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Makkah, Madinah, History, Museum Pictures & Video inside the Kabah

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abu mohammed
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6th Oct 2008
#391 [Permalink] Posted on 8th January 2018 09:02
Private museums open in Madinah 
to promote Islamic heritage


Friday 5 January 2018

MADINAH: Since the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) began issuing licenses to private museums, several have opened in Madinah.

In Dar Al-Madinah Museum, visitors and researchers can learn about the life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Islamic civilization and Madinah’s urban culture.

It is “the first and largest specialized museum of the history and cultural heritage of Madinah and the landmarks of the prophet’s life,” Hassan Taher, executive director, told Arab News.

The museum, which has four main halls, publishes specialized periodicals on Madinah’s history and landmarks, and holds seminars and forums in this field.

The hall on the prophet’s life includes a collection of rare paintings and images of Madinah, and unique collections from Islamic history.

Another hall contains an open courtyard where visitors can enjoy nature and Madinah’s ancient architecture.

The museum has “a highly skilled, informed cadre capable of communicating with the public based on documented sources and real scientific references,” Taher said.

The team includes speakers of seven languages, including Arabic, English, Turkish and Urdu, he added.

Visitors include Madinah residents, Umrah and Hajj pilgrims, official delegations, families, university students and schools from outside and inside the city, he said.

The museum is located on King Abdul Aziz Road in Madinah Knowledge Economic City. It is open Saturday to Thursday from 9.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. The entry fee is SR25 ($6.70).

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