Raising your children as Muslims

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abu mohammed
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#1 [Permalink] Posted on 7th January 2017 23:02

Sister ‘Yusra’, a mother who is refusing to engage with PREVENT, steps forward to tell her story of how PREVENT is now seeking to have her children removed. Watch her abridged interview in the link above.

“I’ve come under the radar of the social services because my ex-husband and I were told by security services that we were “persons of interest”. I have been quite a vocal Islamic activist for many years. I teach people about the basic principles of Islam, and the social issues. I am also a practicing Muslim and I wear niqab. These could be reasons why I am experiencing the problems I am today with the authorities. Also the Counter Terrorism Act has become more strict.

“My family and my children have been subjected to a child protection plan by the local authority due to concerns about radicalisation and extremist belief. As a result of that I have been placed in a very intensive 12 month plan set by the local child protection services. The plan is very intrusive, so social services have to visit the family, and see the children, every 7 to 10 days. I have to have regular meetings with all the agencies involved with the children, and that means speaking to and engaging with counter-terrorism officers.

“Working with them is very intrusive. I had to surrender my children’s passports. My own passport was confiscated from me. Social services have visited my house, looked at the children’s bedrooms, at the books they read, the DVDs they watch, even looked at what my children eat. But there’s been nothing in those areas that has concerned the social worker involving “radicalisation” and “extremism”. These are loose terms and the social worker has admitted on more than one occasion that she really doesn’t know what she is looking for.

“Because of these unknowns, they felt they had to escalate this matter to the PREVENT team, and in order for me to safeguard the children, I was told I must work with either a PREVENT officer, or an interventionist provider, who I am assured is independent but must be Home Office approved.

“But I’ve seen the CVs of the independent experts, and they all have historical links to the security services. They are not completely independent. I’ve seen a letter where the independent advisor got some 3000 pounds for just doing the assessment. And the questions they ask are all PREVENT questions.

“I was very co-operative for the past 12 months in this whole process thinking that by being transparent and co-operative, this will give me an opportunity to clear any concerns they have. But I’ve realised with the local authorities, that the more I co-operate, the more intrusive they become.”

I am raising my children Muslim and that is my crime

“When I refused to work with PREVENT and refused to work with the interventionist, the language became more threatening, and they said it would end up in a court process. This is where I am currently. Because I have refused to work with PREVENT, which has always been a voluntary programme, now they say they can’t de-plan my family and I have to go to court. I find it quite absurd.

“One of the health practitioners said I came across as chaotic. I am a single mother to five children, and I remember one professional said that I was far from chaotic, being a single mom of five children, able to get them to school every day with a packed lunch and being presentable.

“There are a lot of insinuations that I am a poor parent, that I am a woman who carries radical ideologies. But I am raising my children Muslim and that seems to be my crime.
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