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History of Taraweeh
Ulamaa ID 04

Respected Mufti Sab,
For many days I have a confusion in my mind regarding tarahwi. I have been trying to ask the same question from different moulvies near my home but could'nt find the satisfactory answer. The question is I want to know about the history of tarawhi. Some people say that Hazrat Umer (R.A.) started it. The question is that when HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (PEACE BE UPON HIM) HAS completed the teachings of Islam and nothing could be added or subtracted from ISLAM then why is it so.

Eyebrows problem
Ulamaa ID 05
Asalaamu alaikum, My friend is married and her husband does not find her attractive when she decided to grow her eyebrows back, he even tries to pluck it himself, he said she has to please him so that he doent look else where, I told her that there is no obedience in the disobedience in the creator but she says she feels less attractive too for her husband, what can u advise her to do?
Ulamaa ID 01
Why is it haram in Isalm to have sex before marriage?
Ulamaa ID 03
Asslam Waliakum,
My problem is that i am woking in a company. In company
their is two toilet, the face of one toilet towords Qibla & anothers oppsite of Qibla. In this case can we permissiable to do toilet faceing Qibla.

Please reply on Urgent basis.

Allah Hafiz.
Wudhu by bath
Ulamaa ID 05

i just want to know if a person is having a bath is that counted as wudhu

Ulamaa ID 01
Are all the Ruhs free to travel anywhere and contact the living? And can the living establish contact with any Ruh? Can you please shed some light in this area?
Ulamaa ID 06
assalamu-alaikum. iam married with kids. my husband & i used to get along fine. lately he seems to be distanced from me. i have confronted him in a nice way. i dont know if its due to me or work related (self employed). i just started doing purdah some yrs back & feel that since then we dong go out. he doesnt take me no where. likes to control my every movement in & outdoors. i myself hardly like to go out due to fitnah. but he does not like me going with my own family if i NEED to get something 4 myself or kids. i dont get spending money. when i do ask, he hardly gives much. i feel lonely & stressed. i just want my life back with him. ive tried 2 arrange for me & him only to go out 2 eat & spend time, but he never responds. i know he loves me deep down. what can i do?
Types of sadaqah
Ulamaa ID 04
assalamualaikum..i would like to many types of sadaqah??after i've done some research, i didn't find the specific types of sadaqah..sadaqah is a voluntary charity and it need not be in the form of can you please give me answers regarding to my questions.Thankyou,salam.
Birth Control
Ulamaa ID 13
I am married and I am doing my study at abroad, my wife stay at my country now. I want to bring my wife with me. then she will stay with me. I have not complete my graduation yet. I will complete my study within 1 and half year. At that situation if we don't want to having children, i mean if do birth control is that allow according to Islam.
Ulamaa ID 01
Salam, Can you confirm that you can keep any name. as when Muhamed(PBUH) was born he was born to parents who were idol worshippers, and as Islam spread people like Omer (RA) Abu Bakr (RA) Khatija (RA) and Abu Sufyan (RA) all kept thier pre-islamic names. So that leads to the conclusion that you can keep any name, as with names that are mentioned in Koran of prophets whose parents were of Idol worshippers who gave them their names and subsequently never changed them during prophethood e.g Ibrahim, Moosa, Ayoob, Lot and Muhammed etc.
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