use of alcohols in cosmetics etc. I was just wondering whether it being permitted applied to when you're also praying salaah?

I had always thought that whilst pray salaah we should always be in the cleaniest forms, and that alcohol is something that isn't pure.

I apologise for any inconveniences.

JazakAllah khair for your time.


Ulamaa ID 12
Salaam, i am currently experiancing early stages of hair loss, which has began to affect my self confidence and i have therfeofre tried numerous types of medication with litle success. I have been advised to take Regaine as this MAY help me grow back some hair and i believe this will help me considerabely. However, Regaine contains Ethanol which is haraam. However, in this instance, and as it is not entering my body can i use it?? Further more, if i can not do ibadat whilst this is on my body, may i use it at night and wash it out before fajr? Jazakamullah for your time.
Ulamaa ID 05


when should someone doing the tawaaf open up his right shoulder? is it the first three tawaafs or for the full seven?

i think its called iztibaah


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