Coca Cola GBá 2014

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 5th July 2014 14:10
Coca Cola GBá 2014

Last Updated: 30/11/1999
With reference to Coca Cola Telegraph article, you may ring Coca Cola direct on 0800 227711
This is the Coca Cola reply from the Web site for the alcohol rumour:

This website also contains statements about dozens of rumours.

We stand by our list below, but we can't take any email on this issue, due to the sheer volume.á Please contact Coca Cola DIrect for a statement if you require.

Coca Cola Statement:

"None of the products of Coca-Cola Great Britain contain ingredients derived from mammals. áAs some practicing vegetarians avoid fish products as well, it is important to note that some of our products contain minute traces of fish gelatine, which is used as a stabiliser for the beta-carotene colour. These products have been clearly labelled on the attached list.

Soft drinks products of The Coca-Cola Company are officially recognised as non-alcoholic beverages. áHowever, 'Schweppes' Lemonade Shandy is an alcohol containing beverage and thus is appropriately labelled. á The ingredients and manufacturing process used in the production of 'Coca-Cola' are rigorously regulated by government and health authorities in more than 200 countries which have consistently recognised the beverage as a non-alocoholic product. áThis includes countries where Islam is the major religion."

Halaal according to information provided,á however please note that Coca Cola has not responded to our question about alcoholic flavourings. Britvic, Rubiconáand Libby'sá drinks have clearly declared alcoholic flavourings.á
If you wish to refrain from alcoholic flavourings, then we advise you that Coca Cola Company products may not be suitable for your consumption.
Coca-Cola Vanilla - re launch
Coca-Cola Cherry
Coke Zero
Coke Zero Cherry
Diet Coke
Diet Coke with Cherry
Diet Coke Citrus Zest
Caffeine-free Diet Coke
Sprite Zero
Fanta Orange
Fanta Orange Zero
Fanta Icy Lemon
Fanta Icy Lemon Zero
Fanta Fruit Twist
Fanta Mango & Passionfruitááá
Fanta Mango & Passionfruitááá
Fanta Mango & Passionfruitááá
Fanta Mango & Passionfruitááá
Fanta Peach & Apricot
Fanta Red Fruits
Fanta Rasberry & Passionfruit
Lilt Pineapple & Grapefruit (fish)
Lilt Pineapple & Grapefruit Zero (fish)
Lilt Mango
Five Alive Citrus Five Fruit Blend
Five Alive Berry Five Fruit Blend (non kosher)
Five Alive Tropical Five Fruit Blend
Five Alive Apple Five Fruit Blend (non Kosher)
Powerade ION4 Berry & Tropical
Powerade ION4 Cherry
Poweradeá ION4 Orange
Powerade Zero Berry & Tropical
Powerade Zero Red Fruits
Roses Lime Cordial
Kia-Ora Orange Squash - NAS (fish)
Kia-Ora Mixed Fruit Squash - NAS
Oasis Summer Fruits
Oasis Summer Fruits Light
Oasis Citrus Punch
Oasis Peach Passionfruit Light
Oasis Mango Medley
Oasis Blackcurrant Apple
Dr Pepper
Dr Pepper Zero
Relentless Origin
Relentless Orange
Relentless Tropical Juiced
Relentless Ultra (Zero Calorie)
Relentless Apple and KiWi
Relentless Cherry
Relentless Lemon Ice
Schweppes Canada Dry Ginger Ale
Schweppes Slimline Canada Dryá Ginger AleGlaceau Vitamin Water Revive - Fruit Punch
Glaceau vitamin Water Defence - Raspberry Apple
Glaceau Vitamin Water Power C - Dragonfruit
Glaceau Vitamin Water Essential- Orange
Glaceau Vitamin Water Multi V - Lemonade
Glaceau Vitamin Water XXX - Triple Berry
Glaceau Vitamin Water i-Focus - Kiwi Strawberry
Glaceau Vitamin Water Sunshine - Citrus Cuava
Schweppes Abbey Well Natural mineral Water Still
Schweppes Abbey Well Natural Mineral Water Sparkling
Schweppes Indian Tonic Water
Schweppes Slimline Tonic Water
Schweppes Bitter Lemon
Schweppes Slimline Bitter Lemon
Schweppes Soda Water
Schweppes Russchianá - re-namedá Schweppes Citrus Blend
Schweppes Slimline Tonic Water with a hint of lemon Zest
Schweppes Lemonade
Schweppes Diet Lemonade
Schweppes Ginger Beer
Schweppes Orange Squash (fish)
Schweppes Peppermint Cordial
Schweppes Lime Cordial
Schweppes Blackcurrant Cordial
Schweppes Tomato Juice Mix
Schweppes Pink Grapefruit
Schweppes Pineapple Juice
Schweppes Orange Juice Standard
Schweppes Slimline Elderflower Tonic Water
Minute Maid 100% Pure Orange Juice - 330ml cans
Minute Maid 100% Pure Apple Juice - 330ml cans

Fish= Minute traces of fish gelatine
None of the products of CCGB contain ingredients derived from mammals.á The products that contain minute traces of fish gelatine have been clearly labelled (fish)


When is alcoholic flavours halal? Answer

Please note, this is the work of respected Ulama who are specialists in the food industry. No further questions or speculation please. No new thread required either. If you wish to say something otherwise, then do so on your blog.

جزاك الله خيرا
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