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Wet dream
Ulamaa ID 04
Asalamualaikum I am a student living in a student boarding campus. I tend to have wet dreams quite often sometimes the mazi reaches through my clothes to the bedsheet and due to me staying in the campus i am not able to regularly wash my bedding. 1. When i have a wet dream and the bed sheet gets dirty what should i do? 2. Is it permissable to sleep on the bed if there is a dry stain on it? 3. Are there any wazeefa that i can pray to stop having wet dream so often? 4. If i have a wet dream then do ghusl at fajr time then go to sleep again after fajr and more comes out do i have to do ghusl again?
Ulamaa ID 03
i have been advised by my doctor to take ferrous sulphate tablets because i have dangerously low iron levels. she has also put me on a very high dosage of iron tablets known as ferrous sulphate tablets. these tablets are to be taken twice or thrice a day. unfortunately the brand of tablets that she has prescribed contain a sugar coating which has gelatin in it. i have been advised by a mufti that if i do not find a suitable alternative i will be allowed to take these tablets. i have researched alot regarding these tablets and my pharmacist has even informed me that you don't get them gelatin free. i have also checked on the internet to no avail. regular iron tablets will not do because of the fact that they have low iron content compared to ferrous sulphate tablets. i was hoping that you could help me find gelatin free tablets of this type, also if i do not find these tablets will it be ok for me to take these tablets. i need an answer as soon as possible because my health is slowly getting worse day by day.
Ulamaa ID 04
Please advise me on what part of a chicken are halal and those which are haram.
Is it halal to consume all parts of a chicken?
Jazakallah khair
Mary magdeline
Ulamaa ID 04

assalamalaykum i dont know if this question is silly or irrelevant to islam but i am very curious to what islam says about mary magdeline and her relationship to isa a.s. christians place grat emphasis on her and so i was wondering what islam said about her.

thank you.

Miswaak Trees
Ulamaa ID 04

Can we take twigs/branches off any tree to do siwaak with? And which trees can we use from and which not?
(I.e. Fruit trees, Back Garden trees etc.)

Ulamaa ID 01
Assalamuailaykum wrwb, I am divorced and I have one son. I want to move from the country, but my ex husband is saying that I can?t take his child with me and he will never forgive me here or in the hereafter. My question is can i take my son without his permission?
Ulamaa ID 05

salaam alaikum.recently, over the past year . iturned towards the deen, reason being, i was suffering from severe depression, praying helped me overcome this, and i thank Allah tallah for august i had the pleasure of visiting saudi and performed umrah,when i came back i comittede a sin i can't forgive myself for, i cant expect Allah tallah to forgive me,i am really upset as i feel like i have betrayed deen and worst of all, Allah tallah.i am really sorry for what i have done and would like to do something to rid myself of what i have done, i know i should have known better, it shouldn't of happend,i have offered two rakaat tauba, but i still feel i need to do more, please help.

Ulamaa ID 04
Assalamu alaikum,

If Adhan is done but no iqaamah and salaah is performed does the salaah count or should it be reperformed with iqaamah?

If you have eve come across the answer for this please let me know and I am also asking muft saheb inshallah.

Ulamaa ID 04
Aslaam Alaikum 1) If a person with no intention, in the mind(not verbally) says: ' I am not muslim, I denounce islam' or 'If I touch the book or write then I am non muslim', and ends up touching the book or writing. Does that make him a non-muslim? This statement was in the mind and not verbally said and with no intention. forgive me for asking a weird question. jazakalla
Ulamaa ID 04
Can you please keep this question anonymous please.

Is it permissible for girls who have reached maturity to pray nasheeds which would be heard by everyone? i.e. Radio etc.
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