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Marriage proposal..
Ulamaa ID 01

assalamualikum mufti saab

Zazakallah for your answer regarding my marriage proposal...

Just wanted to ask you that if i prayed istikhara 2 years ago and it was postive,is it still valid even though it was 2 years ago...or do i have do istikhara again...

I seem more clear about this proposal now,Inshallah i will talk to my parents then inshallah give the go ahead to this.Make dua that i have a succesfull marriage and allah swt gives me pious children.

Zazakallah for your help.

May allah swt give you and the rest of your team success in this world and the hereafter.

Ulamaa ID 03
I undestand that according to the Hanafi Mazhab prawns, mussels and calamari are not permissible. All the other Mazhabs allow all food from the sea.
Why and what is the logic behind the Hanafi (some) ruling?
Jazakallah and Wassallaam.
Brother Mohammed Saeed.
South Africa

Ulamaa ID 04
Assalam Alaikum

I want to Know if a Non-muslim is permitted to enter a Mosque.

Harun Yahya
Ulamaa ID 01
Assalamu alaiykum, This is a question regarding a concept portrayed by the author in question, Harun Yahya, in many of his works, that nothing in reality is real except the being of Allah (swt) and that everthing else apart from the "Real" (Allah), is just an illusion created in our heads. Please shed some light. Wassalam
Where ruh goes
Ulamaa ID 04
i read in many books that sahaba and awliya saw azaab(punishments in graves) in people's graves . how they saw inside the grave?
Ulamaa ID 04
I know the riba (usury) is haram to take it ,but if i want to get a laon that has interest and i am the one who is gonna paying the interest. is that haram too paying usury(riba).
Salat tawbah
Ulamaa ID 04
can you please tell us the exact way n which duas to pray during n after the namaz plz, with what intension shud we amke, n is it 2 rakats ?
Important books
Ulamaa ID 13
what are the two main books of islam. iherd its the quran and the book called sunnats of the prophet is it true??
plz reply sooon
Ice cream
Ulamaa ID 03
assalaamu alaikum,

Could you please tell me whether ice cream from the ice cream van in uk is halal?

Query sent - Reply to query:
no i mean ice cream from the the ice cream van. its not a specific van, they are all over the country. They play the sound of music as they drive around and people go up and buy ice cream. you must have seen them. the ice cream they give does not come in a packaging and so has no barcode or anything.

Mufti sahab my question is

The place where I work, there is a Christian prayer hall. Can I offer my Zuhr prayer in that prayer hall?

Jazak Allah


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