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UK education chief: Boys should be educated SEPARATELY from girls

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 5th January 2015 01:48

Boys should be educated SEPARATELY from girls so they're not intimidated, claims education chief

Jan 04, 2015

By: John Shammas

Boys need to be educated separately from girls during secondary school to avoid them from being intimidated, the new head of the Girls' Schools Association has claimed.

The move would help boys keep up with their grades during exams taken aged 11 to 16, Alun Jones, president of the body which represents independent girls' schools, has claimed.

He told the Sunday Times: "If you have a very bright, very driven, very focused, very articulate lady, which a lot of girls are, that intimidates a boy in the classroom, especially boys of average ability.

"The result is that boys don't put their hands up to answer questions or they indulge in immature behaviour to avoid being shown up.

"Boys will put their hand up if they feel safe; they won't if they are in fear of being ridiculed or humiliated. Boys fear failure just like girls do."

Department for Education statistics released in October showed more than 60% of girls at state schools scored at least five C grades including English and maths last year, compared with 50.8 per cent of boys.

Mr Jones added: "In the most formative years when adolescence is hitting with a vengeance, boys should be educated separately.

"More single-sex classes for boys in state schools might halt the decline in boys' achievement.

"I think that every state school should consider... experimenting with teaching boys and girls separately especially in subjects like English, maths and sciences.”


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