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A point to reflect upon

posted by wuquf-al-qalbi on 3rd June 2014 - 0 comments
We become and associate ourselves with People of Tasawwuf, Students of the Deen but unfortunately, This is only as long as everything is in order and in line with our desires. As soon as one gets into an argument, Tasawwuf disappears and ilm also departs. When this happens, one becomes ignorant again. What use is this religiosity then? Is this what Deen teaches us? Note how many husbands there are that use the most derogatory language for their wives on the smallest of matters. Note how many people there are that backbite their own brothers only due to minor differences. People cast accusations and in fact, don't even hold themselves back from slandering their own brothers. Do they forget Tasawwuf and all of the teachings of Deen during these instances? Is this really Deen? On top of it all, they say that They want to take revenge. Know that this does not befit a believer. Islam teaches us that even if you want to seek revenge from someone, you can only do so to the extent of wrong that was committed against you and no more than this. Moreover, If you forgive, this is much better for you. These are the teachings given to us.

The temperament (mizaaj) of Nabi SalAllahu alayhi wa sallam

posted by wuquf-al-qalbi on 2nd June 2014 - 0 comments
When Khaybar was conquered, A jewish lady sent some food for our beloved Nabi SalAllahu alayhi wasallam which contained poison. The Nabi of Allah SalAllahu Alayhi wasallam took a morsel and recognized this but the poison had completed its effect. This lady was captured and subsequently, She accepted her crime and sought forgiveness. The beloved of Allah, our Nabi salAllahu alayhi wasallam forgave even this women.

Page 173, Volume 15 - Khutbaat e Faqeer

3 forms of intention

posted by wuquf-al-qalbi on 2nd June 2014 - 1 comment
The three forms of intention

There are three possible forms of an intention during an action
1) To act with an excellent praiseworthy intention
2) To act with an evil intention
3) To act without any sort of intention

The ulama have written that that this ummah hasn't suffered as much due to acting with evil intentions but rather the ummah has suffered great losses by acting without forming an intention. If we focus on our lives, We will note that we perform many actions without any intention. If we performed these same actions with an intention, We can accumulate reward. Therefore, We should turn our habits into worship and obedience (In urdu, humein chahiye ke hum apni aadat ko ibaadat banayein)

- Mahboob ul Ulama wa Sulaha Hazrat Maulana Peer Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi Mujaddidi (d.b.)
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