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If the label show's your intent, WEAR IT!!!

posted by rumi on 30th December 2009 - 2 comments
Some people may be wondering what i mean by the title, "if the label show's your intent, wear it". I will be discussing some points below. There are some people who say that "i may not show it but my heart is in the right place", now when someone does actually say this, it is very hard to believe because logically if your intentions are in the right place them your limbs should shows it, your actions should prove it. I would like to share a short story with u. There was a pious old man, he was very truthful,had done his hajj gives money in charity and helps others. One day he was walking down the market to do a bit of shopping, he went to the shop keeper and ask for an item, the old man said to the shop keeper "boy, why did you not sallam me?" the boy replied " i did not know that you were a muslim, i though you were a Hindu". The worst thing you can be called is a Mushrik, shirk is the most hinnies sin. Shirk is a sin that will never be forgiven by Allah as mentioned in Surah Nisa ch4 v48" Now had the man be wearing a topi (hat) and kept a beard, he would have be recognised as a muslim, it would have also shown his intention, not saying its fardh, its actullay sunnat-e-mukedah to keep a beard (will explain later on). Many people think that in Islam keeping a beard is fardh, but they are wrong, its actullay sunnat-e-mukedah, its close to fardh, but its not fardh. No wear in the Qur'an is it mentioned that you should keep a beard, not one single verse, the word beard is only mentioned once were its says in Surah Taha ch20 v94 "o son of my mother take me not by my beard nor by my head", thats the only verse were the word beard is mentioned. Now im not saying that don't keep a beard, all i'm trying to say is weather its fardh,sunnah,nafil,mustahab or mu'baah iirespective, a muslim will keep a beard why? because it pleases Allah. People ask the question that if its not fardh, then why should i do so and so, but rather they should be asked "if something is dear to Allah then why shouldn't you do that action, weather is fardh or not"? Its pleasing to Allah, same goes with the people that say its not fardh for men to wear the trousers above the ankle,its pleasing to Allah, that should be a suffienent answer to any question. Now there are some individuals that say "but if i keep a beard,wear a hat, wear the thoub, i would give Islam a bad name". Alhamduiallah, a least this brother is concered about the deen. The brother maybe saying this because he has some bad habits, of lying, cheating,stealing ect. What i would like to say that there are two types of people in this world, one being a pesamist and the other being a optimist. Now what i would say that is keep the beard, wear the hat etc and then when you intend to do somehting bad, something that is not Islmaic, remind yourself that you have a beard and that you don't want to give Islam a bad name, then ISHALLAH, you will give up all the bad habits and keep the beard for the right reasons.


posted by rumi on 27th December 2009 - 1 comment
Sallam mu aliykum wa rahmatullah he wa barakatuhu, Here im going to be talk about hijab. What is Hijab? why Hijab? Is Hijab just for women? Well lets first analyse what hijab means? For this question to be answered we simply can turn to the Quran in Surah Nur, ch24, v31 it quotes " tell the believing women to lower the gaze ( from kooking at fobidden things), and protect their private parts and not to show off their adornment except that which is apparent and to draw their veils over JUYUBIHINNA (their bodies,faces,necks and bosoms) and not to reveal their adornments except to their husbands, or their fathers, or their husbands fathers, or their sons, or their husbands sons, or their brothers or their brothers sons, or their sisters sons, or their (muslims) women, or the female slaves whom their right hands possess, or old males servants who lack vigour, or small children who have no sense of feminine sex. And let them not stamp their feet so as to reveal what they hide of their adorment. So from this you can see what hijab means. Hijab does not mean just to cover the head or hair, hijab is for the whole body including the chest and not only that but its also the way you walk, the way you talk, every action is hijab. It is also mention infront of whom hijab is not compulsary. The way we women walk is hijab, there are some sisters out their walk down the street as if they are doing the cat walk, or as if they are modelling down the street, ther is no need for all this nonsense, walk with your head down, lower your gaze at have self-respect. Now lets look at the reason why we have to do hijab. Non-muslims seem to think that doing hijab means a women is being oppressed and sadly even our muslims sisters think this too. But Islam does NOT degrade a women but rather uplifts a women in society. Let me give you an example. Their are two sisters who are twins and they are as equally beautiful but one sister is fully covered wearing hijab and one sister wearing the t-shirt and tight trousers, they both are walking down the high street, and at the end of the road there is a boy waiting for a catch, now i would like to ask the question, which girl is he most likely to tease, the girl who is observing hijab or the girl who is wearing the western clothes? But natural the boy would tease the girl wearing the western clothing.
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