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Ulamaa ID 06
assalaam walaikum W.W. please can u tell me the ruling for wearing leather socks. (i.e how long u can wear them & how u preform masah on them during wadhu). jazakallah. Wasalaam.
Having children
Ulamaa ID 03
assalamualaikum-i am trying for children, my husband and i have been married for 3 years and i have fertility problems. please advise on duas or what i can do acording to the prophet (pbuh) sunnah. jazakallah
About Nikah.
Ulamaa ID 02

Aslamoalaikum...6 years ago I made a Nikah with a christian girl,who believed that Jesus is a Biological son of God. Alhamdulillah last ramazan she has embraced Islam. I would like to know, do we have to make a nikah again or our first nikah will remain the same.
I will be very thankful to you for the answer.
Allah bless us All.
Wasslam / Abdullah

Ulamaa ID 04
i want to select name for my baby, but my dear ones want that i should select this name with the help of its date of birth, calculating by which alphabet it should start. They say that it may effect the luck of my baby. i dont believe all this and like some other names, but if selecting a baby name with the help of Numerology is considered right in islam i'll go for it for my baby's better luck. please i want detailed anser.
Will be very grateful to you
Hoors in jannah
Ulamaa ID 04
I heard that you get some really beautiful women in jannah known as hoors. I wanna know how many you get? and how you can get more? and any extra bit of information on them eg special looks
Ulamaa ID 01

Salaams Mufti Sahib,

Please can u tell me if you need Wudu to pray quran on the net. the site i refer to is darul uloom burys website which has the FULL quran on it where people can pray it page to page. i was thinking that wont the same rule apply as the normal qurans we read which have hardback cardboard covers and "jub-daans" around them. as they do not have ANY ayats of the quran on them but as they form the physical part of the quran at THAT particular moment we need to have wudo as touching these would mean touching the quran also as both are part of the same entity at THAT particular moment. if will be completley different i know if the pages of the quran with the acutally ayats and the hardback cardboard and "jub-daan" are totally sperated. Would you therefore also require wudo when praying the quran on PC as at THAT particluar moment you are display the word /ayats of the Quran on the PC screen the whole of the PC would form part of the entity of the quran once you have come out of that screen it will no longer be considered part of the quran no more????? please help calrify

Ulamaa ID 04
Is it allowed in islam to beat childern to teach them quran. I was told by many people that it is allowed infact necessary to beat children to make them hafiz or teach quran. Once my cousin's son mulana punched him in the stomach when he made a mistake causing the child to vomit, when appoarched by his parents the mullana said that he did not do anything wrong infact the only way to make chilren hafiz is to beat the severely if they make a mistake and that this is alowed in islam. Are we allowed to hit chilren on head or face, or hit them in a manner that marks are left on their bodies or great pain is caused. please give me some references from prophet (saw) life & sayings
Ulamaa ID 03

dear mufti sahibs
i would just like to know if squids are halaal?

Ulamaa ID 04

Dear respected Mufti Sab,

I know a woman is not allowed to do Tawaf Ziyarah while on her monthly period. Now days, especially in England, majority of people go to Saudi to perform hajj with a group or tour. Due to this they are usually on a tight schedule especially on the return date. What is the ruling regarding a woman who has to return back to her home, but she has not performed Tawaf Ziyarah due to her being on her monthly course?

Secondly I am not sure if this is correct, but I have heard she should perform Tawaf al Ziyarah in that state and then give Dam to compensate. Is this correct?

Zajakullah Khairan

Ulamaa ID 04
Asalamualaikum respected mufti saheb i do wudhu in the morning at 9 before i start uni. Most of the time i am able to spend the day without the need to go toilet until late afternoon or even early evening. Anytime i have broken my wudhu during the day would not be through istinja and i would merely do my wudhu again and not go toilet. Sometimes during the day i feel a slight need to go toilet but i hold it in slightly and delay going due to my timetable. Later in the evening when i do go toilet many occasions i see white marks on my underwear. This would have come out sometime during the day without me even realising. Having read this please assist me with the following: 1. Would this white stuff be mani, mazi or wadi if it came out during the day and i cannot recall any moment when i may have had any shahwat thoughts and it came out without me even realising? 2. During the day anytime i needed to perform salah i either had wudhu from before or just repeated my wudhu. If this stuff had come out without me realising then how would i know if my wudhu had actually broken or not? 3. When the stuff came out without me realising it would presumably make my underwear napak and due to me not being aware of it coming out i may have performed salaah with this napak on my clothes. What would the status of my namaz be if i happened to be napak without realising? 4. Upon noticing the whiteness how should i go about cleaning it? 5. The main issue is that during the day when the white stuff has come out without me realising i would have most likely performed salaah like that. Would all those namaz i performed be accepted or not? If not how do i know how many to do qadha of because i do not know exactly how many namaz was done it that state because i dont know when it happened. This is a problem which happens quite frequently and i am worried about the status of my salah. I have tried to explain everything as best as i can please help with this matter Jazakallahu khair may Allah reward you abundantly
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