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Ulamaa ID 10
salam i m in a big trouble.i got engaged 15 days before to the person i liked.but his family has now done istikhara for us and the results were not good.they now want to break the relation.but we both want to live with eachother and love alot.i has also done istikhara and it is positive.please tell us what to do now? we dont want to be us and what islam says about it?please do istikhara for us and tell us.ALLAH will bless you for this.
Seminal discharge
Ulamaa ID 03
Please let me know if Ghusl is fardh if a few drops of semen are discharged but there is no erection and one is fully clothed but just kissing and hugging his wife.
Ulamaa ID 04

i wanna ask a question, i am alhamdulillah a hafiz ul Quran, and i lead taravi in a small town when there are very little muslim and i couldnt find a hafiz who can listen to me. i have to ask an Arab brother to listen to me with open Quran, many people say,, your taravi is not valid, i wanna know what can i do,

1) Can someone open the Quran and listen to me
2)if not, then what should i do, is there any way of doing taravi.

i will be pleased to get your answer as soon.
Ulamaa ID 04
Few years ago a Maulana from our local mosque was asked "if the thought of the prophet Mohammed comes during namaz does your namaz break"?. The answer that was given by the maulana was yes your namaz does break. I am confused regarding this matter please explain to me.
Cutting the hair
Ulamaa ID 04
assalamu alaykum
please could you tell me if it is jaiz for a male to have short back and sides.
Ulamaa ID 03
Respectable schollars '
Being a doctor we have to go to different schools to check the boys and girls are they medically fit? we have to check their private parts also.Is it right ?(all children are under 10 years of age)
Ulamaa ID 09
My name is [name removed], I live in new york usa for last 8 years originally I am from Pakistan My question is that Im going to marry next month Ive know this girl for last 2 years and we love each other alot my question is that we commit zina I know I commit and a great sin but we are both very sorry about it and always in prayers we ask allah subhano talla for forgiveness in this non muslim country we went to far from islam and commit mistakes my question is that I saw a Pakistani tv progrram aalim online somebody ask them a same question as mine and the both ulma Shia and Sunni said that a person cant get marry to a girl who he had sex with I did not know that before but there is a web site called "ASKIMAM.ORG" I saw a same question as mine and "Mufti Ebrahim Dasai" alim from south africa he said that I can marry a girl. Im so confuse I dont know what to do I know I commit the great sin but now we both realise that we did the very wrong thing I said toba and not to commit this sin again and ask allah to forgive me then I can marry a girl if not why not people commit sins and said toba as allah sobhano tala said the doors are always open for one who said toba come back to me please give me the answer as soon as posible in quran o sunnat light one more thing that Im a sunni and hanafi muslim please dowa for me that allah forgive me I will be very thanks full please give me the answer as soon as possible .
alsalam o aliukum warahmatullah
Ulamaa ID 04
I am going to hajj inshallah....
My question is can u give me some duaas to recite in hajj for am facing problem in getting conceive,I am going to hajj mainly for this purpose please suggest me some good duas and wazifas to recite in hajj so that i may get conceive soon after coming from hajj..
jazakaallhu khair
Battle of Badr
Ulamaa ID 04
The Holy Prophet(PBUH) wanted to intercept the caravan of
Abu Sufiyan that ultimately lead to battle of Badr.
Was it legal in islam at that time to take the belongings of a caravan or the Prophet knew that he is going for Badr and not for Abu Sufyan.
Pl explain.
Ulamaa ID 04
i just wanted to know if nikaab is farz or sunnah,
because i have heard from some sisters that its sunnah.
but the research that i have done personally i have found out that its farz/wajib
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