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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 25th December 2017 08:10
Assalamu Alaykum,

To decrease the load on emails and also to take advantage of the excellent browser push notification feature it's been added here. It's not 100% complete but so far it seems like everything is in order.

  • Works on most modern browsers. Android and Chrome tested, the rest I'm not sure
  • Click here: and click "Register"
  • Click "Allow" when prompted by the browser. If you don't see it, please Register again.
  • If you still don't see it, most likely you denied it before when I didn't know how to implement it. In this case, click the "i" (information) icon and change the Notification settings
  • And that's it. For important things like when you've been quoted, received a PM or comments on blog etc. you'll get a notification. You can register multiple devices also.
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