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Ulamaa ID 04
a - does talaq by a man suffering from mental illness countb - does talaq by a man possed by a jinn count (he says the jinn was trying break the marriage)
Ulamaa ID 01
Assalamu-aliakum, 1. If I have to give 3 sheeps for qurbani, can I keep one for myself, give one to family and friends and give one whole sheep to the poor? Or do I have to cut all 3 sheeps and distribute? 2. When dividing the sheep in 3 parts, do we divide the meat only or do me also include the organs of the animal (lungs, heart, head, feet, etc.) Jazak-Allah.
Salam, I''m writing to a chain of dreams that I''ve received since May 2002. I had a dream at that time where I was possibly in a hospital and my father is there to come see me. Apparently my father is holding my hand when I fall asleep and when I wake up I notice I''m still holding a man''s hand, only it turns out to be some man who is a stranger to me. I ask this stranger where is my father and he just smiles at me. Then I ask him, "who are you" ..he smiles again and says don''t worry he''ll be back to see you. It appears that this stranger knows me on a personal basis by the affectionate conversation we share but I am left confused. About four months later, I was traveling and I came across this stranger in a building lobby where we exchanged a few words. His appearance matched the one that I had in the dream in May. I immediately noticed that it was this man who i had seen before. Time passed many times and we crossed paths many times. For some reason, I decided to do Istikhara in 2002 regarding this man, and I have received a positive response from day one. I''ve continued doing istikhara for 3 years and I''ve received a positive response every time. The only thing that bothers me is that I''ve known a lot of personal details about of his past through people in the community and I don''t see him being a match for me due to his bad past. Over three years, I''ve seen many dreams followed by istikhara or actual experiences in person where I see parts of his life in my dreams. I see him traveling with me, I''ve seen him meeting me for dinner, I''ve seen our mothers talking in his house and I see myself more grown up in there, I see myself having mashallah two beautiful daughters but in that dream I''m not told who the father is, I''ve seen him and his family member in one dream stopping me in the marketplace where he asks me to decide about an important matter in two weeks time, and I''ve seen my father asking me in a dream if I had known him in the past. I''ve confided with malvi''s accross the country and they said only allah knows best. If I''ve done istikhara for 3 years and it came out positive what does that mean? I have lost contact with this person in the past two years. Also in one of the dreams I saw him married to someone else and the marriage was bad. If he is married, then what is the validity of my istikhara. I was advised in a istikhara that I will marry an unmarried man by a maulvi. Is there truth to my dreams? Lastly, there was also a dream where the guy''s mother walks up to me in a masjid and offers me her phone number but I do not react immediately. Please advise, the istikharas have shown me enough but I have no contact with this man. Jazakallah and may ALLAH SWT bless you. Khair.[b:6f1eebbdc4][/b:6f1eebbdc4]
Ulamaa ID 01
Alhamdulilah I am a religious sister who prays, wears hijab, and pratcices thikr of Allah.
I divorced my ex-husband two years ago after I caught him gambling. I tried for 8 years to make it work but the problem continued. I am 26 and have two children. I support my children and myself. Alhamdulilah I have a wonderful and well-paying career and a college education.
He does not pray but says he stopped gambling. I do not have any proof of this. He has a blue-collar job and can barely support himself. I really do not know what to do. I want to do what is right and please Allah.

Admin Edit:

I forgot to mention that he is pursuing to get re-married to me. He begs my family and friends for me to re-marry him.
Junaid jamsheed
Ulamaa ID 03
Asalaam alikaum W.W.

please can you tell me if it is ok to listen to & buy junaid jamsheed nazams & naats.

Ulamaa ID 10
what is the ruleing if a husband and wife make love duing the wifes period, thinking that she has finised only to start her period again the next there a special repent they must do.
assalamualaykum, inshallah this reaches you in the best of health and imaan, i was wondering on the islamic view points of wearing surmah outside of the home, i wear the niqaab, im so used to wearing surmah i have to wear it everyday, i was wondering if there is any sin on me wearing it outside, especially as i uncover my eyes only, inshallah i await your response,
Ulamaa ID 04
Can i use my interest money from my Provident Fund (PF) for my poor step mother or step brother or for my nephew's school expense.
Ear pierce
Ulamaa ID 04
Is a women allowed to pierce as many holes in her ears as she likes? Also is it permissible to pierce any part of the ear?
Jamaa'at at Masjid
Ulamaa ID 04

If a group of brothers upon entering a masjid find that the main jamat is over, can they make their own second jamat within the jamaat hall? I have heard that they can't but i am not sure.

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