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Quran for Kids: Four Best Ways to Motivate Your Child to Memorize Quran

posted by quranmotivation on 1st June 2016 - 0 comments
Children are driven by emotion much more than adults are. As we grow older we are constantly instructed to be serious about our work and life and, thus, more often than not, adults become morose and matter-of-fact about everything; forgetting that things can be accomplished in a much better way when people find their work routine and work environment conducive, interesting, and fun. Anything that sounds like fun, joy, and entertainment is immediately interesting to children. Hence, if we want children to learn something, then we must make that task look and feel like something that is fun and entertaining to do. This principle is applicable to motivating children to memorize Quran, as much as it is applicable too. When it comes to Quran for kids, here are four ways that can definitely motivate children to memorize Quran: Generate feelings of wonder and enthusiasm: The first technique to motivate children to memorize Quran is to generate feelings of wonder and enthusiasm in them. You can do this by communicating your own wonder at the wide expanse of knowledge contained in the Quran by relating various profound stories and facts mentioned in the Quran, thereby generating enthusiasm in your child to read, explore and ultimately memorize the Quran, so that they will retain the historical stories, scientific facts, as well as the advice contained in Quranic text. One can explain to the child how the timeless and eternal knowledge contained in the Quran perfectly relates to current events, situations and peoples of the world, just as it had been applicable to various situations and peoples throughout history. One must also encourage children to express their opinions and talk about their feelings regarding the events and advice mentioned in the Quran, as well as encouraging them to make choices in the light of Quranic advice.
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