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Dajjal Impact

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 14th January 2020 09:18
Anas ibn Malik said, “The Prophet said, ‘The time of the Dajjal will be years of confusion. People will believe a liar, and disbelieve one who tells the truth. People will distrust one who is trustworthy, and trust one who is treacherous; and the Ruwaybidah will have a say.’ Someone asked, ‘Who are the Ruwaybidah?’ He said, ‘Those who rebel against Allah and will have a say in general affairs.’” (Ahmad.)

There is no doubt that one day Ad-Dajjal will appear. He will be the greatest trial ever sent to mankind.

Each day that passes is a day closer to his time and a day further away from the time of the beloved prophet, peace and blessings of Allah Ta’la be upon him.

As we get closer to the Dajjals time, by observing the state of humanity in general and the Muslim ummah in particular, we can feel and see his impact increasing day by day.

From the ahadith, we know much fitnah will already be present before the arrival of the Dajjal.

This fitnah will not only be in terms of wars, bloodshed and death. It will also, and perhaps to a greater extent, be a fitnah of the hearts and minds. The fitnah of the hearts and minds is such that it systematically – step by step – reduces eeman until all is lost.

And every sincere believer understands that they would rather lose their lives than their eeman.

Close to the time of ad-Dajjal, people will be confused in general and about Islam specifically.

This is the very nature of the Dajjal – to confuse.

“Dajjal is from the root dajala, which means to mix. The word dajala is used to mean deliberately confusing matters and being vague and ambiguous. The Dajjaal is the one who speaks in vagaries, who tells many lies and deceives many people.”

The Dajjal will not appear in some sort of vaccum.

Before he arrives, society, the world over, will have already been manipulated and moulded in such a way so as to make people susceptible to him, to easily accept and follow him upon his arrival. This is the impact of his imminent arrival.

The hearts and minds of both Muslims and non Muslims will be socially engineered in such a way that they will start to see evil as good and good as evil. What was once sacred and Godly, will now be seen as backwards and outdated. And that which has always been known to be sinful and soul destroying will be seen as the way forward, the way of the enlightened, empowered and open minded.

This process is already well under way, and has been exponentially increasing over the last couple of hundred years.

Many indications have now appeared to show that that this process appears to be nearing its peak.

Many Muslims, including many of those who consider themselves practicing and learned Muslims, have already been heavily decieved or manipulated, and unfortunatley they don’t realise it. Their hearts and minds have been heavily influenced by foerign philosophies such as secularism, liberalism, nationalism, feminism, capitalism and the like. They attempt to change the sunnah and sharia to redefine Islam and make it fit within the parameters of these foreign philosophies. May Allah Ta’la protect us from such corruption.

“Many Muslims are now attempting to change or reform Islam to make it fit within the parameters and limits of a liberal and secular society. Heavily influenced by liberalist, nationalistic, secular and feminsit philosophies (amongst others), these reformists adovcate simple realignment of Islam with tempestuous and ever-changing Western norms.”

Instead of trying to change themselves and their lifestyles to conform to the sunnah and sharia, certain Muslims are now attempting to justify their lifestyles, their whims and their western cultural baggage by trying to change the Islamic ethos, to change the Islamic values and by negating many aspects of the sunnah.

Through various pretexts and justifications they attempt to remodel Islam within the framework and parameters of their lifestyle (which is heavily influenced by the above alien philosophies), rather than remodel their lifestyle within the parameters of sunnah and sharia. Their nafs takes control of them and they go opinion hunting, hoping that they may find some minority opinion or fatwa from somewhere to justify themselves. gathers the works from various sources to analyse and tackle these and similar problems as well as gathering works that will help us to increase our eemaan and protect us against this imapct of the dajjalic system we currently find ourselves in.

May Allah ta’la protect us from the fitnah of the Dajjal, protect us from the fires of jahanum and tortures of the grave, and give us a place in jannatul firdaus.

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