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Ulamaa ID 03

"Assalamu alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Fiqhi Rulings do not apply to things which 'may have' occurred. They only apply to definite occurrences.

Even if pork had come into contact with with utensils or devices like food processors, once they are purified with water (washing thoroughly and making sure all impurities are visibly removed), it is pure to use hence would be permissible to buy and use."

I wanted to ask after having seen this answer-:

I have just moved into a rented house, where things have been used by previous people e.g grill, oven etc. The grill has grease on it (as grills do) am i obliged to wash it before use, as the grill could be contaminated with haraam food effects?

so the question is do i have to purify it first? can you tell me how to do this, i thing it will take a long time for me to remove the grease.

Women fasting
Ulamaa ID 10
If a woman fasted out of Ramadhan (her qaza fasts) and she starts her monthly period during the day, can she eat and drink for the rest of the day???
Validity of nikkah
Ulamaa ID 04
If the girl at the time of signing the marriage-contract is not accepting it from her heart, but signs it; but after several years of her marriage accepts it from her heart; is the nikkah valid?
Ulamaa ID 10
is there's any restrictions for a mulim girl to take full hijab including the covering of face?
Ulamaa ID 04
Salams Mufti Saab!

I know mortgage is haraam but if someone has fixed there mortgage for a number of years so a fixed same amount is going out every month is it still haraam? as I have heard if the interest rate is fixed then its OK?
Ulamaa ID 04

Dear Mufti sab,

Hadith to the nearest effect:

Abu Hurairah (RA) reported that the Prophet (SAW) said to stand in path of Allah for a short while is better than worshipping Allah in the night of laylatul Qadr, in front of Hajre Aswad.

Could you please clarify the hadith in full length and its sources for me i.e which books of hadith can it be found. And can this hadith be used for going out in Tabligh Jamat.

Jazzak Allah

Ulamaa ID 04
Assalamualaikum warahmatuallahi wabarakatuh

What things make a person mazoor?

I have a problem that after i urinate i make every effort to exclude the final urine drops. But as i put some tissue around my private parts, i know when im doing wuzu for the next salaat, a drop of urine comes out

Sometimes no urine comes out whilst doing wuzu but after ive performed my salaat and i check the tissue, it is obvious a drop came out sometime in salaat, and i dont even feel when the drop is coming out. So i have to repeat my salaat again on my own.

This is a major problem for me and my salaat with jamaat. Ive heard that it takes no more than 15 mins for the final urine drop to come out, for me 1,2 or maybe even 3 hours after ive urinated, a drop or two still come out

Please help.

Permissable Attire
Ulamaa ID 04
Asalamoalykum. Please could you elaborate on the clothes worn by our beloved Prophet SAW. Also is it haraam to wear western clothes. Jazakallah.
Isha namaz
Ulamaa ID 04
salaams, sometimes when i goto mosque for isha namaz the tarawih is being prayed, should i pray my isha namaz seperatly first or can i join the tarawih with the intention of isha namaz and when the imam says assalumualaykum i get up and pray the other 2 rakats, ive heard from DR ZAKIR that i can join the imam then finish of the 2 rakats, how true is this?
Ulamaa ID 09
My name is [name removed], I live in new york usa for last 8 years originally I am from Pakistan My question is that Im going to marry next month Ive know this girl for last 2 years and we love each other alot my question is that we commit zina I know I commit and a great sin but we are both very sorry about it and always in prayers we ask allah subhano talla for forgiveness in this non muslim country we went to far from islam and commit mistakes my question is that I saw a Pakistani tv progrram aalim online somebody ask them a same question as mine and the both ulma Shia and Sunni said that a person cant get marry to a girl who he had sex with I did not know that before but there is a web site called "ASKIMAM.ORG" I saw a same question as mine and "Mufti Ebrahim Dasai" alim from south africa he said that I can marry a girl. Im so confuse I dont know what to do I know I commit the great sin but now we both realise that we did the very wrong thing I said toba and not to commit this sin again and ask allah to forgive me then I can marry a girl if not why not people commit sins and said toba as allah sobhano tala said the doors are always open for one who said toba come back to me please give me the answer as soon as posible in quran o sunnat light one more thing that Im a sunni and hanafi muslim please dowa for me that allah forgive me I will be very thanks full please give me the answer as soon as possible .
alsalam o aliukum warahmatullah
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