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Ulamaa ID 04
Assalum u alikaam, may Allah bless you
I wanted to know how you pay zakah and how much do you pay
May we meet in paradise
Thick beard
Ulamaa ID 09
what increases beard growth,
i am 21 years old ,please give me a dua for growing a beard
Ghusl necessary
Ulamaa ID 03
After performing ghusl is it necessary to change one entire cloth e.g person has wet dream does he need only to change boxers or entire clothing? is it permissable to just perform istinja after ejaculation?
Ulamaa ID 04
Respected Mufti Sahab,
My question is with regards to the 'converted Christian' Abdul Rahman. He was imprisoned, accused of apostasy- or denouncing Islam in favour of Christianity. He was facing the death penalty from the Afghan government if he did not denounce Christianity.
On many Islamic forums, I have read views of Muslims critisising the Afghan government for their actions. The most common argument is, Muslims should be tolerant towards these issues as it is only adding fuel to the fire of the Islamophobic war. Could you please clarify what our thoughts should be on this issue, as opposing something that is in the Shariah, even unknowingly, can prove to be fatal for our Iman.
Ulamaa ID 05
Salaam I want to know when a sin becomes a sin, for example I use 2 eat a lot of food that contained gelatine like sweets which is Haraam. Even though I havent eaten something like that for a long time i still think it tastes nice & I enjoyed eating it. so just having the thought of liking/thinking about something Haraam even though you know its Haraam, Is that a sin or is it only a sin when you actually commit the act. Jazakallah
Resinous Glaze
Ulamaa ID 03
Assalaamu aleikum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu,

I recently bought a large batch of Reese's Pieces from America prior to checking the ingredients list (may Allah forgive me). Since checking the ingredients after initial consumption, the ingredients are as follows:

Sugar, partially defatted peanuts, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils (palm kernel, oil and soybean oil), reduced minerals dehydrated whey, dextrose, artificial flavour, carnauba wax, resinous glaze: artificial colour E102, E110, E129.

I am uncertain about the resinous wax. Having researched into the ingredient, I believe the resin to be Shellac. But to make resinous glaze, Shellac is used in an alcohol-based solution. During processing, apparently the alcohol in the shellac solution is evaporated. However, I'm uncertain as to whether this is in fact true and if any trace of alcohol is left in the final product which may render it haram.

I would be most grateful if you could clarify to me whether these sweets are halal or haram in regard to it's alcohol content (if any).

Ulamaa ID 04
my question is that are you allowed in islam to bave with your wife with out any covering of the private parts.
Ulamaa ID 09
say if two women commited a sin, they were both muslim but one of them wore a nikaab(veil)will she get more sin than the other women?
Ulamaa ID 06
I have a bad breath, tried to solve it with dentist, but there is no improvement. Can you plz tell me what I do. I have also acne on my face plz tell me to remove it.

Ulamaa ID 04
A boy and a girls wirte 3 times on a paper with their signatures that they both accept each other with out any other witness and if the same persons introduce each other as a wife husband to others.. do such thing can count as "Nikah"
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