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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 5th October 2004 04:00
A wonderful story which made the Prophet pbuh laugh, is the report given by Imam Ahmad from Umm. Salamah.

Umm Salamah radiallaahu 'anhaa said:

Abu Bakr radiallaahu 'anhu went to the city of Busra on a trade mission. With him were Nuaiman and Suwaibit ibn Harmalah, and both were the two who had fought in the battle of Badr. Suwaibit was in charge of the provisions of the caravan. Nuaiman asked him to give him food. At this Suwaibit said, 'Wait a little and let Abu Bakr come'. Nuaiman was a witty and humorous fellow. He went to a group of men who had brought beasts of burden. He said to them, 'Will any of you purchase a slave?' They replied in the affirmative. Nuaiman said, 'That Arab slave is a plausible fellow and it is just possible that he might say that he is not a slave. If you leave him because of his words then blame me not, and break not the deal'. Those traders agreed to this. These men purchased him for 10 she-camels. Nuaiman brought the she-camels and pointing towards Suwaibit, he told them that that was the slave. The traders said, 'We already know that you will say this' (i.e. that he isn't a slave). Now the traders tied Suwaibit by his neck and wanted to take him to their place. In the meantime Abu Bakr came there, and he was informed about all of this. Abu Bakr and his companions when to those merchants and returned them to their she-camels. Thus they bought back Suwaibit. Later on when the Prophet was informed about this incident, he laughed. The Prophet and his companions continued laughing over this incident for the whole year.

[Ahmad, Abu Dawud , al Tayalsi, al Isabah, Vol II p98, Al Istiab Vol II p126 and Vol III p 576]
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