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#256 [Permalink] Posted on 12th March 2019 14:42
UmairChishti wrote:
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Politically,Maududi sb عفى الله عنه was never considered a potential or real threat.

Despite all the arguements against him,I have never seen any Alim objecting to his purely political discourse,except his book 'khilafat o malookiat',where objections were raised,because it could affect the Aqaed of people regarding Sahaba رضى الله عنهم

I wish he had kept himself limited only to his research on the political aspects of Islam,what an 'Islamic state' means,what are its guiding principles,how does it function,how the 'shura' works in it and what are the limits of its advise to the Amir,how could the social-political-economic system of Islam be implemented today ? etc

I am sure his works would have been appreciated...

He started interfering in Fiqha and aqeeda where he was least qualified.The Uluma rightly checked him,there and then...
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