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Assalamualiakum warahmatulla, Dear respected Ulamaa.

I have heard many different views regarding the madhab of Imam Mahdi and Isa alayhissalam when they come in the future; many people claim that they will have their own madhabs. Is this true? Could you please give me the correct opinion regarding this matter?

Ulamaa ID 03

AssalamoAlikum w w

I have been advised that having your clothes (i.e. shirts, trousers, coats etc) dry cleaned is not properly cleaned due to the process they use. Should one try to avoid in purchasing garments that are labelled dry cleaned only?? Please can you advise accordingly.


Is coka cola halal
Ulamaa ID 03
assalamu alaykum
please could you tell me if coke cola is halal, as it contains alcohol.
Prayer mat
Ulamaa ID 12
is it true that if we don't fold the prayer mat, Shaytaan reads on it?
Ulamaa ID 01
It is an established fact that all things are recognised by their name, even Allah (swt) first taught names to the father of Mankind Adam (as). Your sect also has names such as Sunni, Ahl' ul Sunnah or Ahl'ul Sunnah wa al Jamaah. Direct us towards any such verse of the Qur'an wherein any of these names have been indicated.

If these titles cannot be located in the Qur'an could you produce this title from any hadith of the holy prophet (s)? Produce any such 'mutawatir' 'marfuu' or 'saheeh' narration from your books with a complete source (meaning the name of the book, version number, page number, edition etc) wherein the names Sunni, Ahl'ul Sunnah and Ahlul Sunnah wa al Jamaah have been mentioned by the holy prophet (saww) as a sect of Islam.

If these are not to be found in the hadeeth, then at least come up with an exact date, month and year of hijrah from the history of Islam when these names were adopted as your identity.

What were you famously known as before adopting these names?

Why have you forsaken your previous title?

According to your sect, an introduction of any new thing to Islam constitutes bid'a, therefore to effectuate such an introduction is also a bid'a, so who was the person responsible for introducing this bid'a?

Could you provide decisive evidence with regards to the meanings of Sunni, Ahl Sunnah and Ahl'ul Sunnah wal Jamaah?

Which one is the most ancient of the three titles?

Which one of the three titles do you consider the best?

Why are the remaining two of lesser merit? Which one of those two is the least and what is the reason behind it?
Ulamaa ID 03

are we alowed to give intrest money to cancer research
Ulamaa ID 04
Asalaam u alaikum Will it be possible for someone to explain the procedures of a Muslim funeral?
Ulamaa ID 06
HI, I am very confused about a personal matter and wanted some clear guidance. I have been having so many problems in getting marriage proposals and if i did get proposals people never got back to my family. Then I had english registry with a guy 13 months a go but now I am in process of filing for annulment as i never lived with him. I am so down at present and because of this i called on of the asian channels on tv who tell you about your situation/future according to stars. The man said I should have my birth chart made and should change my name too as this is the cause and if i don't change my name I will continue to have problems in my life. Is astrology permitted in Islam? My name is Sarah, is this suitable name as it is spelt in english way? Also, does names have an affect on a person's personal life? What is a birth chart and again is it Islamic? Can you suggest something which I can read? as i am very confused and upset right now. Many Thanks
Ulamaa ID 04

By the grace of Almighty I have been blessed with two daughters. They are 3 years and 1 year old respectively; I have searched over the internet sites and choose their names as "Sazma Anaum" and "Uzma Anaum" respectively; the meaning of those two names (According to those sites) are "The Beautiful Blessings of Allah" and "The Greatest Blessings of Allah" respectively. Now I am not sure if these names are Arabic names or not. Even these are not arabic and have been derived from some other language then are the names OK for their meanings? I think language is not at all a condition for names rather the meaning (what so ever the language is) is more important. Please let me know your well thought opinion on their names.


Mohammad Zakaria Habib
Ulamaa ID 04
As salaamu alay kum
can u celebrate Brithdays with close frineds (going out with a very close friend) is it haram as i heard having a party on your brithday is haram i would like to know if this is known as sinful aswell
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