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Ulamaa ID 03
My wife and i seperated under two years ago. She approached lawyers (South Africa) who said that my marriage was not legal in South Africa and I have no rights to my son. I have not issued a talaq and advised her that she should approuch a Imaam as she was the one initiating proceedings. Since then she has still not approached a Imaam.
Ulamaa ID 04
salaams. i would like to know the rule of praying basmala jahran (loudly) in the last few surahs when the quraan is being finished!!
Is it permissible or what??
it would be helpful if you could answer by tonight!!
Ulamaa ID 04
Assalamualaikum warahmatuallahi wabarakatuh

What things make a person mazoor?

I have a problem that after i urinate i make every effort to exclude the final urine drops. But as i put some tissue around my private parts, i know when im doing wuzu for the next salaat, a drop of urine comes out

Sometimes no urine comes out whilst doing wuzu but after ive performed my salaat and i check the tissue, it is obvious a drop came out sometime in salaat, and i dont even feel when the drop is coming out. So i have to repeat my salaat again on my own.

This is a major problem for me and my salaat with jamaat. Ive heard that it takes no more than 15 mins for the final urine drop to come out, for me 1,2 or maybe even 3 hours after ive urinated, a drop or two still come out

Please help.

is it permissible in islam to wear coloured contact lenses without a medical reason? i wear a hijab and respect the mode of modesty without abusing the use of lenses such as fashionable purposes.
Ulamaa ID 04
Is it permissible to sit and eat at a restaurant where music is being played over the PA system?
my question is regarding zakat, i want to know that if i have some bank deposits as well as loans, should i have to pay zakat on net amount i mean bank deposit less loans or i have to pay on banks deposit amount.
Ulamaa ID 03
Asalaamu Alaykum

I wanted to know if using homeopathic medicines in the form of tinctures for the treatment of various ilnesses are permissible. I know that they contain alcohol of some form as a preservative but do not know how much and what type.
This company is a pharmacy for these medicines Can you ask them on my behalf as I do not know what I need to be asking in order to find out if they are okay?

Serving food
Ulamaa ID 04
can i put food down on the table if i am on my periods during ramadhan to other brothers that are non marram?
Assalamu Alaikum I have already read your answer to this question under a previous topic. I have probably 4/5 times used interest money to pay for car clamping and once when a back seat passenger was not wearing a seat belt. I just found the whole system of clamping/fines grossly unfair (zulm) and as such have used the interest money to pay for it. Clearly from what you are saying this is not permissible - how do you I recompense?
Ulamaa ID 11
assalamu alaykum.
i am convert to islam and i married. my husband lives not in U.k coz he got refusal to enter U.K but from the first time we met i been going to see my husband 2 times a year insha Allah.
as you can imaging this seperation is hurting us very much and i have spend no end of money on documents for the marriage plus the embassy plus my travel to my husband has no job so all comes from me.
i am a nature loving person and like to be in nature and through nature Allah called me to Islam this call has come before i even known my husband ..alhamdulillah
over 2 years i know my husband now and through this difficult time and my husband has no incombe i worked many many hours i had to sell my car too.
Finally i had a Window and i was able to get a car again to drive to nature and sit on top of a lonely mountain there i feel Allah so close to me and it is a wonderful feeling enable to feel this again and to thank Allah for giving me this felling.
But my husband has other ideas he things i dont need a car and it was wrong from to by a car. i have told him tonite that i like to be close to nature again and that i miss this in my life .
in this 2 years i known my husband i have grown older by 20 years not 2 years coz all i do is work work work.....
is my husband right with saying to me that i dont need a car ?
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