Fatwa Issued Against Muslims Who Support Muhammad Ali Jinnah

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#61 [Permalink] Posted on 20th May 2018 09:34
200 million Indian muslims are answerable to secular silent majority, they demand to clarify the misadventures by 8 million kashmiri muslims.

The kashmiri muslims are also considered as indian muslims by silent majority. And their actions are sold by sangh parivar to expand their base. And it continues.
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#62 [Permalink] Posted on 20th May 2018 14:11
Kashmiri muslims are going through a lot of oppression than any of us. They too can ask as Muslims living in other part of india, what we are doing to them. Do we speak the truth on their part. North India is too sensitive for such talks but South Indian Muslims can talk. I know a non Muslim party leader speaking in favour of them in tamilnadu but I don't know how much Muslims speak. Tamils went through genocide in srilanka and our own army helped in these atrocities so they kind of understand the pain kashmir Muslims are going through the hands of army. We should not ignore kashmir Muslims. Allahu alam
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#63 [Permalink] Posted on 20th May 2018 14:52
Umm Khadeejah wrote:
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We cannot justify flying of pakistani flag in an Indian territory. Pakistan is an enemy state for India.

We know pre azaadi movement era. Even when military operations didn't start in kashmir, instances of flying pakistani flag was sold to Indian youth as act of traitor, as if all Indian muslims support this. These seeds sowed at that time is yielding results for sangh parivar.
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