Author: abu mohammed | Published: September 05, 2011
http://www.central-mosque.com/index.php/Refutations/false-allegations-against-deobandi-ulama.html Responses to baseless and unfounded accusations hurled at Ulamah of Deoband! The false propaganda against and blatant fabrications about our highly acclaimed and respected...
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Author: TalibatunNoor | Published: December 29, 2014
Written by TalibatunNoor Life throws all sorts at us. From heart ache, to regret, pain and difficulty. Throughout these times we sometimes feel we’re alone. I know I did. When you’ve fallen so deep that you can’t stand up, you don’t have the strength and you can’t ask for...
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Author: abu mohammed | Published: November 14, 2017
[left][/left][left]What to do with ‘Hearsay’?[/left][url=http://www.al-miftah.com/what-to-do-with-hearsay/]Source[/url] The other side of the story A woman once brought a claim against another woman before Qadi Shurayh (rahimahullah). After some time, she began to cry bi...
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