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And that it is He who makes laugh and weep [53:43]
[center]Jannah is prepared for those who control their anger and forgive others. Forgiving others is a way to diffuse anger and forgiving others become easy when you relalise this, that when someone hurts you and makes you cry, it was actually Allah ta’ala Who wanted it so. (Aalimah S Ahmed)

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Sayyidi wa sanadi Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani (Allah bless him with a long, healthy and productive life, Amin!) spoke briefly about the common problem of the slips of a sincere seeker on this path (sulook).

Below is a discussion on this issue from that discourse and teaching of our pious predecessors,

It is often a case that a sincere salik has been trying his best....
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Shaikh Mufti Nawalur Rahman (db)

Hazrath Mufti sahab said that durood protects tawhid.

How, why?

Look at those people who are doing shirk..lets take the Christians for example and what they have done with Nabi Eesa (as). Nabi Eesa (as) was able to resurrect the dead, give sight to the blind, and his people made him son of god, nauzubillah.

The miracles of Prophet sal....
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A company of vagabonds met a dervish, spoke insulting words to him, struck him and otherwise molested him; whereon he complained to his superior and explained the case. The pir replied: 'My son, the patched frock of dervishes is the garment of resignation and who, wearing it, cannot bear injuries is a pretender not entitled to the frock.'

A large river will not become turbid from stones....
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What is pride? Hadrat Abdullah bin Masood (ra) states that Rasulullah (saw) is reported to have said, “A person that possesses an atom of pride in his heart will not enter Jannat.” A person (that was present in the gathering) said, “Verily a man likes good clothing and shoes?” Rasulullah (saw) replied, “Verily Allah is beautiful and loves beauty, Pride is to reject or disregard the truth and belittle people” (Muslim Sharif).

Pride generally exists in Deeni matters and wo....
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