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posted by peace15 on 23rd April 2013 - 1 comment
[color=#0000FF][/color][color=#0000BF][/color][color=#800080][/color][color=#40BFFF][/color][color=#80FFFF][/color][color=#80FFBF][/color][color=#FF0040][/color][color=#FF0000][/color][color=#FF0040]There once was a boy who thought it would be fun to lie. One day he went out to the field and then shouted"There is a wolf help!". All the villagers ran up the field with there pitchforks , but when they got there he said"oh there's no wolf my mistake" the villagers did not say nothing for he was a young boy, so they went back. The boy jumped and laughed. He thought he would do it again in the afternoon. So when it was twelve clock he went out into the field again and did the same he said "help there a wolf". All the villagers came but of course there was no wolf. the villagers this time got angry and thought the next time he lies[color=#00FFFF][/color] that we will not listen. The boy thought it was hilarious so he decided the next time he will do this is at night. The boy waited until night , then when he was in the field and was about to shout a wolf actually came and ate the boy.

So next time you decide to lie remember that eventually something bad will happen. Allah can tell when we lie.[/i][/color]

your parents are a gift

posted by peace15 on 21st April 2013 - 1 comment
There was a young boy who loved his parents very much. One night his mother awoke and called him to bring her water. The young boy listened and brought up for his mother. When he reached his parents bedroom he found his mother sleeping being a loving son he decided it was wrong to awake hi mother, so he stood and waited until his his mother awoke again. In the morning his mother awoke and found him standing there she asked" What are you doing here shouldn't you be asleep?"
he replied " Mother you awoke at night and called me to bring you some water but when I got back to you I found you asleep , i thought it was wrong of me to awake so I waited". His mother was very surprised and made dua to Allah to make her son a pious Muslim.

So if you ever have the thought to hate your parents remember they are a gift from Allah son you should be grateful
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