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Ulamaa ID 04
Assalamu alaikum
I suffer from IBS and it is very difficult to keep wudhu, i.e somtimes for one salah i will do wudhu four, five times or even more. What can i do about this as far as islam is concerned,(NOT medically as i have tried everything)
Ulamaa ID 09

In Islam is any sort of relationship allowed between the sexes before marriage? I was approached by an older cousin who loves me very much but marriage is impossible for the next few years due to my age and the circumstances. I did not think that a secret affair would be right so I have since turned him down. He claimed that to love is not a sin only under some rules and regulations given by Islam. Was I right in refusing him even though I liked him a lot? And is it haraam upon me to think about/remember him? Jazakallahkhair.

Muslimah, 15, UK
Women and purdah
Ulamaa ID 03
Assalamualiakum Mufti Sahb,
My question is pretty straightforward. I come from a religious background-Alhamdulillah . We originate from North West Pakistan and Afghanistan, we are known to the world as 'Pathan,' We are fortunate enough to have close family contact with the likes Of Thanvi (ra) and Sheikh (ra). Due to that reason, many of their teachings have been implied into our family set-up.
The main one is the issue of women remaining secluded. I'd like to bring this issue to ur attention. If we think back to the mentioned Sheikhs' literature or books from any of the Deoband Scholars then it clearly prohibits women from leaving the house all together, unless there is a 'GREAT NEED.'
Then the advise is that one should cloth and cover herself in an old chaadar and hold a walking stick so that she appears to be an old woman.
Where we come from in Pakistan, this is still practised, girls are not allowed to leave the house, for education or any other purpose. SubhanAllah, there are women amongst our elders who have never left the house all their lives, all because of the instructions from our pious predecessors.
My question is, when we look at the rest of the Muslim world, and the so called 'practising muslims' in other parts of the world and here in the West, there is such a big contrast. Women are now so heavily involved in the outside world, it is thought that as long as a woman is modestly covered, there is no harm. Why is there such a contrast? Surely our Ulama could have not exaggerated these masaail.
I know a lot of Gujrati sisters, who obviously are closely linked to the same School of Thought and background who also leave the house for social purposes in the least.
These questions have being plaguing me and my cousins for some time. I was hoping you could shed some light on the issue.
JazakaAllah for your precious time. And please note we are not at all trying to mock or criticise, rather clarify for our understanding. We are afraid of asking our own Ulama in person and such anonymous systems do not exist so far. So please excuse me if you find it to be offensive in anyway,
May Allah give us all the ability to follow the rules of Shariah' in their most purest form, ameen
A concerned Sister
Ulamaa ID 02
What is the weight limit for silver a male is permitted to wear?
Ulamaa ID 04
If I'm fasting and during my fast my husband touches and something comes out of my private parts..Does this break my fast?
I've told my husband Im fasting,and i am in control of myself but cannot stop myself from anything coming out..
can you give me advice on that...If i clean myself and mpray namaz will it be accepted
Ulamaa ID 01
asalaam alaikum please could you tell me what should be done with the ramadaan timetable after ramadaan is over, as the dua for keeping and opening fast is written on it.usually i cut out the dua and discard the rest,and also on eid cards and wedding cards as bismillah is also written on these items, jazakula w salaam
Ulamaa ID 03
slmz iam pretty sure that 'hmc' is known to all by now. (a company that closely monitors shops/restaurants etc for their chicken. if according to their satisfaction, they then provide a certificate. i have heard that mufti taqi usmani is behind this). there are a few companies that sell hmc approved meat such as waris, dial a chicken and another 2 shops. my local butchers whom i buy from, time to time, gets their meat from 'freemans'. some say that you cant trust them due to contamination of the halal & haram meat being in the same fridge or 'how is any1 to know whether haram is sent in place of halal by mistake'. i could make my life easy & only get my meat from waris. but what of it when i go to my inlaws to eat which i do quiet frequently, or what of it when iam invited for a meal to a family members house? i cant possibily question where they get their meat from & inconvenience the host & other guest. neither is it possible to avoid eating & stick to the vegetables @ in-laws or other peoples houses. should i go strict & stick to hmc approved meat? if so, what about my kids? how do i stop them? (they r very young) pls advise asap jazakallah hu khair
Ulamaa ID 01
Ulamaa ID 09
Over the past couple of weeks I have got to know a man whom is of good chracter and religion. I have had no relations with this man, but I have began to develop feelings for this man. As soon as I realised these feelings for the man I cut off all connections with this man and I have sincerely repented. I have began to pray to Allah that he grants me a husband who is exactly 100 percent just like him, because I believe this man is perfect in every way and would be a husband if he was with me. I have not committed any sins with this man . is it permissible for me to pray to Allah for a man like this - or will this not be regarded as legitamate. Please answer my question as soon as possible. Thank you
Ulamaa ID 01
assalam-mu-alaikum brothers in islam i have been married for 6 months now after marriage i found out that my husband was having an affair with another girl...this went on for couple of months..we were happy after we got married but slowly he became distant from me and never use to take me out or talk properly...he now says that he has ended the affair and there is no communication between them i feel that he has changed a little towards me and pays more attention...please kindly provide some significant duas which i can read so that my husband will not ever carry on with these unlawful sins..i sincerely pray for leading a happy marriage with him and make dua..we do talk about issues and he does really understand but i dont want him to ever go back to having any other relations with someone else...please can u give me some duas which i can read and pray for me that we have a happy married life...may allah reward u in abundance and bless u for your hard work...wassalam
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