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seeing is believing?

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 16th April 2006 18:29

Two fish swam together in the sea:a young fish and an older wiser fish.

They came upon a tempting meal on a hook.The younger fish rushed forward to get the meal.

"Stop!" said the older fish,
"attached to that hook is a line, and attached to that line is the fishing pole of a fisherman.
As tempting as it looks, it's nothing but trouble."

So the two swam peacefully on their way.

Later the young fish returned to the meal on the hook.
He couldn't see a line,and he couldn't see a pole or a fisherman.
In fact all he could see was the sea and since he couldn't see anything
else, he didn't believe that anything existed outside the sea!

So he took a big bite. the hook caught in his mouth and a line suddenly yanked him up and out of the sea. The young foolish fish could now see the pole and the fisherman and the world above the sea......

Moral: If you have to believe to see, it may be too late!

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