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Islamic History under the lens of Quran and Sunnah and it's Importance

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 17th April 2018 07:57

The Prophet SAWS was sent with a message for it’s propagation and implementation.

Ulema according to a hadith are inheritors of the Prophets because Prophets don’t leave behind them dirham or dinar but knowledge.

This means that what used to be the role of the Prophet SAWS is now the role of ulema.

When previous ummahs deviated from the correct path because of corruption of sacred teachings Allah would send more prophets to revive the previous message or with updated laws and new shariah.

Because the door of prophethood has closed, this Ummah is blessed with exceptional ulema to perform this role of tajdeed.

It is my belief that we must study the history of Islam and kufr in the light of Quran and Sunnah for two purposes

1. Strengthen our eman with historical proofs that whoever broke the laws of Allah mentioned in Quran got destroyed and whoever obeyed the laws triumphed.

2. Since, it is the way of Satan that he constantly improves his previous strategies instead of inventing new ways of misleading, we can learn about various fitnas arising at different phases of our history. In each phase the mujaddid of that time would use Quran and Sunnah to tackle that fitna and revive the deen in it’s true sense. Therefore, we can benefit from the ancient wisdom of all mujadideen in order to tackle the fitnas of this age.

This will result in enriching our insight, will strengthen our eman and will help us identify

i. The difference between fake Islam and true Islam

ii. What are the fitnas of this time

iii. Effective strategies to counter these fitnas

Therefore, if we use the analogies of cloth, needle and thread then I would say:

Islam is the cloth with which momineen are honoured. Quran is it’s needle with which it is sewn. The way of Mujaddideen is the continuation of Sunnah and a spiritual thread used in that sewing.

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