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What's going on with UK Tabligh Jamaat?

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#16 [Permalink] Posted on 12th August 2017 12:12

ALIF wrote:
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The fire will continue and has spread to other parts of the Deen, already.

  1. We have multiple Darul-uloom Deobands
  2. We have multiple Darul-uloom Saharunpurs
  3. We have fractions within Jamiat
  4. We have fractions within various Mashaykh, institutes etc

What is happening to Tableeghee Jamaat is simply symptomatic to what is happening to other institutes of Deobandees. Nepotism is rife and some of these places are nothing but fiefdoms, Sultanates and mini-Nawabiyyat of personalities.

Instead of taking a step back, looking at the problem and taking concrete to resolve matters; let me recommend 4 concrete steps to resolve the matter:

  • Firstly, dislike this post because disliking and attacking Muadh Khan is the first step to solving all problems.
  • Secondly, ban posts like these because if people do not read them…problems will not exist
  • Thirdly, let us distribute more badly written messages on WhatsApp because surely that will solve all ailments
  • Fourthly, let us record audio messages on WhatsApp (in Urdu) in really emotional voices for English speaking Muslims and appeal for them to spread them all over because that will definitely resolve al issues of the Muslim Ummah

Steps 3 and 4 (above) are really really important for all sides. The more we can do it on WhatsApp the better the situation will become and the quicker matters will be resolved.

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