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Respecting Allah's Commands.

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 13th October 2019 08:34
As-Salaam alaikum,
It is my pleasure to share with you a few, but highly significant words, from the blessed lips of Sayyadi Sheikh Abdulqadir al-Jilani, may Allah be pleased with him, as follows:--

"The real meaning (haqiqa) of repentance (tawba) is respect for the Commandment of
the Lord of Truth under all circumstances. This is why a certain wise man (may the mercy
of Allah be upon him) said: 'All goodness can be summed up in 2 words: respect (ta'azim)
for the commandment of Allah, and sympathy (shafaqa) for His creatures.'

If someone does not respect the commandment of Allah and he is not sympathetic
toward Allah's creatures, he is distant from Allah. Allah told Musa, alaihis-salaam,
through inspiration: 'Show compassion, then I shall treat you with compassion. I am
indeed Compassionate (Raheem). When someone shows compassion, I have compassion
for him and I admit him to My Paradise.''

Culled from the Sheikh's
'Al-Fath ar-Rabbani.
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