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Ulamaa ID 02
QUESTION: As Salam Walikum, Questions regarding Taqleed, Ijtihad & Madahabs 1. When answering this issue in the past you?ve used both logic & Quran/Hadith. But when explaining to many people i.e. 'Ahl-Hadith' 'Salafis', they reject any type of logic. When you corner them, they say this deen is not based on logic. And they have their own interpretations of the Quranic verses & Hadith which you quote in regards to taqleed. So please can you provide me with quotes & names of renowned scholars whom they too accept from the early centuries who have said a)Taqleed is wajib on the layman. b)Wajib to stick to the opinion of one imam. c)Wajib to follow 1 of the 4 schools of thought. (Please be as detailed as possible). 2. They say it?s incorrect to claim it is wajib to follow a madhab because this means those who are not will be at a state of sin and will go hellfire. How do I respond to this? 3. It seems that there are no Hanafi ulema active in helping us in this issue? There are only a few books in English we can resort to, other than that we have no support from the onslaught of the salafi dawah. Only recently in our locality we were condemned for praying 20 Rak?ats for Tarawih which according to them is a ?REPREHENSIBLE BIDAH?. Most of us do not have the time or capability to research into depth regarding each & every controversial issue of Fiqh the salafis bring up & we can?t seek help directly from Hanafi ulema as they are not as available as the salafi imams in Greater London. Hanafi imams in our locality seem to be quiet in this issue and as a result the salafis are harassing many & have dulled many people. JAZAKALLAH KHAIR
Women and man
Ulamaa ID 03
is it true that if a women sees a man she has to marry him
Ulamaa ID 03
I just wanted to know that whether we should eat
from chains like chicken-cottage & dixys , which r run by muslims & have
a halal sign at the window.
Because they do something to do with franchising & people say they just care
about profits & not whether the chikens halal or not , & concerning franchising their chickens can be supplied from anywhere such as freemans, eden valley.
Most people say we r allowed to eat from there, cos if they say it's halal but they're
really r not, then it's not our fault.

So should we find out if they're 100% halal or take their word
and eat from there.

Sorbitol Alcohol
Ulamaa ID 03
I have read the rulings posted on this site regarding the use of mouthwash which contains alcohol.

However my question is with regards to mouthwash / products which contain sorbitol alcohol. I have done some research and it seems this is naturally occuring. Are we allowed to use such a product? I include links to info about sorbitol alcohol, I hope you are able to give a ruling accordingly.

Zazakallah for your time and may Allah reward your services to the Ummah.
Ulamaa ID 04
When a male after finihing urinating. Is what left over drips out on cloathes, would namazz be accepted if you were to pray.

Reason why i ask this question is that i have heard that, when urinating the first part of the urine is filt (after 10 sec is just pure water). there for i would like you to comment if my clothes be paak if i were pull my trousers up after urinating
Is it a sin to sleep or sit with your feet facing towards qibla? Please give evidence if possible.
Ulamaa ID 03
salam can you tell me that if Gelatin is haram or hallal jazakallah just in a simple question
Ulamaa ID 04

Please can you give the explanation of predestination (qadr) and quotes from Quran and Hadith. Jazakallah
Ulamaa ID 12
Should i tell my future husband that i am not a virgin? EXTRAS: please could you also tell me a dua that can lessen the burden of guilt and disgust from my heart and a dua that i can ask for forgiveness.
Ulamaa ID 11
what is this night about? and as a nu muslim,how do i approach it?
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