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Masjid DarusSalam OPEN HOUSE (Chicago area, IL, USA)

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 28th February 2017 18:00
Event Information
Event Date: 11th March 2017
Event Time: From 04:30pm To 06:30pm
Venue: Chicago area, IL, USA
Countdown: Finished.
The principle of loving and honoring one's neighbors is one that is shared by all faiths. In an increasingly divisive, partisan atmosphere, there is no ideal more important than this to unite our fractured nation. We need to build bridges between our communities, not walls. We need to extend the hand of goodwill and friendship, not harbor animosity and rancor toward those of our fellow citizens who may not look like us or share our faith.

In this light, Masjid DarusSalam humbly invites our respected friends, neighbors, and community members to attend our Open House. Those attending will have the opportunity to learn more about the Islamic faith from the perspective of mainstream, practicing Muslims as well getting acquainted with the services and activities provided by our mosque.


Please share with your friends, colleagues, students, & families.

We hope to see you there,


Masjid DarusSalam
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