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Old age
Ulamaa ID 03
My grand mother is 75 years old. She is senyl i.e. she cannot conversate. She does not understand when anyone speaks with her. She has lost her memory, she cannot even recognise her own children. She has lots of money from pension,etc.

-I would like to know if it is permissible to take out money from her account to do her Qurbani
- Is zakat wajib on her? Can you just take out her money to pay her own zakat?
- Is salat compulsory on her? If so, is it necessary o take out fidya from her money for all the salat and rozas she missed. (she is in this condition for nearly 2 years )
Battle of Badr
Ulamaa ID 04
The Holy Prophet(PBUH) wanted to intercept the caravan of
Abu Sufiyan that ultimately lead to battle of Badr.
Was it legal in islam at that time to take the belongings of a caravan or the Prophet knew that he is going for Badr and not for Abu Sufyan.
Pl explain.
Ulamaa ID 04
is boxing allowed
Ulamaa ID 05
Assalamu Alai Kum Sir, My problem is that very often feel urination problem. It comes very frequently and I cannot stop it. When ever I am engage in any work or prayers I feel that a drop or two has come out and I have to wash myself and change my dress. Previously it was worse; I have to change my dress five to six times a day for prayers (Salat) and I often urinated on bed at night, but now by the grace of Allah now I never urinate on bed. But the above problem is still there. I always miss my Fajar (Dawn) prayers. Now I am taking some ayurvedic medicine. I also want to ask that whenever I urinate in washroom I feel that some splash of urine has been collected on my dress. Please suggest me the way of urination how to do it properly without dirtying the cloth. Whenever I pray (Salat) different kinds of thought comes to my mind (Satan appears). But I try concentrate on my salat and sometime I pray very heedfully and try to concentrate on it. I also want to ask you that please let me know good Qur?anic verses and duas (Wazaif) to recite for the above problems and some Qur?anic verses and duas (Wazaif) so that my sins will be forgiven by Allah, insha-Allah. Please pray for me and remember me in your prayers. Thanking You. Yours faithfully, Mohammed Mudassar.
Hijaab matterz
Ulamaa ID 10
salmz..u no my mum she says hijaab is wajib but i wana find out propely because somepeople says its not
Ulamaa ID 06
Assalam Alaikum Are there any verses in the Quran which support Taqleed? I remember hearing them but can't remember. Also, i have heard that Taqleed existed in the time of the Sahaabah as they followed those Sahaabah who were experts in the field. Are there any examples of this? Jazak.
Ulamaa ID 04
Dear Mufti Saheb, Assalamu alaikum warah Am in a very critical situaltion now.. Please help me and reply me @ the earliest, My wife stays with her mom as we did secret marraige. She didnt pick up my call when I called her so I was angry and waited for her call. She called me and said she was not well so she went to hospital. I asked her why cant you just inform me, This talk went on and suddenly I got angry and said I dont like to live with you. If you wish I will give dash (Never uttered the word) so that you can go away. she did fight for some time and after some time even she said okay... give and go off... Then I said tell me if is it confirm, Shall I give off she said yes give off... I said Ok I ll message you on this and hung up the call. Then I was totally upset and sat for a while. At that time one heart was saying give her one (never uttered the word) so that she realise. Another heart said no please dont do that, because Allah never like that for this another heart said No! Allah please forgive me I got to give her!! only then she will come in control (Even now I never uttered the word) after this I accessed your site and went through all fatwas to get answer, However nothing satisfied me or I dont get exact answer which fits my issue. So please reply me at the earliest. * Is this act considered one Talaq is given * Is this act considered two Talaq is given *Is she she still in my Nikah *Do I have to perform Nikah again Please reply at the earliest. Wassalam Mohammed Huzaifa
Ulamaa ID 10
Nowadays you come across many western reports suggesting that Muslim women should play a more active role in the community. According to shariah, what would be considered as an active role that a woman can play within her community?
Maggi chicken stock
Ulamaa ID 03
Is Maggi chicken stock halal.

Ulamaa ID 04
Respectable schollars,
Iwant to ask should the hairs of private part be removed?
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