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Resurrection of Jesus (AS)?

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 13th April 2017 09:59

Between Christians, Muslims and Ahmadi-Qadiyanees

(Maulana) Sohail Bawa (HA)

Khatme Nubuwwat Academy, London: Faithful Islam, Final Prophet: Mercy to Mankind

Due to the closeness of Good Friday, I have been asked to succinctly summarise the key differences between the beliefs of Christians, Muslims and Ahmadi-Qadiyanees.

  1. (Many) Christians believe that Jesus (peace be upon Him) was crucified on a cross on Friday and killed. He was then resurrected on Sunday.
  2. Muslims (unanimously) believe that Jesus (peace be upon Him) was neither crucified, nor killed but lifted up to the heavens (alive). He will descend back to Earth at an appointed time.
  3. Ahmadi-Qadiyanees believe that people tried to crucify and kill Jesus (peace be upon Him) but he merely went unconscious. Those around him mistook his unconscious state and assumed that he had died. He revived later on and then went to live his natural life and then passed away. His grave is (supposedly) in Roza Bal (Kashmir).

Read full research:

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