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A Valuable Analogy in understanding Bay`ah

Bay`ah can be described as a kind of captivity, with a unique outcome. That outcome is Freedom. Strange as it seems, it is a reality, and it will be the experience. Reflecting over this point, we will come to understand that there certainly is freedom in captivity. We will also come to realize that there is captivity in freedom. As an example: If a student is in the 5th year, and lives in ‘captivity’ of his studies: strictly attending cl....
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Imaan is our greatest wealth and the means of safeguarding this great wealth of Imaan is adopting Taqwa, i.e. to abstain from sins and to fear the displeasure of Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) and in order to be able to adopt Taqwa we should seek the company of the “Saadiqeen” (the Truthful).

Therefore the key to the security of Imaan is adopting Taqwa and the key to adopting Taqwa is to be with the S....
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When a hen lays enough eggs, her effort is then to incubate her eggs, and we observe how she sits on the eggs, and is so committed to the process, that she only leaves her eggs for a few minutes in a day, when she needs to eat and drink.

As is well-known, it takes 21 days for the eggs to hatch - that is, if they were properly incubated by the hen. So for almost all that time, the hen sits on the eggs, an....
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In bygone days people’s fikr (concern) for islah (rectification) was deep and genuine. They handed themselves over to their chosen Shaykh like a stick in the carpenter’s hand. The stick will not say to the carpenter, “Make me into a table and nota chair”!
“Blind Following” of the Shaykh

In every matter an expert is sought for advice and guidance. One who has no experience has no choice but to blindly follow the expert in any field. Yet for one’s Islah which concerns success....
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Shaykh Sa’dī Shirāzi (Rahimahullāhu) relates an incident of his childhood.

Once my father took me to an `īd function. It so happened that due to the huge crowds I got separated from my father. I began to cry out aloud. My honorable father also became extremely worried and began searching for me. Upon finding me he caught my ear and said: I warned you not to leave my shirt (kurta) but you were negligent!

Shaykh Sa’dī Shirāzi (Rahimahull....
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