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Islamic Libraries research & devleopement

posted by talha008 on 3rd April 2011 - 0 comments
This is a mission for the Islamic Libraries(Kutub Khana),& Information Centers. i.e. Mosque Libraries, Madrasa Libraries, Maktab Libraries, and other Libraries related with Islam. Our aim & objectives is to project and develop Islamic Libraries to the World. Collection of Islamic Literature, Manuscripts [Makhtootat], in the libraries, Problems in the arrangement and Information dissemination, Classification of Islamic literature , etc. Islamic E-books, Rare books, Bibliographies of Islamic literature for the use of other people. So pls. share your views in this regard to develop an Islami Library Network. ........, . friends, thanks you for your support some of people ask me about the further plan we discus this issue and the advise come out is first step of any kind of research and development is the DATABASE and INFORMATION MATERIAL and second was the processing and arrangement of it. so, friends this is the point you help us
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