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**Reflections from Ramadhan 2019**

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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 1st July 2019 09:23
Reflections from Ramadhan 2019

Shaykh Saleem Nawab gave some parting advice before the end of Ramadhan on 31/05/19 in Jame Abu Bakr Siddique Masjid, Scarborough, Canada.

1) The fitrah of Ramadhan is like the sajdah sahw in salaah – the fitrah cancels out errors made in Ramadhan

2) We do istighfar after salah, we do istighfar after hajj, we even do istighfar after coming out of the toilet, so do more istighfar after Ramadhan.

3) Ramadhan came and went. How many Ramadhan’s have come in our lives then quickly left. Before we know it, the next Ramadhan is here. Remember, just like Ramadhan passes so quick, so will our lives.

4) Continue with the ibaadat (worship) even after Ramadhan. We do many actions in Ramadhan beyond our normal practise, such as charity, tahajjud and recitation. We should instil these good deeds in our life and continue after Ramadhan.

Shaykh Abdullah Nasih Ulwan r.a used to say: What a bad community, that can’t recognise Allah except in the month of Ramadhan! Your Lord is the same in twelve months, so why the difference?
People can leave halal for the sake of Allah in the month of Ramadhan, why can’t people leave haraam for the sake of Allah out of Ramadhan.

5) For Ramadhan to be accepted, it is important to make dua that deeds are accepted. It is possible a person does all good, but it is not accepted by Allah.
Prophets Ibrahim a.s and Ismail a.s built the house of Allah, what an honourable task! Even then, after completion, they made dua for Allah to accept it. This shows it’s not about the action that is done rather the acceptance.

6) Don’t destroy your good deeds done in Ramadhan. Don’t be like a person who weaves yarn then makes it solid and firm. Then, after all that effort, they undo it thread by thread. In Ramadhan, we are focused on worshipping Allah, but then after Ramadhan, slowly slowly we fall into our usual sins.

Hassan Al-Bisri r.a mentioned: The sign of an accepted Ramadhan is that there is a clear difference in your life before and after Ramadhan (in terms of good deeds).

7) Do not become arrogant due to the added good deeds done in Ramadhan. This will stop you from doing more good deeds.
We are on a race (worshiping Allah) and it ends when death comes, many people have started the race with you but fell on route, but you continue! because the winner is the one who gets to the end line.

Moulana Ashraf Ali Tanwi r.a mentioned: Just like it is a duty to become pious, equally it is a duty, not to become arrogant when pious.

8) Sweetness of Iman in Ramadhan. Many people realised the sweetness of iman in Ramadhan and what it feels like to be a good Muslim. Don’t lose this sweetness. Continue in gaining closeness to Allah and the sweetness will remain.[/color]

To listen to full bayan, click here then select audio no.33

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