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Ulamaa ID 12
Salam. I will try to be very short as required. I am over 30 years old, and there is a guy, also over 30 years old. We both are muslims. We want to get married, but our parents don't agree. Their disagreement isn't based on islam, but on issues like caste and status. I have done Hajj, alhamdulillah, and I pray 5 times a day, but sometimes unfortunately I do skip my prayers, but I really try to pray as we should. I use hijab and try to follow islam as much as possible. They guy is also decent, loving towards his family etc. We live in the West, so we could have gotten married all by ourselves, but we don't want to do that to our parents. We want them to give us our blessings. I have read on net that we can do the wazifa "aghisni aghisni aghisni ya mogheeso". Should we both do that wazifa or you can give us another? His mother and family live in Pakistan, so he can't do dam on some sweet food etc so his mother can eat it. I live with parents. Could you give us a wazifa and the requirements in order to do the wazifa. I apologize for my poor English. I am looking forward to an answer. JazakAllah khair. Allah hafiz.
Ulamaa ID 10
hi may i know which ingredients are haram in a hair dye?
Sa'ee of Hajj
Ulamaa ID 04
Respected Maulana Sab, AoA,

Since it is permissable to have a break during Sa'ee (as long as for a day) after any round so, is it permissable to complete the Sa'ee of Hajj after sunset of 12th Zilhajj or even on 13th / 14th Zilhajj? will there by any penalty in such a case?

Kindly answer me at your earliest.

Siddiq Raja
Ulamaa ID 08
Assalam o alaikum
ive been in contact with you via emails but i have still not go any reply from you. any way emailing again.
i have been in nikah for more than 8 years, since my nikah i have never been in a sexual relationship with my husband (as he never ever wants to) but only kissing and hugging and thats it. my question is if i get divorce from him, will i be due to any iddah? please do reply as soo as possible.
may Allah swt give you peace in this world and the herafter.
from pakistan.
Ulamaa ID 04
asalamalaikum brother,I would like to ask you regarding divorce. If a man says to his wife 'do not do a certain act or I have divorced you Three times.[if you do the act]'.Then later he says I didnt mean it ,its ok now if you do the act.So his wife does the act thinking its ok .Is she divorced or not and if so is she divorced three times ? I would like to add that the man does not follow any mazhab in particular and says the divorce is not valid,according to his beliefs.I will be grateful for your help.jazakAllah
Ulamaa ID 04
Assalamu-alaykum brother
I have just come back from Hajj Allhumdulillah was the most amazing experience, i am just curious about one thing that happened whilst i was there. many times when i was praying maghrib namaaz i used to get a white feather on my masallah even when i used to pray outside the haram sharif or inside the mosque i would be standing and the feather would come flying down and land on my masallah and it was always at maghrib time so i was just wondering if there is any explanation for this. If you know of anything please let me know it may be nothing but it happened too often and always at the same time.
Ulamaa ID 05
assalamu alaykum
i did my nikah without any mehram present, due to my parents not agreeing with me marrying the guy. but we had 2witnesses who were just friends. is the nikah valid?
Ulamaa ID 03
could you please tell me what diglycerides and fatty acids are and are they halal?
Janaza Namaz
Ulamaa ID 05


I wanted to know when one prays janaza namaz on a field or say outside does he have to take off his shoes or can one keep them on?

I am intending to travel to my neices wedding to india with my 12 year old son would this be in order or am i not allowed to travel without mehram and what is the punishment for this i also intend to take my 17 year old daughter with me jazakallah i look forward to your reply so i can make a decision wether to go or not please advise me.
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