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Ibn Ayub
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3rd Apr 2012
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#31 [Permalink] Posted on 13th April 2012 22:56
Having gone to a Darul Uloom, from my experience and what I know about Darul Ulooms, then my humble opinion would be Leicester, from amongst the UK Darul Uloom that is if you are over 16, as its 16+ there.

However, on the other hand, if you are able, then going abroad is an excellent option as it allows one to cut off from friends and family and also study more and become a better Aalim, Insha-Allaah. May Allaah assist you in your cause, Aameen.
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#32 [Permalink] Posted on 18th April 2012 16:14

Those who have passed away recognise those who send them the reward of recitation of the Qur’ān and other acts of worship,and even those above who did not recognise the senders in their life times recognise these places. We used to have a student here from London called Abdāl Miā who would stay here during the holidays. He once related his dream to me in which he saw his late paternal-aunt who told him, “I know your Darul Uloom.” He asked her, “How do you know our Darul Uloom when you passed away in Bangladesh?” She replied, “Just as you people recognise the different stars above, we too see from above the places that shine with light, one of which is your Darul Uloom.”

Jamale Muhammadi
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#33 [Permalink] Posted on 21st April 2012 18:53

At the time when I wanted to start schooling at Darul Uloom, a private school in Jeddah was being run by the Pakistani embassy there. The principal of that school was Master Manẓūr Ṣāḥib who was a khalīfa of Shāh ʿAbd al-Qādir Raipūrī . Master Manẓūr Ṣāḥib would come and spend twenty four hours with Shaykh Zakariyyā  every Thursday.

Coincidentally, when we were in the process of initiating schooling at Darul Uloom, Master Manẓūr Ṣāḥib was a guest of some people from Huddersfield and Leeds who were from the same area as him back in his hometown]. Hence, we invited him, [to Darul Uloom] and he accepted our invitation. I asked him, “You have spent most of your life in the field of teaching and have been a principal at the school in Jeddah, therefore, can you please give us some guidance in regards to a syllabus?”

He replied, “There is only one thing you need to bear inmind.”

”Is there any book or syllabus you recommend?” I asked.

He said,
Syllabuses and books are of no use. No matter how good your books and syllabus is, if your teachers are incompetent, then they are deemed useless. And on the other hand, if your teachers are competent, experts in their respective subjects, then they are not even in need of books, as they can do without them. What do they need books for, if they are competent enough to author their own books?
Jamale Muhammadi by Shaykh Yusuf Motala
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