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Edutainment vs Scholarship.

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abu mohammed
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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 24th September 2017 20:57
Came across some interesting points by Rashid Dar on Social media. He stated.

(1) In the Western Muslim community, there've been recent happenings with prominent leaders (becoming severely ill (dying), or falling from grace).

(2) Commenting on specific personalities is not useful. But it must be said: these events show how fragile Western Muslim leadership is.

(3)Muslims in the West largely adore charisma and edu-tainment. In doing so, they've devalued scholarship.

(4) Leaders are thus incentivized to focus more on what gets likes/views. Many whom we call a "scholar" ('alim) are better described as a......caller to Allah (da'i) or a preacher (wa'idh). We have to commit to being less sloppy with our language.

(5) We also have to support actual scholarship and a scholarly infrastructure to maintain it institutionally (awqaf). Real scholarship is......often deemed conventionally "boring" by most. It's not a scholar's job to entertain. It's to produce research, writing, answers.

(6) Know the difference between the scholars and the callers. If not, be crushed every time a prominent leader dies or falls from grace.

(7) Many real scholars will pass away within decades. Community needs to support their developing of serious students. Not YouTube speeches.

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