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Science behind the propaganda.

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abu mohammed
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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 20th September 2017 13:20
This is a thread I originally posted in the Private Forums, I will be slowly transferring the posts here to the Public forum's... In sha Allah.


Being an old timer not knowing much about how, Social media works.

Sometime ago during Donald Trumps election campaign....I noticed on Twitter loads of accounts of Black people who seemed to be fanatically supporting Donald Trump, and leaping to his defense, and even agreeing with his remarks.

That striked me as rather odd, considering Donald Trumps, anti-black rhetoric and his history of racism going back decades he was taken to court for his refusal to rent his properties to black people as far back as the 1970's. Then some time later I read that thousands of dummie accounts, had been created by a White Supremacist website, that was supporting Trump. What they did to make those accounts seem more authentic is post a photoshopped profile pictures of black people , tweets about black musicians, and athletes, Afro-american cuisine Soul Food etc. So any one reading would assume immediatley that was a real account. And I also learned that this style of propaganda is commonly used by the Military and intelligence agencies.

So I looked at this from a muslim perspective, if they are targeting black people then they most definitley must be targeting, Muslims.

That is indeed the case, for example you have loads of fake ex-muslims on twitter, what intially struck me as odd here is that forums run by apostates only have limited membership. On youtube the videos posted by Converts to Islam far, far exceeds the number of videos posted by apostates infact its not even close.

Yet on twitter there seemed to be loads of them and even sounding and looking authentic, but the pattern of propoganda is always the same, "Barbarity Of Islam" "Oppression of Women" "Honour Killings" "Forced Marriage" etc.

Then you got others pretending to be muslim, whilst spewing anti-muslim propaganda to give just one example yesterday I came across an account by an Indian guy claiming to be Muslim with a Muslim name, in it he tweeted a few hadiths, the rest was Praise for Israel, Palestinians are evil, Kashmiris are terrorists.
The Rohingya are evil. Modi is great Trump is great.

Then we have Dummie accounts pretending to be Muslim and mocking non-muslims, posting tweets rejoicing at any type of misfortune that has fallen any non-muslims, labelling them evil Kafirs etc.

What is disconcerting is muslims seem to be falling for this propaganda, some sympathising with the anti-muslim rhetoric and others becoming disheartened.

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