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Friends from poor families

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 28th October 2019 12:03

When I was in college in Pakistan, one of our friends in the groups was extremely poor. There was 5-6 of us in the group and he was the only one in the group who was from a poor background.

We (friends) used to collect our pocket money and pay for things and try to not burden him but it was a very difficult situation. When we used to go to his house, we used to not eat and tell Aunty (his mother) that we ate before coming so she did not have to get us anything. We all deliberately used to go to another friends house after school to eat saying "The other Aunty cooks better"

The other Aunty used to fill up with pride and cook (for us) but fact was that she was terrible and she was Afghan and we hated Afghan food! :lol

One day we went to his house and Anuty offered us "7-up" and we got out of it by making fun of the situation by saying "Aunty, old people drink 7-up who have Gas...and we laughed at her". The fact was that we did not want them to spend the money on drinks

Have you guys dealt with a situation like this?

P.S: This guy is now a celebrity in Pakistan and I am told that he is now super-arrogant and proud, although I don't know if it is an act or for real. I still hate Afghan food probably because of that :P

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