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Ulamaa ID 04
Bhijaan, im Know that inside the khabashrif there is one stone which is from zannat but i want tell one of my freind about this topic if u send me details
Khuda hafiz
Sperm donation
Ulamaa ID 04
can a muslim man donate sperm.
is it haram or is it allowed
Ulamaa ID 01
sir one of my friend is newly converter he wants to ask that before accepting islam he and his wife used to have sex in diferent ways. Such as kissing/etc private parts from both husband and wife.

now he wants to ask is that also alloud in islam if yes then to what extant like if it is aloud to kiss nipples or kissing of penis by wife and kissing of vagina of wife.please give the answer and make us wise on this subject.thanks"

Web Admin: Message edited in order to keep language clean. The meaning of the question is still the same.
Assalamu ALaykum,

The Ulama say that women shouldn't wear clothes that stick to them (since they reveal the figure) but does that include cardigans and coats because you can see the shape of the arm and the body too at time.

What's the ruling for that? Is it best to wear it underneath the jabba?


This question might help you understand my question:
Ulamaa ID 04

One of my family members is extremely addicted to gambling, we've tried so many ways to help stop him..I was wonderin' if there are any duas that can be read to help someone stop gambling?

What are the hadiths on gambling?

What should be done with the haraam money?
Assalamu Alaykum,

At school, it is a habit of some people to say this is haram and this is not a haram etc. e.g the other day someone mentioned that a chocolate is haram.

These people aren't people of knowledge and may just have heard it or looked up an ingredient and found that it is something to do with an animal.

In this case, it may not be haram because e.g. shellac is involved with animals but is is still halal.

In these cases, should you listen to the person and not eat the food or not?

Ulamaa ID 04

I know a person with name as "Saferdeen".

He says some people quoted that it wasnt a good name, and because he travels daily they say its because of his name.

What have you got to say about this.

Ulamaa ID 04
Few years ago a Maulana from our local mosque was asked "if the thought of the prophet Mohammed comes during namaz does your namaz break"?. The answer that was given by the maulana was yes your namaz does break. I am confused regarding this matter please explain to me.
If a person ejaculates inside his trouser does all his clothes become na-paak or just his trousers?
Student loan
Ulamaa ID 05
asalaam walaikum i asked a brother about taking the student loan (uk) and he told me that if the amount added is exactly at the rate of inflation then it is not interest. i am aware of the ruling given by mufti ibn adam howver, the brother i questioned follows the shaafi school of fiqh and so i was wondering whether there is a diffenece of opinion on this issue.
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