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Do you want to know if Allaah loves you??

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 7th May 2014 09:58
DOES اَللَّه تعالى LOVE YOU?

Shaikh Ali Rantawi رحمة الله عليه says he was wondering if Allah loves him? So he checked the Qur'an to see what are the characteristics of the people that Allah has mentioned He loves them for.
So he found that Allah loves Al-Muttaqeen (the pious), he says "I wouldn't dare consider myself one of them".

Then he found that Allah loves As-Sabireen (the patient). So he remembered; "How impatient I am."

He found that Allah loves Al-Mujahedeen (those who strive in HIS path), so he remembered how lazy and powerless he was.

Then he found He loves Al-Muhsineen (those who do good deeds). So he remembered how far he is from that.

He says:

"So I stopped searching to avoid more disappointment. I reflected on my good deeds, I found most of them are mixed with laziness, coldness, flaws and sins.

Then it came to my mind that Allah loves the at-Tawwabeen (those who repent). I just figured out it is the one for me and for others like me.

So I started saying "AstaghfiruAllah WA Atoubu elaih" in abundance so I could be one of the ones Allah loves."
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