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The life of the Akabireen – Shaykh Abdul Hafeez Makki (rah)

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#46 [Permalink] Posted on 6th July 2019 19:31
Attached is a Naat (I call it Munajat) to this post

Munajat Khadim Khas.mp3

The reciter is a close friend, and a mureed of Hadhrat Aqdas Mufti Syed Javed Hussain Shah (db) and a khadim khas of my Shaykh.

This was during a yearly event of Naat, where Mashaykh such as Mufti Syed Javed Hussain Shah (db), Maulana (professor) Ali Asghar Shahid (db), Maulana Muhammad Sadiq al-Ameen Sahib (db) and so forth etc. gather and Murideen of different salasil come such as Murids of Mufti Syed Mukhtar uddin Shah (db) and so forth etc came to recite Naat.

This friend is a young person, attention was not given to him much and he got the chance at the end to read. He started off with easy and then went down to this Munajat, to which Mufti Shah Sahib (db) asked in between 'is it fulan fulan?' [due to his old age but he recognized him from his voice].

The munajat was felt to be inclined towards Qadiri Mizaaj, and the sound may not be that clear since were far from speaker. Quickly took out the recorder and started recording it, and this is the part of the total recording of the Naat he recorded.

Sorry do not have the lyrics and do not know what is the name of the Munajat, if anyone figures out do inform.

Munajat Khadim Khas.mp3
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