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Ulamaa ID 04
I am very confused is collective dua bidah or
Ulamaa ID 03
Assalamu Alaykum..

Refering question 3360
I was browsing the net and i had come across

(copy and paste the following)

it showed...

A brother contacted :- Mars (01753 550055) & Nestle (020 8686 3333) and found out these are haram!!!:-

Celebrations Chocolates - all of them

Maltesers (Mini versions)

Mars (Mini and Fun Size versions)

M&M Peanuts

Snickers Fun Size & Mini

Bounty - All sizes

Lion Bar - All sizes

Those chocolates are haram (but you can contact them yourself to be sure)

this may help to answer the question 3360...
also below there is a link to show some of the halal chocolates

i hope this helps..

The snake that bit the sahabi was a disciple of a previous Nabi. When that nabi was telling his disciples about the greatness of our Nabi (S.A.W) and his ummat (us), then one of the disciples requested the nabi to intercede to Allah so that Allah gives him the ability to see Rasulullah SAW. So the Nabi interceded and Allah said that he would have to be changed in to a snake as only a snake can live that many years. The disciple agreed and was told that Rasulullah SAW was going to visited that cave in which he bit the sahabi. So the snake went there anticipating the arrival of Rasulullah SAW. When Rasulullah SAW went there to hide with Abu Bakr, the snake got desperate and bit the sahabi as he was blocking the hole with which he would be able to see our Nabi. So when Rasulullah SAW woke up due to the tear of the sahabi, Rasulullah SAW Asked the snake why he had bitten his (Rasulullah?s) Sahabi, the snake replied that I have waited so long to see you therefore I couldn?t resist but do this in order to see you. Hearing this Rasulullah SAW told him that ?ok, I forgive you but to compensate you must never leave this hole in you life.? Is this episode true?? Or made up?? Or is the story different? If true is this the story, Please give details of where this is from as I will use this when giving dawah to people sometimes.
Ulamaa ID 07
Salam, i have been confused for over 8 years now. In my first year of marriage (september 2001) my wife went to my sisters house against my wish i was angry but after 1 or 2 hours i was just reading bashti zewar on the rules of talaq, out of the blue i just said the word talaq once loudly then i stopped and got worried. ALL i can remember now is when i said the word talaq i had no intention of divorce, i was by my self and when saying the word talaq i dont think i directed to my wife.(but not sure, very confused - cant make conclusion) After many months passed (january 2002) i totally forgot the above issue and i was at work when a person question me on rules of talaq in the prayer room, He was asking me about 3 talaq rule so i was just saying talaq 3 times loudly with no thought at all of my wife or divorce but whilst saying the talaqs loudly a mistake of my wife came in my mind and i think after i directed 2 talaq to her. Does this talaq count because i was going to say 3 talaqs anyway. After this (second) incident i became very confused thinking did i say 2 or 3 talaqs so i made dua to Allah and i saw a good dream and some one saying your wife is your wife. But after many months (april 2002) passed i was sitting in the toilet and i remembered of the first incident. i have alot of doubt if the first incident counts as talaq, after i said it then i thought it counted as talaq but at that time i was very young and did not know the rules. Since then i have had two children and doing the work of deen but this issue is nagging my brain. Im really confused because these incidents happened many years ago and i cant remember that clearly in detail. Please give me a reply as soon as possible.
Ulamaa ID 03

if wamen says tha i m gonna leave u and marry with ather guy..what happend in islam
Ulamaa ID 04
Assalamu alaikum,We have 2 daughters named as Aamilah and Saalihah, we are expecting a baby insha Allah if the baby is a boy, can we name him as RAASHIDEEN.
Ulamaa ID 03
could you please tell me what diglycerides and fatty acids are and are they halal?
Ulamaa ID 03
Assalamu Alaikum Respected Ulama,
In our state it is permitted legally, to have surveillance cameras on school grounds. However, our school is a ladies college run by muslims. Would it be appropriate for administration most of who are muslim males to view any footage recorded during school hours? where female students and staff could have their awrah uncovered, as it is a female-only environment.
Jazakallah khairan
Ulamaa ID 03
Respected Elders,

Assalmu-alaykum Warahmatullah.

if alcohol if formed from wheat, barley etc, etc and not from dates or grapes, and found in food, medication or toiletry items such as body sprays face creams etc, etc. is this Halal or Haraam

May Allah elevate the Ummah.


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