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“Islam needs you to become its ambassador by being a good Muslim and, through your character and conduct, help correct the misunderstandings that exist about Islam. Become a shining example for all, Muslims and non-Muslims alike.” Shaykh Mawlānā Muhammad Saleem Dhorat hafizahullāh
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Sayyidi wa sanadi Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani (Allah bless him with a long, healthy and productive life, Amin!) spoke briefly about the common problem of the slips of a sincere seeker on this path (sulook).

Below is a discussion on this issue from that discourse and teaching of our pious predecessors,

It is often a case that a sincere salik has been trying his best....
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Fear of Allah should be borne out of the love for Allah. If a person has been kind to us we will praise the person all our lives yet Allah ta'ala has been so kind to us! If He had wished then the moment we saw evil He could have made us blind; the moment we heard evil He could have made us deaf; the moment we spoke evil He could have made us dumb; the moment we touched a woman who we were not supposed to touch, He could mad....
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Some days are such that one feels much joy in reciting the Qur’aan Paak. Tears flow from the eyes and there is a deep connection. Some days there is no joy felt and no matter how much one tries to cry, one cannot cry.

This is test from Allah Ta’ala and part of His wisdom. This Qabdh is a test from Allah Almighty. It is a test to see whether one prays more when one finds joy in it and avoids praying when joy is not felt, or whether one remains constant throughout. Successful is he....
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Just as great care is taken in adopting Taqwaa with regards to our stomachs (checking for halal ingredients), so we should adopt Taqwaa regarding our other organs.

Just as we eat only Halal, so we should listen to, look at, touch only that which is halal because each organ is a priceless gift and to misuse these gifts is to show ingratitude of the highest degree.

(Cannot remember who the speaker was)
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