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Ulamaa ID 03
i just wanted to know wheter muslim women are allowed to wear long skirts which also coers their ankles?

Ulamaa ID 02
Salam, If a person is travelling from one city to another city, but the distance is less than 48 miles, then does that person do qasr or not?
Ulamaa ID 05
Salaam I want to know when a sin becomes a sin, for example I use 2 eat a lot of food that contained gelatine like sweets which is Haraam. Even though I havent eaten something like that for a long time i still think it tastes nice & I enjoyed eating it. so just having the thought of liking/thinking about something Haraam even though you know its Haraam, Is that a sin or is it only a sin when you actually commit the act. Jazakallah
Moon sighting
Ulamaa ID 05
i would like you to answer my question as clearly as possible, i was reading one kitaab, and in that it said you need two witnesses for the sighting of the moon, where as i have read in numerous kitaabs one is sufficent, please clarify this as this is very important to me jazakallah
Madhakhila sect
Ulamaa ID 04
As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wabarakatoh,

I heard there is a new group called, Madhakhila. Please can you tell me if they are salafi or not and what do they believe?

Jazakallahu khairan

Marriage proposals
Ulamaa ID 05
Salaam, My Parents are looking for a marriage partner for me and obbviously they are taking into account certain conditions and specifications I have asked for like deen and character etc... My parents are by the will of Allah are not finding it easy to find a suitable Brother for marriage...I have had a poposal which on the outset looks extremely good, as in he is meant to be a very pious brother who does tabligh and it seems so perfect but my parents have a problem because he lives up North and I live in London...my parents dont want me to go so far where ther is no family of mine and me being the only daughter aswell...pls advice me as I know that if a good proposal comes and your satisfied then we shouldnt refuse,... would this be a valid reason to refuse? pls can this quesion be answered asap jazakallah khairun may Allah reward you...!!! p.s pls pray that Allah make it easy for my parents and make their worries disapear...inshallah
Taraweeh prayer
Ulamaa ID 04
Do one earn more reward in praying taraweeh alone or in group.
Secondly, does one earn more reward in praying tahajuud alone or in group.
Assalaamu Alaykum Question regarding actual divorce statement and metaphors: 1) If someone is holding in their hand a bottle of drink Or a receipt or money Or a book Or some clothes Or a general paper for normal use and there might be some possible metaphors already printed on these and then all of a sudden that person gives these to the wife with intention without speaking or saying anything OR has intention whilst holding these, OR puts on a already printed poster with metaphors already written with intention in mind(does not say anything or write ), would that count? Or whilst holding these they look at the metaphors that are already printed on these and have intention in their mind and give these to the wife without speaking, would that count? 2)If someone clicks on a metaphor or the actual statement on the computer using a mouse or clicks on a link which then brings up metaphors or clicks on an actual statement or a link using the mouse on the computer with intention, would that count? No metaphor or statement is written themselves. 3)If someone points to the door or uses other hand actions with intention and dont speak , would that count? 4) If someone say 'friends' or mentions a name or says parent with intention would that count? 5) If someone writes a metaphor without intention. After a moment due to confusion I thought there was intention when I wrote it, but after some thinking I realised there wasn't. So I think I verbally said to myself ' there was no intention at the time of writing the metaphor but the intention came AFTER a short while of writing this word'. And then after some more thinking I then said to myself ' there was no intention at all''. Could you tell me if this would count if I did say this? Also I would like to know If there was no intention at the time of writing the metaphor, but the intention came after 1-2 seconds, would that count? Please note that there was no intention when the metaphor was written
This question is regarding the name OZYAR, (ain zaal ya raa in arabic) i want to know if it is possible for the name to affect the characteristics or troubles the person is going through, as he has a severe bone condition and sight problems [Admin Edit: Question 159 is removed as it is a repeat of this question. Question slightly edited accordingly]
Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

This question arises from my day to day practice as a pre-reg Pharmacist.
It is well known that many medicines are made up of non-halaal excipeints e.g. most capsules have an outer shell made of gelatine from either bovine or porcine sources, or e.g Insulins that come from a procine/bovine source. My question is :

a) If these medications are necessary for the health of a patient e.g. Insulin, and a suitable alternative is not available i.e. if a capsule had a gelatine outer coating and an alternative made of methylcellulose was not available but the medication was tantamount to the health of the patient, then should this medication be adminsitered?

b) What position am I in as a health care professional with regards to supplying such medicines especiallly since the aim is to ultimately improve the patients health and since many manufacturers do not take into consideration what people want but what is cheap?

Jazakallahu khair

Duas requested

Wassalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah
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