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Thoughts and Views of Pankaj Mishra

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27th Mar 2014
#1 [Permalink] Posted on 4th January 2018 07:08
Pankaj Mishra is a relatively young writer from India who lives both in New York and a Himalayan town in north India.

The blurb on his latest book, the Age of Anger, identifies him as the successor to Edward Said.

A western reviewer on Amazon was absolutely 123 off at Mishra for he, the reviewer, could not simply decide Mishra's stance on a particular issue.

The saffron trolls on the net are working overtime to discredit him.

What is there for us Muslims in his thoughts and views? This thread is created to find an answer to this question.

My preliminary assessment is that Pankaj Mishra is the best thing that has happened to us after Edward said. If we do not take complete and unashamed advantage of his findings then we shall have no one else but ourselves to blame for the continuation of our current miserable and pathetic situation in the world.
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