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Ulamaa ID 09
Bismillah ArRahman ArRaheem

Assalamu alaikum. If a husband has not yet paid the mahr to his wife, but the amount of mahr agreed upon between them at the time of marriage is known to both of them, is the wife responsible for paying zakat every year on the mahr that she has not yet received?
Ulamaa ID 03

Salaam, I wanted to know if the ingredient shellac is halal or not, because they use in some of tesco brand sweets, for example: Milk covered peanuts.


Mehr Types
Ulamaa ID 14

1) How many types of Mahr.
2) Can Gold be given as a Mahr.
3) Can a Mahr be divided (like some amount at wedding night & some later on)
Ulamaa ID 05
Salaam to all who read this

I have a BIG problem, I am 7 months pregnant and my husband says it is wrong to carry on normal marital relations.

Is he right? I don't know and I have no way of finding out either.

All I know is that it makes me feel ugly and worthless because it hurts as he is slowly distancing himself from me.
Ulamaa ID 03

assalaamu alaikum,

just wanted to ask if somebody brought halaal food e.g bread from an off licence because other shops were shut would the food be haramm because it was from an off licence?

Always Being Ill
Ulamaa ID 10

I wanted to ask that some people are always ill
1 day they will be okay and the next they will be ill
can you please give me an iyyat that can help as it say in the quran ' There is a cure to every diseases except death '


Vanilla extract
Ulamaa ID 04
Salams I am aware that we are allowed vanillin and vanilla essence however are we allowed vanilla extract and natural vanilla extract? Jk for time
Ulamaa ID 04

Please can you clarify below..

1. I pay into a company pension scheme where my deductions are compulsory, i have to pay into it monthly and my employer makes a contribution monthly too. Do i need to pay Zakaat on this?

2. Do i need to pay zakaat on money i have lent to someone? or does the person who has borrowed the money from me have to pay zakat for it. e.g i have lent a family member 10000 pounds to help him in his business, i dont need this money so dont ask for it however he has had the money for maybe 2 years or so, and he will pay me once he gets comfortable in his business or if i need it in an emergency?
Priority of Fasts
Ulamaa ID 01
After the month of Ramadhan, does a man/woman have to make up the fasts that they missed in Ramadhan due to Haydh, illness or any other valid excuse or can he fast the 6 fasts of Shawwaal first before he makes up the missed fasts?? Jazakallahu Khair
Sorbitol Alcohol
Ulamaa ID 03
I have read the rulings posted on this site regarding the use of mouthwash which contains alcohol.

However my question is with regards to mouthwash / products which contain sorbitol alcohol. I have done some research and it seems this is naturally occuring. Are we allowed to use such a product? I include links to info about sorbitol alcohol, I hope you are able to give a ruling accordingly.

Zazakallah for your time and may Allah reward your services to the Ummah.
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