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Salat-e-tasbeeh as tahajjud

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7th Aug 2017
#1 [Permalink] Posted on 7th August 2017 03:43
Asalam o Alikum,
My question is that can i perform tasbeeh salah with tahajjud neeyat. In Quran Allah has multiple times praised his people for standing till late for him in prayer, there are various hadith telling how prophet (pbuh) recited longer surahs to perform tahajjud, well my case is bit complicated. i have a very bad memory and I have failed to remember any long surah, though I am trying it wouldn't happen immediately so I have switched to tasbeeh salah as its a bit longer to perform and also when I am calculating the number of times I recited the tasbeeh, It helps my focus my mind is less wandering. Sometimes when I am not well and I fail to sleep for any problem I pray tasbeeh salah at my usual tahajjud time. But my neeyat is tasbeeh salah (I sometimes feel like I am breaking the condition of Allah for me to sleep and then wake up but its hard not to pray when I am restless and anxious).
My second question is about ishraq I have read somewhere I should recite ayat al kursi and aminar rasool in ishraq, again I tried to remember aminar rasool but I have failed, though I am still trying and I hope I can remember it some day I do not want to skip ishraq till I can, so I have opted for ayat al kursi alone for both rakat. I feel like I should not use excuse of bad memory to cut down my good deeds and I also feel like I do not have the right to change things. So I would be grateful for your advice.
Jazakallah khair.
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