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Quranic recitation
Ulamaa ID 01
assalamualaykum dear mufti i would really appriciatte it if u could help me with a question question is i very much like all eyptian qari especially sheikh muhammed jebril and ahmed naeena and abul enien sheisha these r my favourites however thre sad thing is none of thm have a proper beard and they dont even dress to the islamic standard plz can u tell me oin detail the reason for egyptian recitors not keeping beards and there unislamic dress sense i always wanted to go to study by the great ulamaa of qiraat in egypt however this puts me off plz plz can u help jazakomolllahu khairan wahsanul jazaa ps in england can u refer me to a good school of learnin quraanic recitation (sciences of reciting the quran)
Ulamaa ID 04
is it true that when u read surah jinn you see a jinn

and if you want a jinn like people have or people like molisabs teach them to pray etc.. how do you get one

or how can u see one
Ulamaa ID 04
Please advise me on what part of a chicken are halal and those which are haram.
Is it halal to consume all parts of a chicken?
Jazakallah khair
Ulamaa ID 04

Dear respected Mufti Sab,

I know a woman is not allowed to do Tawaf Ziyarah while on her monthly period. Now days, especially in England, majority of people go to Saudi to perform hajj with a group or tour. Due to this they are usually on a tight schedule especially on the return date. What is the ruling regarding a woman who has to return back to her home, but she has not performed Tawaf Ziyarah due to her being on her monthly course?

Secondly I am not sure if this is correct, but I have heard she should perform Tawaf al Ziyarah in that state and then give Dam to compensate. Is this correct?

Zajakullah Khairan

Assalaamu alykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatu

Dear respected Ulema,

When TV is Haraam - why do some deobandi ulema differ from the opinion based on taqwa?

My question is in the title, however I see that today the Ulema themselves are causing a very serious problem. Not only do they
or are supposed to unify i.e Deobandi Ahl Sunnah, but they should
vote in favour of taqwa, since they will be highly responsible for their mistakes.

With regards to the Television, I have read many fatwa from great Ulema like: Hadhrat Shabir Uthmani (ra), Mufti Ebrahim Desai, Mlna Saleem Dhorat, and heard from many great AwliyaAllah
that this tool is from shaytaan and manifests into not one major sin but a multitude: Zina, Music and Picture Making, to name a few.

However briefly putting this, I have recently heard that two ulema both of 'deobandi' origins have taken the qardawi route.
1. Mufti Taqi Usmani -
2. Riyadh ul Haqq - himself on Islam Tv.

Firstly, they have differed from the opinion of the latter and foremost scholars. Secondly they have not given any reason for their justification.

I would like to know, how is it that these ulema, who happen to be from the same ulema who have bought and cherished this
deen have made such a u-turn in this stance and differentian between haraam and halaal? How is that they have taken something from the darkness and made it into light.

And if they are in the wrong, why hasnt any god-fearing Aalim confronted
this and corrected their mistake?

We the masses look in the direction of those Allah put in our trust.

I request humbly for an answer, for I cannot understand and
this has aaffected my attitude towards the ulema that are in light of this question. You are welcomed to email me privately if you believe that
this is not right place to reply.

May Allah forgive me if I have made any errors and mistakes, but
my knowledge is derived from sources which are from the ulema themselves.

Jazakamullah Khair

Assalaamu alykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatu

Muhammad Abdullah
Modesty & Faith
Ulamaa ID 04
The references were it was mention in the Hadith, "Verily modesty and faith are inter-related".
Ulamaa ID 09
Dear Shykh Aas Saalam Alai Kum,
My question is if a person dies and his relatives and near ones of his cry loudly for his demise then the dead person is given azab for their mistakes doesnt this hadith contradicts with the quranic ayat that no soul will burden the other persons soul.Pls clarify.regarding sawab also.
Ulamaa ID 01
assalamu alaikum my spouse and i normally get along well. we have a great understanding between us. but lately, our relationship seems to be going from good - worse. from my point, he is really controlling my every action. its very dificult for me as i already have kids and i have another on the way. i dont go out with friends. neither do i go out shopping for clothes or to the market with anyone. only rarely im aloud to go with family which is understandeble. my pregnancy hormones are everywhere. iam very sensitive and i get alot of pains. he doesnt seem to have time to see to me. it seems to be a drastic change in him. also he seems to be adament on sorting even the slightest misunderstanding out there and then. be it that iam @ my in-laws. he dosnt understand that it is embarassing for me. he keeps violently pushing me to make me look at him and agree to him. (he only does this when we r alone - pushing me and the rest) i do wish that Allah gave me the ability to keep my mouth shut. although i dont scream, i keep quiet at first. but then he dosnt shut up and he carries on and on like men may describe a 'nagging wife'. thats when i cant keep it quiet and try to say my point. i used to be able to stay quiet, but not at the moment. ive told him im very sensitive at the moment, and i end up crying wanting to walk out on him. i cant figure out what is wrong. i seem to be loosing myself with my deen. i stopped watching programmes and films since my 1st pregnancy and thought of continuing the rest of my life like this, with out the biggest shaytan. and in my pregnancy, i was extremely carefull watching tv or generally talking afraid of the influence on my unborn. this pregnancy seems to be nothing. i end up watching tv and films with my husband. and my daily wazifas, surats, durrood and manzil have all stopped. i am praying short namazes making it a habbit. Allah, has taken this away from me and although i crave for it to be back and stop the other gunas, i cant get myself to do it. i feel like runinng away from my husband but i dont coz deep down we love each other and we have too many kids!! but i cant control my feelings when he becomes like an opressor. please advise me in the best possible manner. and asap sorry to burden your eysesight with this ever long message.
Assalaamu alaikum

I was informed that a child conceived prior to nikah but born after 6 months of nikah may inherit from the father. This was a fatwa issued by an Ulema body in Nagtal, South Africa based on Hanafee madhab. THe other madhab however says that the child does not inherit at all. Which is the correct opinion?
Dry cleaning
Ulamaa ID 04

respected mufti sahib

does dry cleaning make napak clothes paak?

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